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Lin Yuelan was her only hope.

If her answer were negative, then it would definitely bring them an abyss of despair.

Lin Yuelan said lightly, “I can cure his illness.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the entire place fell silent.

Could she cure this illness

Many people didnt want to believe this.

This was because some people still had some understanding of Zhang Wuchangs sons condition.

Zhang Wuchang and his wife had brought their son to the provincial capital to look for a doctor, but the result was not ideal at all.

It was unknown if this was the revenge of the heavens on Zhang Wuchang or if there was something else, but the result was very disappointing and painful.

If it werent for the fact that Zhang Wuchang had no other way, he would never put down his pride and begged this child, who was not even twelve years old.

Fortunately, he had put down his pride, but he obtained hope.

Zhang Wuchang and his wife couldnt believe their ears.

They couldnt contain their excitement and stuttered, “R-really Can my sons illness really be cured”

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “It can be cured.

however,” she changed the topic and talked about the consultation fee, “You must pay 1000 taels of silver in advance for the consultation fee.

You will also bear the medical expenses that will be incurred later.”

Zhang Wuchang and his wifes faces turned ugly when she mentioned the 1000 taels.

It wasnt that they didnt want to pay the 1000 taels of silver, but in order to treat their son, Zhang Bin, they had spent almost all of their familys savings.

They only had 400 to 500 taels left, which was not enough to pay at all.

Not to mention, the follow-up treatment would also cost a lot.

Where were they going to find the money

Lin Yuelan looked at their troubled expressions.

“The moment you give me the 1000 taels of silver, Ill start treating your son.”

As she spoke, she took out a few needles from her bag and gave Zhang Bin a few injections.

To everyones surprise.

Zhang Bins condition immediately improved.

He was no longer foaming at the mouth and twitching his limbs.

This was simply too shocking.

What kind of incredible medical skills was this An illness that others couldnt do anything about, she cured it easily.

When Zhang Wuchang and his wife saw that their son had returned to normal, they immediately rushed forward in joy.

They grabbed their sons hand, who was still in a daze, and asked, ” son, how was it better”

Zhang Bin looked around in confusion.

He didnt know where he was or why he was there.

Why were there so many people around

He looked at his parents in front of him and asked in a hoarse and weak voice, “Father, mother, where are we ”

When Zhang Wuchang and his wife heard their sons words, they couldnt hold back their excitement.

They cried and said, “Son, were at Lins medicine hall.

Are you feeling better Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere”

Zhang Bin raised his arm and shook his head.

“Im fine.

I feel much better.

Zhang Wuchang and his wife looked at each other, their expressions full of excitement and joy.

They smiled with tears in their eyes and said, “Yes, its good that youre fine.

its good that youre fine.” Their sons illness had been cured, so they didnt need to spend another thousand taels of silver, right

But was it that simple Lin yuelan had cured their sons illness so easily

The answer was, of course, that it was not that simple.

Moreover, Lin yuelan wasnt a saint.

Well, she had always been narrowed-minded.

Lin Yuelans clear voice resounded in everyones ears.

she said, “Ive only temporarily suppressed young master zhangs condition.

If hes not treated within three days, hell definitely act up again! ”

Lin Yuelan knew that the couple wanted to renege on the one thousand taels of silver after seeing that their son was safe and sound.

But, was that possible

She would not be so kind as to cure the childs illness before they had paid the medical fee.

After hearing Lin Yuelans words, everyone gasped.

Then, they understood.

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