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To make things even more confusing, Jiang Zhennan heard the girl address the vine as Little Green.

So the voice he heard earlier came from not a person but a vine

Jiang Zhennan felt his brain go blank.

Was that a vine that had become a spirit Was the child a demon or something like that

Demons were usually hidden in the mountains.

Jiang Zhennan suppressed his shock and touched his chest to calm himself down from what he had just seen, heard, and understood.

However, he decided that regardless of whether this child was a human or a demon, he would protect her.

Some humans were more terrifying than demons.

This child was a person with a clear mind and a kind heart.

Even if she was a demon, she was still a good demon.

Jiang Zhennan quietly followed behind them and soon found the place where the tigers were fighting.

There were two tigers there.

A yellow-white tiger was lying on the ground.

A great pool of blood was rapidly expanding underneath it.

The tiger was either dead or fainted from its injuries.

The other tiger, which was completely white, noticed someone was coming.

Even though its abdomen was bleeding profusely, it stood up.

Its bristled, and its eyes were sharp.

It was on guard.

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Jiang Zhennan was hiding behind a big tree.

As he watched Lin Yuelan slowly approach the big white tiger, his heart immediately became nervous.

His entire body was in a tense state.

The veins on the hand that was holding the hilt of the knife were popping up.

He wanted to rush out immediately and protect her, preventing her from approaching the dangerous big white tiger.

However, another shocking scene happened before his eyes.

Lin Yuelan slowly approached the big white tiger and said to the big white tiger, “I dont mean any harm.

I just want to heal you!”

Then, the big white tiger, which had been on guard, suddenly became gentle.

It was not as fierce as before, as if it and Lin Yuelan were good friends in the first place.

The great white tiger wagged its tail and then nodded at Lin Yuelan as if it had accepted Lin Yuelans offer.

It had lost its guard around this human because the human had a very pleasant scent.

Lin Yuelan saw how relaxed the white tiger became, and she said with a smile.

“After I treat your injuries, will you become my mount in the future”

The Great White Tiger was obviously unwilling.

It was the king of all beasts.

How could it be enslaved to a human It would be very detrimental to his prestige!

Lin Yuelan seemed to know what the tiger was thinking.

Her expression suddenly turned serious, and she said very seriously, “You wont be my slave.

Youll be my good companion!”

What was a companion Little Xiao translated it to the tiger.

The Big White Tiger was suspicious for a moment, but in the end, it still nodded.

It trusted Little Green, so it trusted this human.

When she saw the Big White Tiger nod, Lin Yuelan immediately jumped up excitedly.

She directly touched the thick white fur and said with a smile, “Little White, in the future, we will definitely be good companions!”

That was how the Big White Tiger became Little White!

Jiang Zhennan, who was listening from the shadows, almost squeaked out.

In the end, he held it in.

However, at least he was certain that the child would be safe in the mountains.

After all, she had the king of beasts by her side.

Therefore, he went down the mountain to meet up with his troops.


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