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In this way, the people who were used to Lin Yuelans delicious food had a hard time.

Jiang Zhennan and the other men did not know how to cook, so they also got food from the house next door.

Guo Bing picked up a piece of red meat and looked at the greasy meat, not having any appetite at all.

He said in a sad tone, “Boss, why has miss Lin locked herself in her room these days”

Jiang Zhennan was not as spoiled and picky as Guo Bing, but the food that entered his mouth still made him frown slightly.

He shook his head in response to Guo Bings question.

“I dont know either.”

Guo Bing glanced at Lin yuelans tightly shut room.

He rolled his eyes and incited Jiang Zhennan, ” boss, why dont you go and ask her what shes going to do ”

Jiang Zhennan took a bite of the bun, then stared at Guo Bing as if he was looking at an idiot.

He directly refused, ” no! If you want to go, go!”

They understood Lin yuelans personality.

When she was about to do something serious and was interrupted, she would lose her temper.

Once she lost her temper, not many people could take it.

The most important punishment was not being able to eat the dishes she cooked for a few days.

To them, this was simply a form of torture.

Therefore, Jiang Zhennan wasnt so dumb.

He had already been punished several times.

However, Lin Yuelan not coming out for a few days was indeed worrying.

He would wait for another day.

If the situation was still the same tomorrow, he would knock on her door and ask her about it, even if he had to risk Lin yuelans anger.

While Jiang Zhennan was lost in his thoughts, Guo Bing muttered to himself, “Boss, you seem to have the best relationship with miss Lin.”

On the fourth day, when Jiang Zhennan was about to knock on Lin yuelans door, Lin yuelan opened the door that had been closed for three days.

There was a different kind of excitement on her face.

This made them both surprised and curious.

Usually, Lin yuelans expression was either sneering or cold or even indifferent and expressionless.

She rarely had any other expression.

Therefore, the excitement this time must have a different meaning.

She held the blueprint in her hand and asked, “Which one of you knows carpentry ”

When Lin yuelan suddenly asked about carpentry, Jiang Zhennan and the others looked at each other and immediately shook their heads.

They knew how to march, fight, farm, and do chores, but they really didnt know how to do carpentry.

Jiang Zhennan looked at Lin yuelans rare expression.

After a slight surprise, he quickly noticed the blueprint in Lin Yuelans hand.

In the past, Lin yuelan would have drawings for clothes, and they were already used to it.

However, he could tell at a glance that the lines on the drawings this time were different from the past.

It was not the style of clothes at all, but rather a bed.

However, it was different from a bed because one end seemed to be filled with something.

He asked curiously, “Miss YueEr, what are you drawing in your hand Is it a bed ”

Lin yuelan didnt hide anything.

“This is a threshing machine.”

“A threshing machine” Jiang Zhennan and Guo Bing looked at each other in confusion because they had never heard of this thing before.

However, when he heard the name, he guessed that it might be related to rice.

“But, miss Lin, what is a threshing machine” Guo Bing was really curious.

Lin yuelan had surprised them again and again, to the point that they never doubted the authenticity of her inventions.

Lin yuelan handed the blueprint to Jiang Zhennan.

Jiang Zhennan took the blueprint, and Lin yuelan said, “The threshing machine is a machine to remove rice husks.”

“This thing can remove rice kernels” Guo Bing said in surprise.

Lin yuelan nodded, ” yes.”

“But why” Guo Bings question made Lin yuelans head spin.

Lin Yuelan rolled her eyes at Guo Bing and said, “Think about it, how do you thresh rice these days ”

“By throwing them on something or rubbing them against your hands.” This didnt trouble Guo Bing.

“Thats right.” Lin yuelan nodded and said, “Its just that that kind of threshing method is time-consuming and laborious.

So, I want to use those tools that are more efficient and convenient.

Here, this is what Ive been thinking about for three days, and it must be produced within these few days.

Otherwise, when the rice grains turn completely golden and ripen, itll be too late.”

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