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As the father of a son who would become a scholar, he would definitely be the best candidate to be the chief.

At that time, as long as he was the chief, he would be able to obtain even more benefits from that wretched girl.

Lin Daniu wasnt being whimsical when he thought of this.

In ancient times, the villagers were still very respectful to those who were literate.

Every village chief elected was someone who could read.

That was because those who were educated and could read were very impressive.

There were only two families of scholars in the Lin family Village.

The Lin family had scholars for generations, and most of them were elementary scholars or even high scholars.

Everyone had elected Lin Yiwei to be the internal chief because the internal chiefs family was made up of scholars, and they were all literate.

It was only natural for him to be the internal chief.

The other family was Lin Danius family.

The person who was studying was his second son, Lin Dazong.

Because Lin Dazong had the talent to study, Lin Laosans family gritted their teeth and paid a high price to send him to school, hoping that he would stand out and bring honor to their ancestors.

Out of curiosity, Lin Daniu had learned a few words from Lin Daniu, but not much.

However, these few words were enough for Lin Daniu to show off.

He often thought of himself as a scholar, looked down on others, and disdained associating with the reckless villagers.

Lin Danius desire to be an officer was all because of his vanity and greed.

He thought that by becoming a chief, he would be able to gain benefits from these villagers.

Therefore, this time, he incited the villagers to disturb Lin Yiwei and question his character and behavior.

However, Lin Yiwei had been the village chief for decades, and no one doubted his character.

Otherwise, they would have been unhappy with him.

Hence, someone immediately turned to Lin Daniu and said unhappily, “I say, Daniu, we all know what kind of person the chief is.

You dont need to stir up trouble here.”

Someone agreed with Lin Daniu.

They immediately retorted, ” I think what Daniu said makes sense.

He was usually very close to the girl, so it was certain that he could get benefits from her.

Moreover, didnt everyone notice that the chiefs rice was obviously better than everyone elses And it was obvious that it was a good harvest.

This has never happened before.”

This person was just so selfish.

When you were weak, they might feel pity for you, but once you become strong, they would immediately be jealous and think that you shouldnt be good or strong.

In the past, the village chiefs familys fields were only average, and the villagers had nothing to say about it.

But now that the chiefs familys rice harvest was obviously better than everyone elses, it immediately aroused their dissatisfaction.

Lin Yiwei was a family of scholars for several generations.

He had also been to school for a few years.

He was knowledgeable and had been chief for decades.

His dignity could not be suppressed by a few villagersdoubts.

Lin Yiwei said coldly, “Hmph, my familys rice is better this year, but cant my familys harvest be better than before

However, he immediately glanced at those who doubted him and continued, “Thats right.

The reason why my familys paddies are better than before is because of LanErs efforts.”

He still remembered that Lin yuelan had reminded him to get some straw ash when planting seeds and scatter it in the field.

At that time, he had followed suit in confusion.

So this was the result.

As soon as the village chief said this, the scene suddenly burst into a lively atmosphere.

“Its actually true.”

“So Lin Yiwei really got a method from the girl.

No wonder his familys rice harvest is better than before.”

“Hmph, I told you Li Zheng had gained some benefits from that girl.”

As everyone discussed, the questioning voices against the village chief became louder and louder.

Just as everyone was going overboard, Lin Yiwei shouted, “Shut up!”

Everyone looked at Li Zheng with confusion and anger in their eyes, thinking that Li Zheng wasnt really thinking about everyones interests.

Li Zheng continued, ” before LanEr told me about it, I was also very confused, but I did it.

I only just found out that it can increase production.”

He was telling everyone that he didnt know that this method could increase production.

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