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Then, everyone listened carefully again.

“Thats right.

Its that thing that made the sound.”

“Wow, this is the first time Ive heard a wooden object making such a sound.”

“No, look, what are they doing”

Then, they saw the dry straws being thrown to the left and right!

“Heavens! They are threshing the rice!”

“They are really threshing the rice!”

“did you see that They put a handful of rice inside, and then there was no grain on the rice, and it became straw.”

There was no mistake.

They were threshing the grains using a threshing machine.

The threshing machine was equipped with a pedal.

When one stepped on the pedal, the gears on both sides would turn in a split second and roll the cores of the bed and the shed.

The moment the rice grains were put into the rolling cores, the ears of grains on the rice grains would be twisted, and the grains would be removed.

In other words, what Lin yuelan invented was the old-fashioned threshing machine of modern people.

The requirements for making this kind of threshing machine were not high.

The most important thing was that it needed gears and oil.

Since these two could be made, everything was not a problem.

However, Lin yuelan grew up in the city and would only go to her grandmothers house in the countryside during the summer holidays.

However, during the busy farming season at her grandmothers house, she never had to do the work in the fields, so she had only seen the old threshing machine from a distance once.

Because of the long memory, it was a little blurry.

That was why she locked herself in the house and slowly recalled the threshing machine she had seen and imagined its construction principle.

Because it was their first time using a threshing machine, and their first time seeing it, even Guo Bing and the others were extremely curious.

As soon as they saw that the threshing was about to start, they immediately ran over.

Even though Doctor Zhang was also extremely curious, he still maintained the dignity of an old man.

As he stroked his beard, he repeatedly said, “Not bad, not bad.

This kind of threshing method is really much better!”

After he finished speaking, he looked at the straw that had been thrown out and immediately bent down to grab a handful.

At a glance, it was actually clean.

Guo Bing also noticed it.

He immediately grabbed the straw and said in surprise and excitement, ” its so clean, so clean! Not even a grain is left on it, and all these tassels are left!”

The villagers who found it strange rolled up their pants to go down to the field.

Then, they gathered around to see what was going on.

When they saw with their own eyes how the rice was threshed in an instant, and how it was completely removed, it was impossible for them not to be shocked.

The reason why farmers were so busy all year round was not only because of the season but also because of the slow work details.

For example, after harvesting rice, he would tie it back home and slowly thresh it.

After the grains were removed, he would be busy drying them, and so on …

But in fact, the busiest and most laborious time was threshing.

In order to prevent the grains from sprouting, they had to be threshed as soon as possible under the bright sun.

Therefore, they rubbed the grains day and night until their hands were red and swollen.

Now that they saw that he didnt need to carry the rice back home and could thresh it in one go, they were both surprised and envious.

The light in their eyes was naked, and their expressions were clearly saying,I want something like this too.

No matter how envious the others were, Lin yuelan and the others didnt stop.

Two of them were still stepping on the pedal and twisting the rice while the other two gave them the rice.

When Lin Yiwei and a group of people rushed from the Lin family Village to the Zhou familys field, they saw a large group of people surrounding someone and talking about something.

Lin Yiwei couldnt see what was going on, but he subconsciously thought that these people were looking for trouble with Lin yuelan.

Therefore, he didnt even roll up his trousers and didnt even think about going down to the field.

He even raised one hand and shouted, ” stop, all of you, stop!”

When Lin Yiweisstop voice reached the ears of the people watching, they immediately looked at each other in confusion.

Who was Lins familys village chief shouting for to stop

“Whats wrong, Lin familys village chief” It was Zhou Shu who recovered first and asked.

He also thought that Lin Yiwei was in such a hurry because something had happened.

However, when Lin Yiwei arrived and saw the situation inside, he was dumbfounded.

The trouble that he had thought would happen did not happen.

What happened now was that he saw the Grand General seemed to be stepping on something.

Then, he saw a clean straw being thrown out of his hand.

What was going on

Seeing Lin Yiweis stunned expression, Zhou Shu immediately smiled and said, ” Lin village chief, so youre here to see how this thing is threshed!”

Of course, Lin Yiwei wasnt the only one who came here.

There were many people, especially when they heard that Lin yuelan had found something that threshed grains without any effort.

The others were also shocked to see two people throwing down the straws in front of the big bucket.

Was this the so-called threshing machine How could it remove the grain particles so quickly

Seeing Lin Yiwei, Lin yuelan immediately greeted him, ” Grandpa village chief, why are you here ” Lin yuelan could ignore other people, but in fact, from the beginning to the end, she didnt pay much attention to them.

She had a serious expression on her face, and she was very serious about her work.

Of course, that was for others.

She respected Lin Yiwei a lot.

Lin Yiwei was stunned for a moment.

After hearing Lin yuelans voice, he came back to his senses.

But then he stuttered in surprise and excitement, “LanEr, this … This is that so-called threshing machine ”

As for why Lin Yiwei and the others knew it was called a threshing machine, it was nothing more than Guo Bing and the others showing it off.

Even if everyone knew that it was called a threshing machine, they did not know how to make it.

Lin yuelan nodded and said, ” yes, this is the threshing machine.”

As she replied, he handed the rice to Jiang Zhennan.

In a short while, the rice was completely removed from Jiang Zhennans hands, and not even a grain of grain could be seen.

Then, Lin Yiweis emotions surged.

This kind of threshing machine was really fast and good, much better than them rubbing grains with their hands.

The people who had followed him to the Lin family Village were envious and jealous of the threshing machine, but there were also a few who had other thoughts.

Lin Laoliu was the most obvious.

The main reason was that his familys rice was about to be harvested soon, and his family had quite a lot of land, ten mu.

He immediately stepped forward with a smile and said, “LanEr, my familys rice will be harvested the day after tomorrow.

Can I borrow this thing of yours ”

As soon as he finished asking, everyone looked at Lin yuelan, then at Lin Laoliu, and then at Lin yuelan with bright eyes.

If Lin Laoliu could borrow this threshing machine, then they would also…

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