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Lin Laolius question seemed to be natural.

First of all, Lin Laoliu and Lin Laosan were blood brothers, which was Lin yuelans paternal grandfather.

They were relatives and elders, so it was only natural for them to want some benefits.


Lin yuelan stared at him with a sharp gaze and rejected him directly, “No!”

Lin Yuelans refusal made the onlookers burst into laughter.

Of course, this kind of laughter was mostly derision.

Lin Laoliu suddenly felt that he had lost all his face.

He was an elder and Lin yuelans paternal grandfather.

He had asked for something because he thought highly of her, but she had actually rejected him, causing him to be laughed at by everyone.

Lin Laoliu immediately pulled a long face and said in a very bad tone, “Girl, do you know who I am Im your great-great-grandfather, yet you dare to disrespect your grandfather and elders.

Who taught you this”

Lin yuelans sharp eyes immediately shot over, and she said with a slightly cold expression, ” grandfather Hmph, you should also go and ask your good third brother if he acknowledges me as his granddaughter.

“Besides, if you really think youre my elder, have you ever given me a single piece of food or clothes in the past three years


If thats the case, what right do you have to say that Im disrespectful to my elders and you Now that you want some benefits, youre treating yourself as my elder and my grandfather.

Youre really shameless!”

Lin yuelans words were very impolite, and it could even be said that she had really been disrespectful to her elders.

Hearing Lin yuelans complaint, the surrounding people were surprised.

Because no matter what she had done in the past, Lin yuelans words were very disrespectful and unfilial.

Everyone despised and hated those who were disrespectful and unfilial.

However, Lin yuelan knew how to farm and had new tools for farming.

To them, this was very tempting.

Compared to condemning her for being unfilial, it was more important to keep their family from starving and to get benefits.

Therefore, at this moment, no one was a fool to scold Lin yuelan for being rude to Lin Laoliu.

Of course, only those old guys who took advantage of their seniority felt that Lin yuelan had gone too far.

However, Lin yuelan didnt care about what they thought.

Lin Laoliu was so angry by Lin yuelans words that he leaned back.

He pointed at Lin yuelan angrily and shouted, ” Bastard, youre disgraceful and disrespectful to your elders.

Youll be struck by lightning!”

“Lin Laoliu, shut up!” Lin Yiwei was immediately annoyed when he heard Lin Laoliu scolding Lin yuelan.

“Why dont you take a look at yourself Do you act like an elder Youre cursing a child just because of a small disagreement.

Dont you feel ashamed”

But to be honest, anyone with eyes could see that Lin Yiwei was obviously protecting Lin yuelan and was biased toward her.

Of course, because it involved benefits, no fool would point it out now.

Lin Laoliu was also furious.

His face was livid as he yelled at Lin Yiwei, ” Lin Yiwei, it was this girl who disrespected me first.

Are you going to ignore the facts Dont you think its unfair”

Lin yuelan sneered, “Fair Lin Laoliu, what is fair Is it fair for me to offer the things in my hands with both hands However, Lin Laoliu, why should I give you my things Dont tell me that you have something good in your house that you want to share with everyone However, I remember that your family killed a pig the day before yesterday.

The other villagers have never seen a single piece of pork from your family!”


Someone immediately laughed.

Someone from the Lin family Village chimed in, ” thats right.

His family killed a 200-pound pig, and we thought they would treat everyone to a pig feast.

In the end, we didnt even see a single strand of pork.”

According to some of the villages customs, whenever a family killed a pig, they would keep some parts of the pig that were not easy to sell and treat everyone to a meal.

The more generous families would give away some of the fatty meat.

Lin Laoliu and Lin Laosan were brothers.

When they killed pigs, they often didnt invite everyone to a pig feast.

However, when they went to other peoples houses to have a pig feast, they brought their families along.

They were the people who came the fastest and ate the most.

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