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The news of Lin Yuelan, the jinx, had brought a big tiger down the mountain blew up the small village!

The fact Lin Yuelan went up the mountain alone that afternoon was publicized by Li Cuihua angrily.

Li Cuihua was pushed into the gutter by Lin Yuelan, the person she hated the most.

Her clothes and hair were stained with the dirty water and mud from the gutter.

The smell of her body made her want to throw up, so she had no choice but to stop her work and go home to change her clothes.

Li Cuihua was very angry.

She swore all the way home.

Her every word was vicious.

She wished that she had strangled Lin Yuelan to death when she was born.

“Hey, sister, what happened to your clothes” Li Guafu, who met Li Cuihua on the way, asked in surprise, “Did you fall into the stinking ditch by the mountain slope”

She wanted to get closer, but as soon as she walked closer to Li Cuihua, the stench assaulted her nostrils!

Li Guafu quickly covered her nose and took a few steps away from Li Cuihua.

Li Guafu and Li Cuihua both came from the neighboring Li family village.

Li Cuihua was a few years older than Li Guofu.

Both of them were famous for their shrewdness in the Li family village.

They would scold the villagers whenever they disagreed with them.

Therefore, the people of the Li family village were not willing to marry such a shrewd woman.

In the end, they had to be married off to the neighboring Lin Family Family.

Li Cuihua married Lin Laosan, while Li Guafu married Lin Jiu, Ying Zis grandfather.

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Both of these women had explosive tempers, so they should blow up when they were together.

However, they were very compatible.

Perhaps they could smell the illness in the other.

When Li Cuihua heard Li Guafu, she spat on the ground.

Her face was dark as she scolded loudly, “Its that black-hearted, rotten-hearted, damned girl.

I was kind enough to stop her from going up the mountain, afraid that she would encounter danger in the mountain.

But, guess what! She scolded me for being a busybody and even pushed me into that smelly ditch!”

Li Guafu curled her lips and thought to herself with a little disdain,As if youd be so kind-hearted to be worried about the safety of that jinx.

On that day, the sun would have risen from the west.

You must have stopped the girl and scolded her again.

She probably lost her temper and pushed you away.

However, Li Guafus face was filled with shock as she spoke, “Sister, that damned girl is too insensible! She has to know that you only have the best intentions for her when you stop her from going up the mountain! But sister, calm down.

Whether that girl dies or not is none of your business.

In any case, you have nothing to do with her anymore.” Then, Li Guafu gasped with surprise.

“Oh, right.

Sister, did you just say that the jinx went up the mountain alone”

The Lin Family village was close to the mountain.

The mountain had deep forests.

It was the home to all kinds of fierce beasts.

The villagers normally didnt even dare to go near the mountain to pick wild vegetables and herbs and fruits.

They had to be extremely careful should they decide to go.

If the fierce beasts smelled them, their lives would be in danger.

In the past, some people in the village wanted to go to that mountain to pick some herbs to sell.

However, most of them were unable to return.

Those who did return had missing limbs and bloody wounds.

Therefore, that large mountain became a taboo existence for the Lin family villagers.

Even the Lin family villages only hunter, Lin Daweis family, had to make sufficient preparations to enter that mountain.

However, the jinx entered the mountain forest alone Was she seeking death

Li Cuihua nodded.

“Its best if that rotten jinx dies in the mountain.

Have those big beasts devour her until her bones are gone.

Then, Ill feel much better!” When she remembered how she was pushed into the smelly ditch by the jinx, she was unable to control her anger.

Therefore, she prayed for the girl to die in the mountain.

This was what she deserved for disrespecting her grandmother!

Li Guafu felt a chill run down her spine, and her hair stood on end.

Just how poisonous and hateful was Li Cuihua She actually wanted her own granddaughter to be eaten by the wild beasts until not one bone of hers was left.

This outcome was most tragic for a human being!

Li Guafu covered her nose as she laughed embarrassedly, “Sister, its that girls fault for not taking your advice.

Youll be so happy if she dies.

So why are you so angry”

Li Cuihuas face turned black as she said, “Im angry that the jinx actually came to annoy me before she died.

She dared to push me into a ditch! She really is a bitch who deserves to die!”

The two of them talked as they walked.

When they were about to reach the village, the flow of people also increased.

Many people would ask how Li Cuihua got so dirty.

Li Cuihua would tell others that she had tried to stop the jinx from getting up the mountain out of kindness, but she was pushed into the ditch.

Soon, everyone in the village knew that the jinx had gone up the mountain to seek death!

As the sky grew darker, there was still no sign of the girl.

Most of the villagers believed that she had been eaten by a fierce beast on the mountain.

In ancient times, people would have dinner around dusk when there was still sunlight.

After eating, they would rest for a while and then go to bed for rest.

This way, they could save a lot of money on fuel.

Just as the people of the Lin family village turned off the lights and were about to go to bed, a series of dog barks suddenly rang out in the village, each more intense than the last!

The people of the village thought that something had happened, so they immediately put on their clothes and hurried to the source of the intense barking.

However, as they followed the trail, they became confused.

The barking appeared to come from Lin Yuelans little hut.

Lin Yuelan carried the dead yellow-white tiger and went straight home.

She planned to go to town the next day to sell it.

She took the tiger out of her space and carried it home when she was close to the village.

She wanted the villagers to see where she got her money just in case people had questions.

However, she did not expect that the dogs in the village would bark so violently they smelled the tigers scent.

Lin Yuelan carried the tiger home a little helplessly.

When she was almost at her hut, a group of people had already gathered there.

When the villagers saw Lin Yuelan and what she was carrying, their mouths were wide open in shock, and their eyes were wide open!


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