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Lin Yiwei had come to Lin yuelan not only for the threshing machine but also to ask her about farming.

Today, Lin yuelan had harvested nearly 41 stones of grains from her five mu of land.

In total, one mu of land was eight stones of grains.

Such a good harvest was unprecedented.

It shocked everyone and made them very excited.

Such a good harvest was twice as much as the harvest of those who knew how to farm.

This… This was simply shocking!

Today, Lin Yiwei also came to find Lin yuelan with great excitement.

Lin Yiwei took out some silver and handed it to Lin yuelan.

“Girl, heres my 30 silver.”

Lin yuelan took the silver and returned it to Lin Yiwei.

She blinked at him and said with a smile, ” Grandpa village chief, youre the first customer.

Theres a half-price discount!”

Lin Yiwei was shocked.

“really ” The price was reduced by half all of a sudden.

Was there really such a discount Lin Yiwei thought that this was an excuse for Lin yuelan not to charge him a high price.

Lin yuelan nodded seriously, ” yes, Grandpa village chief!” In all conscience, she wanted to give Lin Yiwei a threshing machine for free, but she knew that as the chief, Lin Yiwei would have to borrow or rent it to everyone in the village.

Lin yuelan did not want to let the villagers take advantage of it.

Besides, if the villagers knew that Lin Yiwei got the threshing machine for free, they would definitely do something about it.

This was how petty people took advantage of others.

Lin Yiwei didnt refuse and took back the fifteen taels of silver.

After taking back the silver, Lin Yiwei rubbed his hands nervously.

He looked like he was in a difficult position.

He wanted to say something, but he could not.

Lin yuelan directly asked, ” Grandpa village chief, just say what you want to say!”

Lin Yiwei hesitated for a while and asked, “LanEr, I heard that your family had harvested 41 stones of grain from your five mu of land, right ”

Lin yuelan nodded and replied, ” yes.”

It was one thing to hear about it, but it was another thing to confirm what he had heard.

Lin Yiweis body trembled.

He was so excited that he could not control himself.

He said, “Its true, its true, its actually true! Good, good, thats great.

Such a good harvest is unprecedented!

“LanEr, your harvest is so great that it will definitely shock the entire Ning An town.

Oh, no, it may even shock the world.

Girl, in this way, you will definitely be the focus of all forces, then they…” The theythat Lin Yiwei was talking about was, of course, Jiang Zhennan and the others.

For the past four to five months, they had hidden their names in the Lin family Village.

They must have had their reasons.

Now, the yield of this acre had attracted the attention of all the major forces.

It was obvious that the sudden appearance of the military-like men in the Lin family would also attract attention.

Wouldnt that attract even more trouble

Lin yuelan could sense Lin Yiweis worry.

She shook her head and said, ” Grandpa village chief, dont worry.

Although we dont know which forces will be attracted, well deal with them when they come.

Well talk about it when the time comes!”

However, she was calculating in her heart.

Based on the speed of information transmission in ancient times, it would take about two months to travel from the Lin family Village to the capital.

After that, those people would carry out some investigations before returning to the Lin family Village.

It would take at least two to three months.

So, she needed half a year to prepare herself.

Half a years time was enough!

Although Lin yuelan said so, Lin Yiwei was still a little worried.

They were just a small Lin village.

He was afraid that they wouldnt be able to withstand the attention of too many forces.

Although he had a family in the capital, they were weak.

Jiang Zhennan saw Lin Yiweis worry and came out to say, ” Village chief, dont worry.

As long as I, Jiang Zhennan, am alive, I will protect the Lin family Village!”

After hearing Jiang Zhennans promise, Lin Yiwei was slightly relieved.

He believed in Jiang Zhennan because everyone in the world knew about Jiang Zhennans character.

Jiang Zhennans promise was a promise that was worth a thousand taels of gold, and it was more important than his life.

Lin Yiwei nodded and said, “General, the Lin family Village will be in your hands from now on!” Their roots were in the Lin family Village, and they couldnt allow anyone to destroy them.

As the chief of the Lin family Village, protecting the village was his duty.

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