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Zhou Wencai was somewhat taken aback when he heard his fathers question.

He asked, “Father, who did you hear that from Could it be that person just now”

There was some distance between Ning An town and the county government office, and the matter of Lin yuelans eight stones yield per mu had only happened in the last two days.

If no one had specifically mentioned it to the district Magistrate, it would probably be four or five days later when they received the news.

It just so happened that Zhou Wencai had been in the county over the past few days and hadnt gone to Ning An town.

Therefore, he didnt receive such news.

Therefore, when he heard the news, he was shocked.

One mu with eight stones, this result would shock the world.

County Magistrate Zhou nodded and said, ” thats right.” County Magistrate Zhou doted on his only son.

Zhou Wencai immediately reacted and asked, “Dad, I heard you mention something about a jinx.

According to what I know, theres only one person in the Lin family Village who is known as a jinx.

Could this matter be related to her ”

If that were the case, it would be impossible for his father to deal with Lin yuelan, obtain the farming method, and claim credit for it.

That was because there was a great person living in that girls house, and he could not tell his father about this.

Otherwise, he would be going against what he had promised her before.

County Magistrate Zhou nodded and said, ” thats right.

The person who came just now was a landlord of the Lin family Village, Yan Lin.”

“Then, father, why did he suddenly come to find you to tell you about that” Zhou Wencai asked in puzzlement.

County Magistrate Zhou shook his head and said, ” No.

He said that one of his sons had gone missing, and it was very likely that he had been captured by the Lin family Villages jinx.

And this jinx just so happens to be the family that can produce eight stones per mu.”

“So, he wants to use you to arrest that person in the name of finding his son ” Zhou Wencai frowned tightly and asked, ” Rhen, he can use this to take revenge.

As for dad, you can obtain this farming technique from that person, right ”

If his father really had such a plan, it would be bad.

As expected …

County Magistrate Zhou nodded and replied, ” yes!” He was a County Magistrate, and as the local official, did he have to spend money to buy that method

County Magistrate Zhou continued, ” I also heard that the person is an unfilial daughter.” At this point, County Magistrate Zhou paused for a moment, and there was faint anger on his face.

“An unfilial daughter should be severely punished.”

“So, father, you want to arrest that person for kidnapping and unfilial behavior, right ” Zhou Wencai asked in a serious tone.

“Thats right.” County Magistrate Zhou nodded in response.

Upon hearing this answer, Zhou Wencai secretly rejoiced that he had heard it while passing by.

Otherwise, it was hard to say if his father would be in deep trouble.

Zhou Wen took a deep breath and said to his father, ” dad, I know the unfilial daughter you mentioned.

Although shes a jinx and unfilial, father, ” Zhou Wencai said to his father in all seriousness, “She has her reasons for being unfilial.”

With that said, Zhou Wencai recounted Lin yuelans unfilial acts.

In the end, Zhou Wencai took a sip of tea and said with some sympathy, “So, father, do you think that such a family really needs a twelve-year-old girl who hasnt even reached marriageable age to be filial ”

Upon hearing Zhou Wencais explanation of the cause and effect, County Magistrate Zhou kept stroking his beard with a solemn expression.

He said in disbelief, ” so thats how it is ”

“Thats right, father.

Its like this.” Zhou Wencai replied, ” besides, father, although that child is only twelve years old, she has extraordinary talent.

Shes the one whos been planning and providing fresh improvements to the county.

The Jinyun Pavillion in Ning An town has been converted into Lin Yue Pavillions clothing shop, and its developing so well because shes working with the boss of Lin Yue Pavillion.

Shes the one who designs new clothes every day.

Oh, and most importantly, shes now the young master of Lin Ji pharmacy in Nang An town!”

Hearing his son tell him these things one by one, even if County Magistrate Zhou was calm, he could not hide his surprise.

If these things were done by a thirty or forty-year-old person, perhaps he wouldnt be surprised.

However, the person who did all these things was a twelve-year-old child.

“Oh, Father, if the person who can produce eight stones per mu is really the jinx of the Lin family Village, then its her.” Zhou Wencai didnt wait for the county Magistrate to recover from his shock before he threw out another piece of shocking news.

He continued, ” so, father, do you think its really good for you to do this

“Yan Lin is self-centered and wants to take revenge on Lin yuelan.

As for the consequences, its none of his business as long as he achieves his goal.

However, father, youre different, ” Zhou Wencai said in all seriousness.

“Youre a local official.

One wrong step might lead to irreversible consequences.

You might even lose your official position and your life, father!”

“Is it that serious” County Magistrate Zhou asked in surprise.

“Yes, father!” Zhou Wencai said, “You might not know this, but a powerful person lives in Lin yuelans house.

Therefore, our Zhou family has to be careful.

Dont offend her easily!”

“Who is it” County Magistrate Zhou asked in a serious tone.

“Im sorry.

I cant tell you now!” Zhou Wencai shook his head and said.

His father was not only a government official but also a member of the Zhou family in the capital.

If he heard that the defender General was in the Lin family Village, he would probably send the news to the capital immediately.

He didnt dare to predict the consequences of this matter, so he didnt dare to take the risk.

This time, County Magistrate Zhou was seriously considering this problem.

If his son couldnt even tell him, then it was very likely that there was an incredible figure in that family.

It was better for him not to offend them.

Then, he asked, “What should father do now ”

Zhou Wencai fanned himself twice with the fan and said, ” well beat Yan Lin at his own game! ”

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