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As for Lin yuelan, as long as their young master didnt appear in the Lin family Village, she would definitely be imprisoned.

Their goal was for County Magistrate Zhou to imprison her.

Such a plan could really be said to kill three birds with one stone.

First, they would take revenge on Lin yuelan.

Second, they would obtain the method of farming.

Third, they would curry favor with the county Magistrate.

In the future, with the county Magistrate taking care of the Yan family, they would no longer have to be afraid of anything in An Ding County.

It was supposed to be a beautiful thing, but why didnt it develop according to their plan

The county government did come, but they didnt arrest her.

Instead, they invited her in a very polite way, and it was for the sake of farming.

This was beyond their expectations.

Butler Yan panicked.

However, he still thought that the officer who came to arrest her had made a mistake, so he wanted to remind him again.

When the two bailiffs heard steward Yans words, they furrowed their brows, expressing their dissatisfaction.

Immediately, the tall bailiff said unhappily, “What arrest We didnt receive any report, so how can we arrest anyone Besides, youre just saying that this child kidnapped your young master without any evidence, and were going to arrest her Also, why dont you take a look at how small she is How could she kidnap your young master Dont accuse people.”

Steward Yans face turned pale, and the panic on his face was obvious.

He opened his mouth and was about to say something to explain himself when the slightly short and thin bailiff waved his hand and said impatiently, ” Alright, alright.

If you want us to arrest her, you can bring the evidence.”

Then, he smiled at Lin yuelan and said, ” Miss Lin, lets go.”

Lin yuelan, however, smiled and said to the two bailiffs, ” brother officers, can I report a case ”

The two bailiffs were taken aback, and their hearts went numb.

They felt that they had miscalculated in coming to the Lin family Village.

However, the tall bailiff immediately smiled and said, ” sure.

I dont know what miss Lin wants to report and who she wants to report”

Lin yuelan pointed at steward Yan with her little hand and said with a serious expression, ” I want to sue the Lin villages Yan Jiayan for slander and false accusation!”

When the two bailiffs heard this, their foreheads instantly started to sweat.

Was she taking revenge

The two bailiffs immediately said courteously, ” Miss Lin, if the facts of your case are true, we can immediately arrest him and bring him back to the court!”

When steward Yan heard this, he was so angry that he instantly stomped his feet.

His face turned red from embarrassment as he pointed at Lin yuelan and shouted, ” youre talking nonsense! Theres no such thing! Youre the one whos framing me!”

He had no idea how things had developed to this point.

Not only did he fail to frame her, but she was also accused of framing him.

Lin yuelan looked at steward Yan and sneered, ” Hmph, steward Yan, you say Im framing you Fine, Ill use evidence to speak!”

Then, without waiting for steward Yans response, she said to the two bailiffs, “Big brother officers, please come with me to the Yan residence.

The truth will be revealed! ”

The two bailiffs looked at each other again.

After some thought, they said, “Alright, miss Lin.

We will follow you to the Yan residence.

If the truth is really in the Yan family, then we will not say anything and take them away.

But if its really as this person said, that their young masters disappearance has a lot to do with you, then we can only arrest you.” He pointed his finger at steward Yan and changed the topic, warning him with a stern expression.

This meant that if the young master of the Yan family had really disappeared, and it was as the other party had said, then they would have to handle this matter fairly.

Lin yuelan didnt panic at all.

She nodded and replied, “Okay!”

Hearing their conversation, steward Yan cursed in his heart!

They wanted to use Yan Xiaoyong to frame Lin yuelan, so they let Yan Xiaoyong stay in a side courtyard in the county town for a period of time so that he would not appear in front of the Lin family village again.

At this moment, they had yet to move Yan Xiaoyong!

Steward Yan was secretly anxious.

He gave a look to the manservants behind him to be more alert and ran back to the Yan residence to report.

However, there was indeed a quick-witted servant who received steward Yans eye signal.

He wanted to retreat and run back to the Yan residence while no one was paying attention.

However, he had only taken one step when he realized that he could no longer move.

Jiang Zhennan flicked the yellow beans with a calm expression and followed them to the Yan residence.

Seeing that the servant had suddenly stopped in his tracks, steward Yan was so angry that he revealed a fierce look.

He glared at him a few times and gave him a big slap.

Then, he wanted to walk a few steps faster and return to the Yan residence first to hide Yan Xiaoyong.

“steward Yan, youre walking so fast.

Are you trying to lead the way for us ” Steward Yan had only taken a few quick steps when Lin yuelan said with a smile, “Actually, you dont have to lead the way, steward Yan.

We all know the way to the Yan residence.”

Everyone could see how wide and open the road from the village to the Yan residence was.

“So, you should just come with us.

Otherwise, ” Lin yuelan changed the topic and said half-truthfully, “Everyone will think that you were rushing back to inform them and then hide the so-called victim.

Dont you think so, officers ” Lin yuelan asked in an innocent tone.

The two bailiffs nodded and said, ” yes.

You, come with us!” They pointed at steward Yan.

Steward Yan could only follow them to the Yan residence with a bitter expression.

They arrived at the Yan residence.

“Father, I want to go out and play.

I want to go out and play.

Why wont you let me go and play” The arrogant voice that the Lin family villagers were familiar with rang out.

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