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When Lin Laosans family heard Lin Yuelans account, they could not care about the strange looks in the villagers eyes.

They were all extremely angry.

Lin Erniu jumped out and pointed at Lin Yuelan, cursing loudly, “You ungrateful thing.

The Lin family raised you with great difficulty.

Its one thing for you not to be grateful.

Now, we just want some money from you, but youre blaming it on your former cousins

“Can you compare to them Theyre part of the Lin family.

But you, youre just a jinx.

Isnt it right to ask you for this little bit of money”

The implication was that Lin Dazong and the others were Lin family members.

They didnt mind treating Lin Yuelan like an animal because she was not.

Lin Laosan had four sons.

Lin Daniu loved face, but he also had a little bit of shrewdness.

He was a hypocritical man.

Lin Erniu was a glib-tongued and treacherous person, which he inherited from Li Cuihua.

Lin Sanniu was a dull, slow-witted, and filial man.

Lin Siniu was a hot-tempered and impulsive man.

However, of the four sons, other than Sanniu, the other sons had inherited the selfish, hypocritical, and greedy personalities of Lin Laosan and Li Cuihua.

Lin Yuelan rolled her eyes and glanced at Lin Erniu.

Then, she sneered and said, “So in the eyes of the Lin family, 400 taels of silver is a little bit of money!

“The Lin family is really rich!

“Also, second uncle Lin, based on what you said, before I split from the family, I was already not considered a member of the Lin Family.

“Now it makes sense.

Since I was three, I had to wash clothes, cook, sweep the fields, and farm.

I did the work of an adult.

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“The Lin family treated me like a slave.

When my cousins were seven or eight, they had never washed a bowl in their lives.

Every day, they wore beautiful clothes and played with other children.

When they ate white bread and fragrant rice, I could only swallow my saliva and look at them enviously.

“But I understand it now.

This is because to the Lin Family, I was not a part of the family since I was born.”

Lin Laosan shot Lin Yuelan a sharp gaze, warning her from talking further.

The familys dirty laundry couldnt be exposed.

Moreover, Lin Yuelan accused the Lin family of torturing a three-year-old child to work.

In fact, Lin Laosan did not need to do this.

The villagers already knew everything.

They were not blind.

However, Lin Yuelan was not the Lin Yuelan of the past.

She was not frightened by Lin Laosans gaze.

She continued, “Since you dont admit that Im a member of the Lin family, then Ill make the calculation again.

“Ive just calculated 572 copper coins.

That is how much you used to raise me for the past nine years.

“I worked from the age of three to nine.

Since Im an outsider, the Lin family has to hire me to work for them.

I should receive remuneration.

“Based on the pay of the lowest-grade servant girl, I would receive at least 50 copper coins a month.

But those are for girls who work for big families.

For a small family, the pay is at least 30 copper coins a month.

“Since I wasnt considered a member of the Lin family, then I would treat myself as a servant girl for the Lin family.

Before I was six years old, I did laundry, cooking, cleaning, and fetching water.

These were light tasks, so I counted them as ten copper coins every month.

“From six to nine years old, I had the additional chores of going up the mountain to chop firewood and working in the fields.

I believe I deserve twenty copper coins per month.”



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