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Lin Laosan and his family left with their tails between their legs!

The surrounding villagers also left one after another!

When they saw that Lin Yuelan could crush a rock into powder with one foot, their faces immediately turned pale with fright!

They suddenly remembered the fact that the jinx had been sent back by the King of Hell.

He had given her divine power so that she wouldnt be bullied again.

And hed take anyone who she had killed.

Who wasnt afraid of death It was a fear common to everyone.

Lin Laosans family was afraid of death too! Therefore, after Lin Yuelans intimidation, they could only leave unwillingly!

Lin Yuelan looked at Lin Laosans family, especially Li Cuihua and Lin Daniu, who were staring at the big tiger with indignant eyes, and immediately sneered.

Of course, Lin Yuelan knew that this matter had not been completely resolved.

Lin Laosans family was only temporarily intimidated by her.

In the future, they would come back sniffing whenever she gained some money or benefits, especially Li Cuihua and that self-proclaimed clever scholar, Lin Daniu.

They would come to take advantage of her.

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In the past, her host had no land, no money, no house, and no power.

Even her life wasnt hers.

The Lin family would definitely not recognize such a Lin Yuelan as a member of the Lin family.

But now, things changed.

Since Lin Xinlan was here, she would not lead a poor life.

She wanted money, land, and a house.

When she made it big, Lin Laosans family would stick to her like leeches.

These shameless people were thick-skinned enough to ignore that Lin Yuelan had severed blood ties with them.

They would come knocking nonstop until they got the things they wanted.

Even if she was given divine power, Lin Yuelan couldnt do anything to an unreasonable shrew like Li Cuihua.

This was because in this Ancient era, even if Lin Yuelan had cut off relations with Lin Laosans family, she was still Lin Laosans granddaughter.

She was raised by Lin Laosans family.

Even if she had exposed everything and the Lin Family had only treated her as a slave, even if Lin Yuelan had returned them two bowls of blood, the villagers would still view Lin Yuelan as the daughter of Lin Laosans family.


This belief was deep-rooted.

Blood was thicker than blood.

From the villagers perspective, Lin Laosans family could sever ties with Lin Yuelan but not the other way round.

Why It was because of an ancient Chinese belief: filial piety!


The word could be an excuse for all kinds of unreasonable behavior.

Lin Yuelan frowned.

This couldnt do.

She had to think of some ways to completely stop Lin Laosans family from coming to cause trouble every day.

However, for now, she had no money or power.

Plus, she was loathed and ostracized by the villagers because she was the jinx.


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