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Therefore, she needed time before she could fully deal with Lin Laosans family.

Currently, there were not many people who were willing to speak up for her.

If she pushed too far, the village elders would side with Lin Laosans family and brand her as being unfilial.

The law of Long Yan Kingdom was as such: Parents can never be wrong! No matter how big the mistakes the parents make, their children have to serve them with filial piety! Those who fail to follow this law will be given thirty lashes and have their sins carved on their body.


In other words, even if the parents had tortured their children, the children had to serve them well.

Otherwise, the children could be dragged to court and be given thirty lashes.

Because of this law, Lin Yuelan was a little timid in dealing with Lin Laosans family.

Even if there was the blood severance ritual, Lin Yuelan still had to be filial to Lin Laosans family.

Once Lin Laosans family became jealous of her future wealth, they could easily file a lawsuit against Lin Yuelan in court.

Even if Lin Yuelan had all the justifications, she would be viewed as the guilty party because she was unfilial!


Therefore, before she gained power or money, she could only deal with Lin Laosans family in secret.

On the surface, she had to continue to rely on the sympathy of the villagers.


However, this couldnt work for a long time.

Lin Yuelan stared at the big tiger on the ground and sighed softly.

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She had not thought so much before going up the mountain.

Now that Li Cuihua had caused such a ruckus, it made her think twice.

She had to slow down in the future.

When she had the chance, she needed to strike Lin Laosans family right to the ground.

“Master, dont worry.

Ill get my little friends to teach them a lesson!” Little Green, who had been winding around Lin Yuelans wrist as a bracelet, said to Lin Yuelan telepathically.

Lin Yuelan gently stroked Little Greens two little green leaves and said with a smile, “Sure! Give them a small lesson for now! Ill deliver the big lessons in the future! They still owe the host a lot, and Ill have to make them pay for it!”

The little green shoots curved and said, “Yes, master! But what kind of small lesson should we give them”

Lin Yuelan also thought about it and said, “Why dont you ask your little friends to secretly hide their clothes When they wake up tomorrow and have no clothes to wear, they can only come out naked to look for clothes.

That wont look good.”


Little Green thought for a moment, then fanned its two green leaves and said, “Yes, master.

Tonight, my little friends will secretly transport their clothes to the forest and hide them!”

Lin Yuelan smiled and said, “Okay!”

Little Green got off Lin Yuelans wrist and then disappeared into the night.

He headed to Lin Laosans house.

Lin Yuelan looked at the big tiger on the ground, her eyes vigilantly scanning her surroundings.

When she was sure there was no one around, she raised her hand and placed the big tiger back in her space to keep it fresh!

She planned to sell it in the town tomorrow morning!

Lin Yuelan tidied herself up and went into her own little hut.

Then, she went into her space to rest.

Early the next morning, a series of sharp curses rang out.

The villagers who were sleeping in the village were instantly woken up!

“Which damn thief stole our clothes”


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