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When Lin Yuelan was done having fun, she saw that it was almost afternoon.

She had to buy some daily necessities.

She had a long shopping list.

She had to buy oil, rice, salt, clothes, sheets, shoes, pots, pans, and so on.

She had nothing in the hut.

They were either too old or completely unusable.

Lin Yuelan was carrying the money she had earned from selling the tiger in her pocket.

She passed through an alley with few people, and then she stopped.

Her lively expression disappeared.

Her tender voice was loud and carried a strong aura.

The alley was especially quiet compared to the lively street.

She said sternly, “Youve followed me for a whole morning already.

Arent you tired Come out and show yourselves!”

Indeed, from the moment she left the Lin medical shop, she sensed that there were a few people with malicious intentions following her.

However, Lin Yuelan decided to have fun around town first.

The people following her didnt seem to be in a hurry either.

They just followed Lin Yuelan at a leisurely pace.

They thought that they had hidden well.

They had no idea that Lin Yuelan had known about them from the very beginning.

Since they had been discovered, four men slowly walked out from the corner.

Among these four men, two of them were fat, and two of them were thin.

However, they all had shifty eyes, and their eyes were filled with a greedy glint.

One of the fat men with a mole on his cheek said generously, “Since youve discovered us, whats the point of hiding anymore” Then, he changed the topic and said with arrogance and malice, “If you know whats good for you, hand over all the money you earned from selling that big tiger.

Otherwise, hehe…”

Lin Yuelan pursed her lips and asked coldly, “Otherwise, what”

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“Otherwise, youre not leaving this place!” The mans expression suddenly turned serious.

With a malevolent expression, his rat-like eyes stared fiercely at Lin Yuelan.

The other three also agreed, “Right, if you dont hand over the three hundred and eighty taels of silver, you are not leaving!”

Lin Yuelans small face was as beautiful as a flower, and the curve of her lips seemed to contain a deep charm and temptation.

However, she also radiated the pressure of an empress, causing the four men to unconsciously swallow their saliva and take a few steps back.

The pressure on their shoulders was suddenly very heavy.

Lin Yuelan took out a small dagger and placed it in the palm of her hand.

She flipped it a few times, and the scorching sunlight shone on the sharp blade.

The blade reflected the sunlight, and it seemed to be calling for blood.

Lin Yuelan laughed lightly and said, “Since you want my 380 taels of silver, lets see if you have the ability to take it.”

The four of them looked at the relaxed Lin Yuelan and then at the sharp dagger.

The four of them looked at each other.

Then, the man with the black mole on his face said with contempt and disdain in his eyes, “Since you refuse to cooperate, then dont blame us.

Do you think wed be afraid of a child Brothers, lets go!”


Obviously, the four of them had forgotten that this was a child who knocked out the big tiger with one punch.

The four of them were not even as threatening as a barking dog in Lin Yuelans eyes, much less a tiger.

Let us have a few moments of silence for the four bandits.



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