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Lin Yuelan wondered if the statement,please come and bully me was written on her face.

She had no issue selling the tiger, but everything started to go wrong after she sold the tiger.

First, she was targeted by the local hooligans, and then she was insulted by the grain store owner.

Now, when she came to buy some clothes, she had to get into a conflict with someone.

This time, the person who had a conflict with her was a little girl who was as tall as her.

Although Lin Yuelan looked like she was eight years old, her real age was twelve.

In her heart, she was thirty-two.

As a thirty-two person, Lin Yuelan really did not want to get into an argument with a kid.

However, the girl didnt want to let her off.

“You poor wretch, what right do you have to buy such good fabrics to make clothes” The owner of the disdainful voice was a girl wearing a pink dress with two pigtails.

She stood before Lin Yuelan.

She had big eyes, a round face, and pink and tender skin.

She was a beauty.

However, the moment she opened her mouth, she ruined her beautiful image.

This was a spoiled and arrogant young lady.

Lin Yuelan was scolded for no reason and could only roll her eyes.

She would be called poor wherever she went.

The girl pointed at Lin Yuelan in anger and shouted, “I saw that! How dare you roll your eyes at me” The child was relentless.

As patient as Lin Yuelan was, she couldnt endure this anymore.

She rubbed her forehead and said somewhat helplessly, “Little girl, what do you want First, you wanted the pastel-colored cloth I selected, so I gave it to you.

Then, you wanted the pink cloth I chose.

I surrendered it to you too.

Now, Im trying to get this baby-blue cotton fabric, and youre calling me poor.” Then, she changed her tone and asked sternly, “Young missy, what do you want from me Also, please move aside.

I dont have so much time to waste on you!”

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Then, she said to the cloth shop owner, “Shopkeeper, give me a set of baby-set cotton cloth and a set of black cotton cloth! I dont want this one anymore because it has been grabbed by the girls grubby hands already!” A set of cloth was about 1.6 meters long.

It was just enough for Lin Yuelan to make two sets of clothes for herself.

The shop owner took a quick glance at the arrogant young lady.

Then he took the ruler and began to measure the cloth.

The child was so angry that her face was flushed red.

Her big, watery eyes stared at Lin Yuelan with anger.

She pointed at Lin Yuelan again in anger.

With an incredulous expression, she said to Lin Yuelan, “You poor wretch, how dare you ignore me”

Lin Yuelan frowned.

She was very confused.

‘Is this girl mentally ill How can a person be so self-centered

Lin Yuelan didnt care for the girl.

If she were an adult, shed feel ashamed bullying a kid, but she was a kid too.

Lin Yuelan also immediately turned around.

“Young missy, you are unreasonable and arrogant.

Are you out of your mind If your mind is sick, go to the clinic.

Dont go around biting people.”

The girl was obviously not mentally ill because she felt insulted very quickly.

Her small face immediately turned even redder.

She said angrily out of embarrassment, “You… you… you poor wretch, how dare you call me a crazy dog”

Lin Yuelan immediately waved her hand, then shrugged her small shoulders and said, “I didnt call you a crazy dog.

I cant help it if you identify yourself as one!”

The girl, “…” This poor wretch didnt call me a crazy dog.

She just said Id go around biting people.

No, wait.

The girl was almost distracted.

The girls eyes widened, and she said angrily, “But you said that my mind is sick and told me to go to the clinic.

You even said that Id go around biting around.

Doesnt that mean that youre calling a crazy dog”

Lin Yuelan was surprised by the girls logical thinking.

She honestly thought the girl was crazy.

But she was confused.

Lin Yuelan minded her own business, purchasing fabric.

However, this girl came and snatched everything Lin Yuelan had picked.

If it happened once, it might be an accident.

Lin Yuelan decided to let it go.

However, it happened not once, twice, but thrice! Lin Yuelan then understood the girl was doing it on purpose.

Lin Yuelan spread her hands and said to the child, “You keep calling me a poor wretch, but youre always there to steal the fabric that Ive chosen.

Is your taste as bad as a poor persons Plus, youre glaring at me as if I owe you.

If youre not mentally ill, then what is your problem”

Lin Yuelans words were rather impolite.

She directly called the child sick in the head.

The childs face turned even redder after being scolded by Lin Yuelan.

Her large eyes were brimming with tears.

She looked so aggrieved and innocent.

Suddenly, she cried out loudly.

Lin Yuelan was stunned!What is going on!

When the girl cried, her servant girl in a green dress immediately ran over.

The servant girl was about the same size as them too.

She pointed at Lin Yuelan as she cursed, “You poor wretch, what are you doing How dare you make my young miss cry Young Miss, dont cry…”

Lin Yuelan was completely confused.

How could she explain this

Lin Yuelan, who was still puzzled, suddenly saw a round-faced young man running towards her.

He stood in front of the girl and said with great heartache, “Jiayin, why are you crying”

This young man was the young master Liu who had helped Lin Yuelan when she was at the rice shop.

When Liu Jiayin saw her big brother, she wiped her eyes with her hand and glared at Lin Yuelan.

Then, she cried out in grievance, “Big Brother, I just wanted to be friends with her, but she called me mentally ill!”

When Lin Yuelan heard that, she was dumbfounded! In fact, all the people around were shocked too.

‘Make friends What is this newfangled method of making friends


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