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When the villagers of Lin Family Village heard the sound of a horse carriage, they were very curious, especially when they saw how luxurious this horse carriage was.

This was surprising to the villagers.

They wondered who could actually afford such a beautiful and luxurious horse carriage.

“Sister Yue, how much longer do we have before we reach your house” A clear and sickly voice asked.

Someone lifted the curtain of the carriage and looked at the endless winding and muddy road.

She had gone from excitement from seeing the lush greenery to current listlessness.

The journey to Lin Family Village was long, windy, and muddy.

It was very difficult to traverse.

Even in the best horse carriage, the journey was boring.

A crisp child in the carriage said in a slightly weak voice, “About an hour more!” Honestly, she was not sure too.

After all, she walked to town that morning.

She didnt think it was that tiring.

Now, she was sitting in a carriage.

If it were a flat road, it would be better.

However, the carriage ride was simply torturing.

The bumpy road made her stomach roll so much that Lin Yuelan wanted to vomit.

Lin Yuelan had never sat in a horse carriage in her entire life.

In her previous life, the most common vehicles were the four-wheeled kind.

This was her second day of transmigration and she already had the privilege of riding in a horse carriage… It wasfun.

She had almost vomited out her lunch.

Before Lin Yuelan considered if she should invest in a horse carriage because shed be making a lot of trips to town.

But now, she realized maybe an ox cart was more suitable for her.

Although the ox cart was slow, at least it was stable.

Seeing Lin Yuelan leaning against the wall of the carriage weakly, Liu Jiayin asked with a worried look in her eyes, “Sister Yue, are… are you okay” Her face was so pale that there was not even a hint of blood on it.

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Liu Jiayin hesitated for a moment and said, “Sister Yue, why dont I ask my brother to drive the carriage a little slower” It was eldest young master Liu who was driving the carriage at the front.

To be honest, they were already going very slow.

Otherwise, they would have reached Lin Family Village already.

Lin Yuelans pale face shook, and she said, “No need.

We are almost at Lin Village.”

Liu Jiayin nodded her head suspiciously.

Lin Yuelan had said that for the third time already.

Lin Yuelan pulled open the curtain, stretched out her hand, and pointed at the place where there was a thin wisp of smoke.

“Jiayin, look, we can almost see the house.

We are really almost there.”

When Liu Jiaying heard that, her tired face brightened immediately.

Her round and bright eyes widened, and she said quickly, “Really Sister Yue!” Then, her little head looked out of the window.

She did see a house in the distance.

The smoke came from the cooking stove.

Lin Yuelan really couldnt stand the bumpy ride anymore.

She wanted to open the carriage door and get down to walk.

“Miss Lin, you really cant ride a carriage, can you” Eldest young master Liu said with a smile, “Ive never seen such a serious case of motion sickness in my life.

Youve vomited practically all the way.

Your face is drained of color.”

Ever since Lin Yuelan agreed to be their friends, the Liu Siblings, especially Liu Jiayin, immediately stuck to her like glue.

Wherever Lin Yuelan went, she would follow her.

Young Miss Liu had never carried any heavy object in her life before, but she voluntarily helped to carry Lin Yuelans stuff.

This had her brother, and her servant girl flabbergasted.

It was as if Liu Jiayin had changed into a completely different person.

Her previous domineering aura completely disappeared.

Now, she was just like a little girl.

She followed around the other girl who was in old and tattered clothes.

Young Master Liu was also very helpless towards his sister.

He could only follow behind them and then came to help her sister with the stuff.

After Lin Yuelan finished her shopping, there were a lot of things like pots and pans that she had to carry home on her own.

The rice grains would be sent by the shop via carriage the day after.

It was impossible to expect the Liu Siblings to help her carry all the things back to Lin Family Village.

Therefore, Liu Jiayin suggested that Lin Yuelan could ride their horse carriage back home.

The carriage could transport the stuff.

Liu Jiayin also wanted to visit Lin Family Village.

Having no other choice, young master Liu could only personally send Lin Yuelan to Lin Family Village because he still needed to drive his sister back home.

“Whose family has such a beautiful carriage” As they approached the entrance of Lin Family Village, some sharp-eyed villagers spotted them immediately.

“Could it be the village chiefs younger brother, Lin Yishan”

“It doesnt look like it.” Someone said with some doubt, “Although the carriage of Lin Yishans family is equally beautiful, it is not as luxurious as this.”

“How would you know Maybe their family has changed their horse carriage”

“Thats true,” the person continued but soon pointed at the person inside the carriage.

“Look, isnt that the jinx”

“I think youre right!” The other person answered.

“It looks like shes talking and laughing with the person driving the carriage.

They seem to be very familiar with each other.

But, is the jinx familiar with Lin Yishan”

That was impossible!

Lin Yishan only came back to visit his big brother once every year, so how could he be familiar with the jinx

As they talked, the carriage rolled past them.

They quickly discovered that the person driving the carriage was a round-faced, slightly cute youth.

Moreover, from the way he was dressed, he looked like an elegant young master.

One could tell that he was from a rich family.

How did Lin Yuelan got to know a wealthy young master

The villagers instantly filled up the blanks in their minds.

Lin Yuelan might look young, but she was already twelve.

That was the age for most country girls to get married already.

Therefore, they assumed that Lin Yuelan had taken a fancy to this wealthy young master.

“The girl is a jinx.

Is she not afraid that shed jinx this young master”

“Youre really stupid.

This young master clearly doesnt know that the girl is a jinx.

Otherwise, why would he be talking to the jinx”

“Thats true.”

“No, we have to tell that young master to stay away fromthe jinx.

We have to save him from the jinx!”



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