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Lin Yuelan and the people in the carriage chatted and laughed.

Then, the carriage stopped at Lin Yuelans hut.

That was how the villagers confirmed the Jinx was familiar with the owner of the carriage.

Therefore, many villagers gathered around curiously.

They didnt expect that the Jinx would gain divine power and wisdom, kill a tiger and then return with rich friends in just two short days.

The transformation was hard to accept.

More importantly, it made them feel jealous of Lin Yuelan.

Why Of course, it was because the Jinx had started to earn money.

It was fine if she had a little money, but she actually got to know the rich young masters and young ladies in the town and even got the rich young master and young lady to send her home in a luxurious carriage.

This was something that they could not bear to see.

To them, the Jinx should live in the mud and dust.

She should be disgusting and hated.

Ying Zi looked at the round face of the handsome young man who had a smile on his face, and her face could not help but blush.

She was in the age where butterflies would fly in her stomach.

It was also the age when she was about to get married.

Even though Ying Zi had been to town before, she had never seen such a handsome young man.

Therefore, when she saw Liu Qi, her heart was stirred.

She was so angry when she saw this handsome young man send the Jinx home.

Her eyes were filled with jealousy and her hands were clenched into fists.

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However, when she noticed that the young man didnt seem to know anything about the jinxs background, she looked around and then shot a look at her mother, Gu Sanniang.

She signaled with her eyes for her mother to send Liu Liujiao, the villages big mouth, to expose Lin Yuelans background to the young master.

Actually, without any prompts from Gu Sanniang, Liu Liujiao was already ready to bombard Liu Qi with thetruth about Lin Yuelan.

As for why It was because she was a narrow-minded woman.

She believed that a twelve-year-old jinx should be hated by all.

Plus, she had a sixteen-year-old daughter, Lin Meimei, who hadnt married.

Well, technically, Lin Meimei was already engaged.

When she was 12, Lin Meimei was engaged to a boy from a neighboring village.

However, the young man missed his footing and fell down the mountain when he was harvesting herbs.

He became a cripple.

After Lin Meimei heard about it, she cried and made a fuss.

In the end, she broke off the engagement.

However, only half of the betrothal gifts had been returned.

However, after breaking off the engagement, Lin Meimei couldnt find another man to marry.

It was either because Lin Meimei wasnt satisfied with their looks or because Lin Meimei thought they were too old.

Furthermore, Liu Liujiao and Lin Meimeis reputation wasnt good either.

After Lin Meimeis ex-fiance broke his leg, Lin Liujiao immediately cut off the engagement.

She even wanted to keep all the betrothal gifts.

The boys family in the end only managed to get half of the gifts back.

When this matter spread among the villages, the people were surprised by Liu Liujiaos familys actions.

Most of them did not agree with Liu Liujiaos cold-blooded and greedy actions.

Therefore, good families wouldnt have considered having their sons marry Lin Meimei.

Those with poor backgrounds would come to offer a marriage to Lin Meimei.

However, the Liu family looked down on them.


Just like that, Lin Meimei was engaged at 12 but stayed single until she was 16.

In this ancient era, being single at 16 basically meant that no one wanted to marry the girl.

It was how Lin Meimei became a spinster.

However, a handsome young man around 16 suddenly appeared in Lin Family Village.

He was dressed in bright clothes and was driving a beautiful carriage.

He came from a rich family.

Of course, Liu Liujiao wouldnt let go of the chance to snatch such a wonder son-in-law.

Lin Meimei was 16, and the young man looked like he was 16 too.

They were a perfect match.

Therefore, even without the prompt from Gu Sanniang, Liu Liujiao was already planning to sow discord between the jinx and the rich young master.

Thus, when Lin Yuelan grabbed the stuff and entered the hut, she immediately ran over and told the Liu Siblings, “Young Master and Miss, I advise you to stay away from her.” While saying that, she pointed in Lin Yuelans direction and continued, “She is the famous Jinx of our village! Her parents are not dead, but they have severed their relationship with her!

“Anyone who helps her will face a disaster.

For example, three years ago, an elementary scholar who helped her in our village is now lying in bed, unable to get up.”

Liu Liujiao ignored the shocked expressions on Liu Qi and Liu Jiayins faces.

When she saw Lin Yuelan coming out of the house, she awkwardly slipped back to her previous position.

It was like she hadnt done anything to speak ill of the Jinx behind her back.

Liu Liujiao was still afraid of the divine power gifted to the jinx by the king of hell.

Liu Liujiao was a coward.

She wouldnt dare to provoke the jinx openly.

The Liu siblings were shocked.

They didnt even ponder the possibility that their new friends parents were not dead, and the truth was so shocking!

A jinx Their tiger-beating heroine had to live with such a reputation.

She was despised by the villagers.

Even her biological parents were so cold-blooded that they cut off their relationship with her.

No wonder she told them that her parents were gone.

Then again, she was not telling a lie.

But they would have felt better if they were told a lie because the truth was much more infuriating.

At the very least, if Lin Yuelans parents died, they could be forgiven for leaving Lin Yuelan alone to fend for herself.

However, her actual parents were still alive, and they had cut off relations with her.

They were really cold-blooded!

When Liu Qi heard that an elementary scholar from the Lin family village had been harmed by Lin Yuelan because he had helped her, he frowned slightly.

However, Liu Jiayin was only eight years old.

She didnt think that far.

For her, it was too ludicrous for a heroine to bear the reputation of a jinx.

She was even viewed as a jinx by her biological parents, who were both alive and well.

Lin Yuelan hadnt even harmed them, but they actually tossed their daughter out because of hearsay!

Liu Jiayin became abnormally angry!



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