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Once again, Liu Qi led his sister, Liu Jiayin, back into the carriage.

However, the words Lin Yuelan said to him kept ringing in his ears:Stupid people listen to stupid words.

Smart people will do smart things!

Liu Qi thought that he was a smart person, but after hearing Lin Yuelans words, he began to doubt himself in his heart.

Was he a stupid person or a smart person

He didnt want to believe Lin Yuelans rumors.

However, the entire village rejected and hated her.

He had no choice but to believe that.

However, Lin Yuelans words gave him a deep shock!

He had to think carefully now.

Could they really befriend Lin Yuelan, the jinx

If Lin Yuelan really did jinx them, then the consequences…

However, if the incident with the Lin Family elementary scholar was just a coincidence and Lin Yuelan was framed…

It seemed like there was a deeper story behind Lin Yuelan.

He needed to dig deeper before he could make a decision.

Liu Qi had made up his mind.

When he returned, he would send someone to investigate the cause of Lin Yuelan being called the jinx.

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In fact, Lin Yuelan didnt really care about what Liu Qi did or didnt do.

She was very clear that the Liu family was the Liu family, Liu Qi was Liu Qi, and Liu Jiayin was Liu Jiayin.

The friend she wanted to make was Liu Jiayin.

As for Liu Qi, she was just taking advantage of him.

He was the eldest young master of the Liu family, and she needed a backer.

However, if Liu Qi was not willing to help her, she did not want to force him.

At most, her current life would be slightly harder, but she wouldnt die because of it.

Liu Qi had no idea that his choice would decide the Liu Familys future.

It would affect whether the Liu Family would be Lin Yuelans partner or common admirer in the future!

As for how Liu Qi would choose, his heart was also filled with doubts and hesitation!

After the Liu siblings left for the second time, Lin Yuelan frowned slightly.

She would protect Liu Jiayin no matter what.

As for Liu Qi and the Liu family, it would depend on Liu Qis choice.

If he chose to be her friend, then she would treat him as a friend.

In the future, when she struck gold, she would not forget about his portion.

However, if he chose to act as ignorant as the Lin Family villagers, then Lin Yuelan wouldnt be so stupid to stick to him anymore.


The next day, Lin Yuelan went up the mountain again.

The main purpose of going up the mountain this time was to harvest medicinal herbs, like ginseng, lingzhi, and other precious medicinal herbs!

She was not going to sell them but to plant them in her space.

Once Lin Yuelan left, groups of people immediately barged into her small hut.

Since the door was made of hay, there was no lock.

Even if there was a lock, people could easily kick down the door.

In fact, people could easily poke a hole in the wall.

They didnt even need to use the door.

Li Cuihua and Lin Daniu sneakily approached Lin Yuelans hut before dawn.

They hid behind a pile of grass, their eyes shining as they stared at the cottage.

It was as if they wanted to see through the thick grass walls and see the people inside.

Lin Daniu whispered to Li Cuihua with some excitement, “Mother, where do you think this jinx will hide the silver”

He had heard that Lin Yuelan had sold that big tiger for 380 taels of silver.

He had also seen her take that beautiful tiger skin off the carriage yesterday.

Therefore, in a while, he would swipe the silver and the tiger skin.

He knew that the beautiful and undamaged tiger skin could be sold for at least 100 taels of silver.

In fact, bigger families in the capital would offer up to 400 taels for the tiger skin.

When Lin Daniu thought of the money and the tiger skin, he could not suppress the excitement in his heart.


He wanted nothing more than to grab the silver and leave.

With the money, he could buy jewelry for Widow Li and Official Lius daughter.

With the silver, he could hook up with more beauties in town.

Lin Daniu felt restless.

He wanted to rush into the hut and be the first to snatch all the money.

Why the first

Because he knew that even though his mother doted on him, she wouldnt allow him to have all the silver.

A son knew his mother!

Li Cuihuas plan was as Lin Daniu predicted.

There was no way she would let Lin Daniu take away all the silver.

Firstly, she was in charge of the family finance and all the money had to pass through her hands.

Secondly, she needed money for the family expenses.

Thirdly, and most importantly, her third grandson, Lin Dazong, was the future master scholar.

In the future, he would be a high official.

However, before that happened, he needed silver to buy paper, ink, book and so on.

The Lin Family had to supply Lin Dazong with a lot of money.

Therefore, for the sake of Lin Dazongs future glory, Li Cuihua had to make sure she had all the silver in her hands.

As for why the two of them had come to stake out the hut before dawn… Well.

It was to sneak into Lin Yuelans house and steal the money when no one was around.

Lin Yuelan was now blessed with divine power, so they wouldnt be stupid enough to go head-to-head with her.

Moreover, Lin Yuelan had become cold and ruthless after a trip to the underworld.

She even slapped her uncle and broke his leg.

Fortunately, the doctor had managed to reattach the bone for Lin Siniu.

However, this made Lin Siniu suffer a great deal of pain, which made him hate Lin Yuelan even more.

When dawn came, Lin Yuelan left.

“Mom, the wretched girl has gone out.

Lets sneak in!” Lin Daniu said excitedly while pulling her mothers sleeve.

Li Cuihua was also excited and said, “Yes, lets go!”

When they approached the door of the cottage and saw another group of people, Li Cuihua lost her composure and screamed, “Why are you here”


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