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Little Whites roar was deafening, and everyone in the village heard it.

Even cats and dogs were filled with panic after hearing this roar.

For a moment, there was meowing and barking everywhere.

The village was bustling with panic.

“Grandpa Qi, you also heard the roar of a tiger, didnt you” A young man asked a white-haired old man.

Grandpa Qi nodded anxiously, “The tiger roar shook the mountains.

Even if I couldnt hear it, I could feel it.

But what is the tiger doing out of the mountain”

The question was meant for the young man and himself.

“Right, has anyone gone to call Lin Dawei” Grandpa Qi asked.

Every time a ferocious beast came down the mountain, the only hunter in the village, Lin Dawei and his family would be called.

“Grandpa Qi, someone has already gone to call him,” the young man replied.

Grandpa Lin Qi was one of the more prestigious elders of the Lin Family Village.

He was from Lin Laosans previous generation.

Even Lin Laosan had to call him Uncle Qi.

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He was now in his seventies.

In ancient times, he was considered a saint already.

He was one of the few aged elders in the village.

He was very well-respected.

Normally, he rarely showed up.

He only appeared when there was something important in the village.

Even the village chief had to respect his opinion.

Three years ago, when Lin Laosan had the ritual, Lin Qi didnt show up because he didnt think it was a big deal.

He couldnt care less if Lin Yuelan died or not.

If he had stood up for Lin Yuelan back then, perhaps Lin Yuelans life wouldnt have been so miserable.

That day, the tigers roar had drawn out this old man.

Grandpa Lin Qi said anxiously, “We havent had a tiger in the village for decades already.

Why is this happening now”

The young man supported Grandpa Lin Qi and frowned slightly.

After thinking for a moment, he said, “Grandpa Qi, its very likely that the tiger is down the mountain to take revenge for the tiger that the jinx, Lin Yuelan, killed two days ago.”

Lin Qi stopped for a moment.

He asked in puzzlement, “Lin Yuelan Who is Lin Yuelan”

Lin Qi usually stayed at home and never stepped out of his house unless something big happened in the village.

Therefore, it seemed normal that Lin Qi did not know about Lin Yuelan.

The young man paused.

He didnt expect Grandpa Qi to not know about Lin Yuelan.

The young man said, “Grandpa Qi, do you remember three years ago when Lin Laosan tried to sever the relationship with his fourth granddaughter”

Lin Qi leaned on his walking stick.

His aged face wrinkled slightly, like a wrinkled chrysanthemum.

His aged and turbid eyes looked ahead with shrewdness.

He asked with slight doubt, “Lin Laosan”

The young man nodded, “Three years ago, the fourth granddaughter of the third Lin family was declared by the Taoist priest to be a jinx.

Lin Laosans family wanted to kill the girl, but the village chiefs family stopped them.

The girl was saved.

But the youngest son of the village chiefs family, Lin Mingqing, got into an accident soon after that.

He was paralyzed and had his title as an elementary scholar revoked.

Everyone said that it was because he had helped the jinx.”

Lin Qi knew about this.

After all, it was not easy for a village to cultivate an elementary scholar.

However, the title was revoked because of an accident.

Something so major couldnt be hidden from him.

Lin Qi frowned slightly and said sharply, “So, that girl killed a tiger, and the tigers friend came down the mountain to take revenge”

The young man didnt dare to make a rash judgment and could only reply, “It looks like that.

Besides, the tigers roar seems to come from the jinxs place.”

Lin Qi nodded.


Lets go look.”

However, the young man stopped him, “Grandpa Qi, you should stay.

If the big tiger came to take revenge, it would be fierce.

If youre injured, itll be very serious.

Youd better leave it to us, young people.”

Lin Qis hand knocked his walking stiff to the ground.

He said firmly, “A tiger in the village concerns the safety of the entire Lin family village.

How can I sit back and do nothing Lets go.

I must go.”

Lin Qi was stubborn.

The young man had no choice but to oblige.

They passed many villagers carrying shovels, hoes, poles, and the like.

They all headed to Lin Yuelans hut.

They looked anxious.

When some saw Lin Qi, they would stop to greet him, while the others rushed ahead.

The village chief, Lin Yiwei held a hoe and led a group of young men too.

When he saw the young man holding Lin Qi, his face darkened, and he questioned sternly, “Lin Qingshan, are you crazy This is so dangerous.

Hurry up and bring Uncle Qi home.”

Lin Qingshan looked at Lin Yiwei and said helplessly, “Uncle, I want Grandpa Qi to go back home too.

But Grandpa Qi insists on going.”

Lin Yiwei glared at Lin Qingshan and immediately went up to Lin Qi and said, “Uncle Qi, its too dangerous for you to go.

Youd better go back.

What if youre hurt”

Lin Qi said sternly, “Lin Yiwei, are you implying that your uncle is old and useless Is that why you want to send me away”


Lin Yiwei immediately said, “Uncle Qi, when did I say that Based on the tigers roar, the tiger is very fierce.

What if youre hurt Youre our villages treasure, Uncle Qi!”

However, Lin Qi was very stubborn.

“Dont try to persuade me.

I need to go over.

Let me see how that tiger will hurt me.” He was being childish.

Lin Yiwei sighed and ordered the young men around him.

“Stay next to Grandpa Qi and protect him.

Dont let the tiger harm him, okay”

The few young men hurriedly replied, “Yes, village chief!”

Lin Yiwei then left in a hurry.

He was worried that if he didnt arrive with the reinforcement soon, the tiger might really hurt the villagers.

Early in the morning, Lin Dawei was packing his luggage and preparing to go up the mountain to hunt.

He was going hunting for three days, so he prepared some dry rations, took the bow and arrows and other hunter tools, and prepared to set off.

However, when the earth-shattering roar of a tiger reached his ears, his heart shook.

‘Has a tiger descended the mountain The roar came from LanErs place.

Is the tiger going to her place

Lin Dawei didnt dawdle.

He grabbed his bow and arrow and left.

When everyone gathered at Lin Yuelans hut, they were stunned!


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