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When Lin Yiwei arrived at Lin Yuelans house, he saw the villagers standing still around her house.

It was very strange.

‘The tigers roar came from this place.

So logically speaking, there should be a tense fighting scene with the tiger, right

‘So, why is everyone standing around, doing nothing Is the tiger not here Or has it killed already If it has killed already, the villagers would be slicing it up already.

With a lot of questions, Lin Yiwei walked into the crowd.

The villagers were curious about what Lin Dawei had seen in Lin Yuelans hut that anger was clear on his bearded face.

Just then, someone shouted, “The village chief is here!”

Then, Lin Yiwei walked through the crowd and moved to the front.

He looked around in confusion.

When his eyes landed on the big white tiger standing majestically in front of the cottage, his pupils suddenly contracted violently, and his face was filled with anxiety and fear.

‘What is going on

‘This big tiger is clearly standing there, but why hasnt the villagers made any move

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Noting the panic on his face, Lin Yuelan walked over to Lin Yiwei and said innocently, “Grandpa village chief, dont be afraid.

Little white wont hurt anyone!”

Lin Yiwei had been the village chief for more than 20 years, and he had seen many things.

In the past few decades, he had seen wild beasts coming down the mountains.

The beasts were defeated by the villagers.

There were deaths and injuries, but they were always compensated.

However, Lin Yiwei was shocked when he heard Lin Yuelan.

‘What did the girl say Did she just call the tiger Little White

Although Lin Yiwei did not know how Lin Yuelan managed to tame the tiger, he couldnt allow such a ferocious animal to stay in the village.

That was his duty as the village chief.

Lin Yiwei looked at Lin Yuelan sternly and shouted, “LanEr, this is a big tiger.

No matter how harmless it appears now, it is still an animal that could bite at any time! So, now, we either drive it back to the mountain or beat it to death!”

Little White appeared to understand what the man meant.

Instantly, its furry head turned around, and its eyes emitted a fierce light.

Then, it let out an angry roar at Lin Yiwei as if saying,try and see if you can kill me!

Lin Yiwei, as well as all the villagers, were all startled by this roar.

Lin Yiwei could sense the tigers anger at him.

Lin Yuelan walked to little white and patted its head.

She comforted it with a sweet voice, “Little White, dont worry.

I will never let anyone hurt you!”

Little White turned back to a cute pet and yawned harmlessly.

After that, Lin Yuelan walked to Lin Yiwei again.

Her little face was serious as she said sharply, “Grandpa village chief, animals hurt people because sometimes humans are their only food source.

However, most of the time, they are merely protecting themselves! Regardless of the reason, that is how nature works.

“I cant give promises about the other animals, but I can swear on my life that Little White will not harm anyone for no reason!”

Lin Yuelan didnt blame Lin Yiwei.

After all, he was only doing his responsibility as the chief of the Lin Family Village.

He had to consider the villagers safety.

Plus, Lin Yiwei was Lin Yuelans hosts benefactor.

She would treat him well.

Therefore, Lin Yuelan didnt want to make things difficult for Lin Yiwei.

Besides, it was not her plan for Little White to stay in the village anyway.

It was safer for it to stay in the mountains.

Lin Yuelan also swore to save Lin Mingqing.

However, the timing wasnt ripe yet.

In another month or two, she would be able to treat him.

Of course, she couldnt tell Lin Yiwei about that just yet.

When Lin Yiwei heard Lin Yuelan, he said seriously, “LanEr, its not that Uncle Chief doesnt want to believe you, but this tiger is ferocious.

As the chief, I cannot put the safety of the entire village in danger based on your words alone.”

Lin Yuelan nodded to show her understanding.

Then, she asked, “Grandpa Village Chief, have you heard of animals gaining intelligence”

Lin Yiwei was also surprised to hear this question.

He replied, “Of course.” Some animals were very intelligent, such as some dogs and cats.

Many of them knew how to look after their homes, and they seemed to be more sensible than some people.

However, that was limited to domestic animals.

Lin Yiwei had heard about feral animals gaining intelligence, but he had not seen that with his own eyes before.

Lin Yuelan nodded and beckoned little white over.

“Little White, come here!”

Little white heard Lin Yuelans call and walked forward with its powerful steps.

It walked to Lin Yuelans side and stretched out its head.

It first rubbed Lin Yuelans waist, then stuck out its Scarlet tongue and licked Lin Yuelans palm.

It was like a kitty trying to get its masters attention.

Everyones mouths twitched, and the fear subsided slightly.

Lin Yuelan smiled and patted Little Whites white and fluffy head.

She pointed at Lin Yiwei and said, “come, little white.

This is Grandpa Village Chief.

Say hello to Grandpa Village Chief!”

Everyone was really too surprised!

No one had imagined that the tiger would be so obedient to Lin Yuelan.

However, some sinister light flashed in peoples eyes bBecause this was the perfect chance for them to prove that Lin Yuelan was indeed a demon.

Although the White Tiger looked pretty and cute, it couldnt change the fact that it was a tiger.

Lin Yiweis heart trembled as he watched the big white tiger approach.

He looked a little frightened, but he tried his best to calm himself down.

When he saw the big white tiger poking its head towards him, he immediately took a few steps back reflexively.

His eyes were filled with anxiety and fear.

“Lin Yuelan, are you trying to kill Uncle Village Chief” Ying Zi suddenly appeared again, her face full of anger and indignation.

Lin Yuelan glanced at the self-righteous Ying Zi and snapped at her, “Shush!”

Ying Zi was so angry that she started trembling.

How dare the jinx shush her in front of the whole village

Just as she was about to speak again, Lin Yuelan interrupted her, “If you say one more word, Ill give you a chance to have an intimate contact with Little White.”

Ying Zi was a timid person.

How could she want to be in close contact with a man-eating tiger

Therefore, Ying Zi shut her mouth.

She only glared at Lin Yuelan with anger and hatred in her eyes, but she didnt dare to say anything!

In order to prevent little white from being hunted down by the Lin family Village, it had to gain the village chiefs approval.

Lin Yuelan told Lin Yiwei, “Grandpa Village Chief, dont be afraid.

Little white just wants to say hello to you.

If youre really worried, you can have Uncle Dawei stand beside you.

If anything happens, Uncle Dawei can also rush in to help.”

Lin Yiwei thought for a while and shook his head.

“Theres no need.

LanEr, I believe you.

I dont think youll ever harm me.”


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