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With everyone watching in surprise, the big white tiger greeted Lin Yiwei in its own special way.

Little White walked to Lin Yiwei, raised its fluffy head, and rubbed it against Lin Yiweis palm.

This was how it made friends with people.

In actuality, Little White was extremely reluctant to greet this fierce and ugly man.

However, Lin Yuelan promised it a green life force as a reward.

So it obliged.

Although Lin Yiwei believed that Lin Yuelan would not harm him, he still could not get over the nervousness and fear in his heart.

But, he had been through a lot.

Lin Yiwei once again calmed himself down and calmly accepted the big white tigers greeting.

When the white tigers fur touched his palm, his heart trembled again as if he couldnt believe it.

Did he just come into close contact with a big white tiger

This big white tigers fur was very long and warm.

Lin Yiwei subconsciously let down his guard and raised his hand to touch the big white tigers fur.

The fur was very nice.

As Lin Yiwei continued to touch it, Little White felt a little dissatisfied.

It had already condescended to greet this mortal, but it didnt mean that it was willing for the mortal to play with its fur.

It only allowed him to touch it because of Lin Yuelan.

Little White raised its head and looked at Lin Yuelan with a wronged expression.

Lin Yuelan felt quite guilty.

She walked over and looked at Lin Yiwei, who had gotten carried away by the softness of Little Whites fur.

She smiled and asked, “Grandpa Village Chief, Little White is very intelligent and wont hurt people, right”

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Lin Yiweis hand that was touching little Whites white fur paused, and his gentle expression immediately disappeared.

He said with a serious expression again, “LanEr, even if thats the case, it doesnt mean that it wont hurt the villagers in the future.

What if its bestial nature erupts, and it hurts someone What should we do then”

Lin Yuelan pouted and said with a serious expression, “Grandpa Village Chief, I can guarantee that Little White wont hurt anyone.

However, dont you think that some humans are more bestial than Little White”

The change was swift.

Lin Yuelan understood Lin Yiweis difficulty.

He was concerned about the safety of the village.

Little White would not be allowed to stay in the village no matter how intelligent it was.

In that case, Lin Yuelan wanted to cut to the chase.

She led Little White down the mountains to intimidate people after all.

After that, Little White could return to the mountains.

Lin Yiweis eyes turned sharp, and he asked sternly, “LanEr, what do you mean”

Lin Yuelans tender little face showed a touch of sarcasm, and she sneered, “Grandpa Village Chief, instead of asking me, why dont you ask them” Lin Yuelan pointed at the few people who were lying limply in front of the door.

Only then did Lin Yiwei notice the people lying there.

They looked frightened.

Then, he looked around with his sharp eyes and saw the broken pots and bowls around them.

They looked brand new.

There was even a torn-up brand new cotton quilt and stretches of cloth.

Lin Yiweis face darkened.

Did he need an explanation

It was obvious that these people tried to steal from LanErs hut and were caught red-handed.

Lin Yiwei immediately shouted at the three women who had not fainted, “Li Cuihua, Liu Liujiao, Gu Sanniang, why are you here And did you guys take these things out from Lan Ers house”

The reason why he used the word “take” instead of “steal” was that he had to consider the reputation of the entire village.

At that moment, Lin Dawei stepped forward and said to Lin Yiwei angrily, “Uncle Village Chief, why dont you go into Lan Ers house and take a look.

Are they only taking the things”

Lin Yiwei was a fair and just village chief.

Otherwise, he and his youngest son would not have tried so hard to save Lin Yuelan three years ago.

Lin Yiwei frowned when he heard Lin Dawei.

Lin Yiwei strode to Lin Yuelans house.

When he saw the scene in the house, he finally understood why the usually nonchalant Lin Dawei was so angry.

Lin Yiwei was furious.

He pointed at Li Cuihua and the others and asked, “Li Cuihua, Liu Liujiao, Gu Sanniang, did you turn the girls house upside down while you were trying to steal from her”

When the three women saw more villagers appear, they slowly regained their composure.

Gradually, they seemed to have gained some confidence and were no longer afraid.

However, they still had no strength.

Gu Sanniang was the first to regain her senses.

She now understood that the big white tiger in front of her would not dare to hurt them.

Hence, when she faced Lin Yiweis question, her face turned from pale to livid and from shock to anger.

She didnt answer Lin Yiwei but instead glared at Lin Yuelan angrily and said in a weak and loud voice, “Village Chief, you have to give me justice.

Lin Yuelan, that damned jinx, actually sent a fierce tiger to scare us.

Daniu has fainted from shock.

Village chief, you have to properly punish the jinx.

Also, that big tiger will eat people.

You have to order the villagers to beat it to death!” Gu Sanniang jumped to accuse Lin Yuelan first.


When Lin Yiwei heard Gu Sanniang, his face was dark.

He reprimanded her sternly, “Gu Sanniang, well talk about the tiger scare later.

Let me ask you, why were you in the girls house Why did you mess up her house And did you steal the stuff on the floor out of her house”

Gu Sanniang was speechless.

She really couldnt explain why she was there.

Was she going to admit that she had been there before dawn for her plan to steal from Lin Yuelan Failing to find any silver, she grabbed the stuff from the house and left However, she bumped into the white tiger at the door and was paralyzed with fear

Of course, she could not say that.

It would solidify her reputation as a thief.

In the future, even if she was not dragged to court, the villagers would look down on her.

She didnt want to be treated like that.

Gu Sanniang shrunk her neck and answered the village chiefs question with a little fear, “I … I … I didnt steal anything.

I borrowed them.

Thats right.

I borrowed them from the jinx.”

Lin Yiwei was so angry that he could not control his anger.

How thick was this persons skin to be able to say such words

Just as Lin Yiwei was about to explode, an old and dignified voice suddenly came.

“Arent we supposed to be fighting a tiger What are we doing standing around here”


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