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No one dared to test Lin Yuelan.

She was sent back by the King of Hell himself.

After returning, Lin Yuelan was not only bestowed with divine power and wisdom but also courage and fearlessness!

Her divine strength could knock out a tiger with a single punch, and her intelligence could subdue the king of beasts.

With her courage, she had no fear when facing the highly respected Lin Qi!

Lin Yuelans destiny was to jinx her husband.

Before her mission was completed, even the King of Hell would not accept her.

She had no one to rely on and was all alone.

What was there for her to be afraid of She wouldnt even die!

As she said earlier, if the tiger injured someone, she would pay with her life.

Since she could give up her life on a guarantee, would she submit for the sake of others reputations

All the villagers supported Lin Qi.

After all, if Lin Yuelan submitted this time, they could openly steal from Lin Yuelan in the future.

Lin Qi would always have their backs anyway.

However, the village chiefs words and Lin Yuelans firm attitude immediately dispelled these thoughts.

Would the villagers risk going to the court to steal from the girl Of course not! The punishment could be decapitation! What was the point of money if they were dead

Lin Qi was fuming when he heard Lin Yiwei and Lin Yuelan.

However, he didnt know where to vent it.

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Before he could say anything, Lin Yiwei continued, “Furthermore, Uncle Qi, if you forgive them this time, what about next time and the next next time Do you expect LanEr to allow these people to steal from her every time

“Uncle Qi, to be honest, youre not protecting the Lin family Villages reputation, but youre covering the criminals.

In that case, the people will only be more brazen with their thievery.

Will they stop with LanEr No, human greed is bottomless.

Then, they will steal from the other villagers.

Will you still cover for them then”

“Lin Yiwei, remember that youre the chief of the Lin family Village.

Your duty and responsibility are to protect Lin Family Village, including its reputation and benefits!” Lin Qi said sternly, his anger soaring to the heavens.

All these years, he had always been the villages highly respected elder.

His words and decisions were followed by the village like an imperial edict.

However, at this moment, these two people were openly trying to go against him.

How could he not be angry

He knew that Lin Yiwei was right, but Lin Qi would not allow anyone to question or challenge him.

Lin Yiwei immediately straightened his back and said seriously, “Uncle Qi, Ive made myself very clear.

These people have stolen too much silver.

We cant just let this slide.

To tell you the truth, even if LanEr is forced to submit, I will not allow this for the sake of the village!”

Lin Yiweis attitude became firm.

It wasnt that he was biased towards Lin Yuelan, but the fact was that he couldnt pretend that this matter didnt happen.

These people didnt steal one or two copper coins but more than a hundred taels of silver.

This was money people couldnt even earn in their lifetime.

And Lin Qi was asking the victim not to complain about it That was impossible.

Furthermore, LanEr had suffered for so many years.

She was pitied by the King of Hell, who gave her some abilities to survive.

Who would have thought that once she got some money, half of it would be stolen instantly If the village chief didnt punish the thieves, the other half of LanErs earnings would be gone too.

Once thievery became common, they wouldnt just target LanEr.

After all, it was easy to steal from others than to earn through hard work.

Then Lin Family Village would become a thiefs village.

As the village chief, he couldnt allow such a terrible thing to happen.


Therefore, this was Lin Yiweis first time opposing Lin Qi since he became the village chief.

Lin Qi was a stubborn old man.

He only cared about his benefits and reputation.

He thought that this thing would blow over if he covered up the truth.

However, he had no idea that his action would only cultivate more thieves.

The thieves knew that Lin Qi wouldnt punish them even if they were caught.

Lin Qi was so angry at Lin Yiweis rebuttal that he was speechless.

He glared at Lin Yiwei and then glared at Lin Yuelan with a terrible expression.

He turned all the blame on the girl.

He suddenly pointed at the big white tiger and said angrily, “Girl, what about the beast Have you forgotten that it has frightened these four villagers Dont you have to compensate for their mental trauma”

Lin Yuelan was impressed.

She had no idea that the old man would know about mental trauma.

She grinned.

Seeing the grin on her face, Lin Qis face turned even darker, and his expression became twisted and ferocious.

“What are you laughing at, girl” he asked sternly.

Lin Yuelan shook her head and said, “nothing.” She stopped smiling and shook her head seriously.

Lin Qi was really angry.

He lifted his walking stick and wanted to swipe it at Lin Yuelan to teach her a lesson.

However, before the walking stick could hit Lin Yuelan, there was a roar of a tiger.

This time, the roar was angry and loud.

Lin Qis old face turned pale, and he fell to the ground in shock.

Lin Yiwei and Lin Dawei didnt have time to help him up.

Everyone, including Lin Yuelan, was shocked.

She didnt know Little White was so protective of her.

When it saw Lin Qi trying to hit her, it immediately roared to give the old man a warning.

Lin Yuelan sighed internally.

‘Sometimes, humans are worse than animals.

Lin Yuelan gently patted little white and said, “Little White, Im fine.

Go and guard those four.

Dont let them escape, understand”

To everyones surprise, the white tiger nodded!

The tiger really had gained sentience!

When Lin Qi was pulled up from the ground, he was still a little weak.

Although he had lived for a long time, he was still very afraid of death.

Lin Qi was angry from embarrassment.

He grabbed his walking stick and said in extreme anger, “Lin Yuelan, this threatening beast has to be murdered for our safety!”

As soon as he finished speaking, someone in the group suddenly said, “Shes a demon! Shes a demon that can control animals!”


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