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In an extremely secretive courtyard in the capital, in front of the window of one of the rooms, there was a tall and elegant man.

He was wearing a purple robe, and the inside of the robe revealed the gilded hibiscus edges.

There was a jade belt around his waist, and it complemented the jade hairpin in his hair.

His face was fair and clean, his facial features were regular, and his eyebrows were like peaks that reached his temples.

He looked like a handsome man, but his eyes were lowered, and his expression was unclear.

One of his hands was propped up in front of the window, and the other was playing with an exquisite dark green jade cup.

“Master, Jiang Zhennan and the rest have returned to the capital!” A man in black with a black mask and a sharp sword in his hand cupped his hands and reported to the man with respect and fear.

The mans originally lowered eyes slowly lifted up, but there was a cold glint in his eyes.

He slapped the man in black and said coldly, “Trash!”

The man immediately knelt down on one knee and said, “master, sorry!”

The mans face was cold, and his eyes were sharp as he stared at the subordinate in black.

He said coldly, “Weve sacrificed 108 men, and you still allowed him to return to the capital It looks like youre not suited to be the leader of Broken Souls anymore!”

Broken Souls would only have a new leader once the old ones died in battle.

The mans meaning was clear.

The man in man could die already.

The man in black knelt and kowtowed to the man.

With a pleading and firm tone, he said, “master, please spare this subordinates life and allow this subordinate to atone for his sins!”

The mans eyes were no longer fixed on the man in black but on the beautiful hibiscus flowers in the courtyard.

He took a sip from the jade cup and said in a light but serious tone, “Stop him from entering the palace to meet the Emperor! Otherwise…”

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The man immediately replied, “Yes, master! Thank you, master for sparing this subordinates life! I will never let Jiang Zhennan enter the palace to see the Emperor!”

The mans delicate and fair face was facing the window.

He seemed to turn a deaf ear to his subordinates words.

However, only the man in black knew how ruthless his master was.

After the man in black left, the man stared at the beautiful white hibiscus flower with a cold and murderous look on his face.

He said coldly, “Jiang Zhennan, I will not allow you to ruin my great plan!”

The expensive green jade cup in his hand fell to the ground with a clang, scattering all over the place.

In the hall of the Marquiss mansion, there was a woman in a gorgeous red tight-fitting robe.

Her hair was combed into a bun, and a green hairpin with a Phoenix fixed it in place.

Her face was a little chubby, and she looked like a woman with some good fortune, but her slender and narrow eyes revealed her sharp and mean nature.

At this moment, she took the teacup from the maidservants hand and said with a dignified aura, “You may all leave!”

The servants and maidservants in the hall immediately bowed and said, “Yes, Madam!”

After the crowd left, the woman handed the tea to the middle-aged man sitting at the head of the table.

The middle-aged man was actually in his forties, but because he took good care of himself, his face was fair and clean, making him look like he was in his early thirties.

He looked like a gentle and elegant man.

The middle-aged man took the tea and said, “Madam, if you have something to say, just say it.

Is it necessary to disperse the servants”

The woman looked worried, but the evil in her eyes was deeply buried.

The man asked, “Madam, whats the matter that made you so worried”

The woman looked at the man and sighed.”Master, I heard that NanEr has returned, right”

When the man heard that, his gentle demeanor turned into a furious one.

He slammed the teacup on the table and said loudly, “Hmph, that unfilial son still has the face to come back! Hasnt he harmed our Zhengguo Court enough”

The man was really the ultimate jinx!

When he was born, he cursed his own mother, causing her to die of dystocia and hemorrhage.

After he was born, he began to curse Zhengguo Court, causing the court to decline day by day.

After he became the Defender-general of the state, he didnt help the Marquis Court and cut off all relations with Zhengguo Court.

He even asked the Emperor to suppress Zhengguo court.

The man was really infuriated.

In the past few years, Jiang Zhennan had been guarding the border.

Therefore, there was no one other than the servants and butler in the generals residence.

The Marquis Court very naturally took over the generals residence.

They squander everything that Jiang Zhennan had earned with his military achievements and merits.

But now, Jiang Zhennan had suddenly returned.

However, Jiang Zhennan had returned to the capital in secret, and he didnt bring his main troop with him.

Therefore, other than those who paid special attention to the generals residence, the ordinary people didnt know about the return of the war god general.

Jiang Yunfeng, Jiang Zhennans father, was extremely angry at Jiang Zhennans sudden return.

Wen Yujing, Jiang Zhennans stepmother, saw her husbands angry expression and gently advised, “Old Master, such is NanErs fate.

You cant blame him for it, right But,” Then, she continued with a worried expression, “Now WenEr and YeEr are still living at the general residence.

Will NanEr drive them out”

The Jiang Generals Residence had power and money.

YeEr and WenEr lived there as Masters.

They had good food and drinks and a large number of servants to command.

Their days were very comfortable and happy.

However, once Jiang Zhennan returned, that would be over.

Jiang Zhennan wouldnt allow Wen Yujings children to continue to occupy his home.

When Jiang Yunfeng heard that, he said sternly, “He wouldnt dare! Theyre his younger brother and sister, so its only natural for them to live in the generals residence.

If he dares to drive them out, Ill complain to the Majesty.

How can such a stingy person be our Defender-general of the state”

If Jiang Zhennan heard this, he would sneer.

Why was he appointed as the defender-general of the state

It was because of his battle merits over the past ten years.

At that moment, a pair of young man and woman barged in.

The man was about twenty-four or twenty-five years old, with a greasy face and a fan in his hand.

He had a refined appearance, but the dark yellow color of his eyes showed that he had overindulged in sex.

The woman looked to be only 13 or 14 years old.

She had a typical oval face, and her eyes were red and swollen from crying.

She wore a pink dress and had a few precious green jade hairpins on her head.

The girl covered her mouth and ran in.

As soon as she saw Wen Yujing, she immediately hugged her and cried loudly.

Wen Yujings heart ached.

“WenEr, whats wrong” she asked.

Jiang Yuye, who was following behind, said angrily, “that fiend chased my sister and me out! He even threw our stuff out!” Then, he turned to Jiang Yunfeng and said angrily, “father, how can I face my friends in the future if Im chased out by him like this”

When Jiang Yunfeng heard this, his face immediately became angry.

“How dare that unfilial son do this” He then consoled his son and daughter and said, “YeEr, Wenwen, Ill seek justice for you.

Go back and continue to stay in the generals residence.

Id like to see what this unfilial son can do to us.”

Wen Yujing and her two children looked at each other and smiled.

So what if that man was the defender-general of the state Before them, he was still a lowly slave that they could bully!


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