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“Shes a demon! Shes a demon that can control animals!” It was unknown who was the first to shout this.

All of a sudden, the noisy atmosphere became unusually quiet.

Other than the chirping of insects around them, there was only the sound of Little Whites heavy breathing.

The atmosphere was strange!

Everyone had different expressions on their faces.

Most of them looked at Lin Yuelan with fear and revulsion.

After all, a demon who could control animals was extremely terrifying.

If they offended Lin Yuelan, she could order the animals to attack or kill them.

Then… The consequences were unbearable.

Lin Yuelan said that she had died once and was sent back by the King of Hell.

She had also been bestowed with divine power.

The villagers were already suspicious and afraid then.

However, they didnt say much back then.

It was because Lin Yuelan had said, “The King of Hell gave me divine power so that I wont be bullied again.

If anyone dares to bully me, they will be killed by my divine power.

The King of Hell will be happy to take their souls.”

No one dared to bully her for quite a period of time.

Lin Yuelan, with the divine power, had already struck fear into the villagers hearts.

But now, she had the power to command the big white tiger.

This made the villagers even more frightened and uneasy.

The fear and unease they had started to boil.

When someone in the crowd shouted that Lin Yuelan was a demon, the pent-up frustration of the villagers burst.

Some believed that Lin Yuelan had been favored by the King of Hell, and she was only given the power to protect herself.

However, the number of such people was very small.

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The silence was a little stiff, but after a short while, it suddenly became noisy again.

Someone immediately shouted in fear,”Chase the demon out! Chase the demon out of the Lin family Village!”

“Burn that demon to death, burn her to death!”

The voices rose one after another.

This was deja vu.

Lin Yuelan was called a demon three days ago, and they also wanted to burn her to death.

But the voices were louder this time.

Lin Yiweis face darkened when he heard that.

He shouted sternly, “Shut up! All of you, be quiet!”

However, the crowds fear and excitement were too great.

Even though Lin Yiweis voice was loud, it was drowned out by the angry, panicked, and intense shouts.

Lin Yuelan stood in front of the crowd with a calm expression, her eyes taking in the ignorant and terrified crowd.

Her expression was indifferent as if she was not the demon in everyones mouth.

Honestly, Lin Yuelan had considered leaving Lin Family Village and going to other villages to be a farmer and a small landlord.

She wanted to buy land and start a business.

However, things would change that much.

As long as she had some land, she would definitely attract the envy of others.

The fact that she was the jinx of Lin Family Village would surface eventually.

Then, she would be driven away.

After all, she might not encounter a fair village chief like Lin Yiwei again.


In this era, the village chiefs had a lot of power.

In general, the sale of land and real estate in the countryside had to go through the village chiefs.

If the village chief were unwilling to help, you wouldnt get anything done, no matter how rich you were.

Plus, the village chief had a lot of power over a persons genealogy.

For example, a person from the countryside could make a name for himself.

However, his ancestry book was still in the hands of his village chief.

If the village chief removed his name from the ancestry book, the person would become rootless.

This was a punishable crime in Long Yan Country.

The government wouldnt hire him.

It didnt matter if he had enormous talents… unless, of course, he started his own ancestry line, which was impossible for an ordinary person to do.


Although Lin Yuelan had been removed from Lin Laosans family book, she was still a part of Lin Family Villages ancestry book.

Compared to going to another village, where she had no family background, it was better to stay in the Lin family Village.

At the very least, this was a familiar environment with familiar people.

Not to mention there were also the kind village chief and Lin Dawei.

Therefore, she had to resolve the problem at hand.

Her divine strength and little Whites appearance had frightened some people who had a guilty conscience.

Lin Qi was also furious when the shouts went up.

His anger was directed at Lin Yuelan.

He was so frightened by Little White that he fell to the ground, which damaged his prestige.

He must be angry from embarrassment.

He immediately supported the crowd.

He looked at Lin Yiwei and shouted, “Lin Yiwei, such a monster should be chased out of the Lin family Village before she brings disaster to the entire village!”

Lin Yiwei never thought that Lin Qi would be so unreasonable.

He frowned slightly.

“Uncle Qi, youre too biased.

Without evidence, how can you be sure that LanEr is a demon!”

Lin Qi was furious when Lin Yiwei rebutted him again for the jinx.

He roared in anger, “Who are you calling biased This jinx can command fierce beasts to harm people at her age.

What normal human can do that If that is not proof that she is a demon, then what is”

Lin Yiwei was in a difficult position.

He was the village chief.

Lin Yuelan was called a demon again.

The villagers used Little White as an example of her witchery this time.

Even if he wanted to help Lin Yuelan, he was a little powerless.

After all, it wasnt just one or two people who called her a demon.

While Lin Yiwei was in a dilemma, Lin Yuelan patted the quiet little white.

Then, little white raised its head and let out an earth-shaking roar.

Immediately after that, the roars of other animals could be heard from the other side of the mountain.

It was as if they were responding to Little White.

There were the roars of wolves and other tigers.

Suddenly, the crowd quieted down again.

Then, many people immediately turned pale with fright, and some timid people fell to the ground.

Their expressions were more frightened and ferocious than before, and they looked at Lin Yuelan with fear and dread.

They had never heard so many ferocious beastsroars at once in their entire lives.

Lin Yuelan did not say anything.

She just walked to the side of Lin Qi, who also looked a little frightened, and whispered to him, “Lin Qi, I saw your first wife in the King of Hells Palace.

Guess what she said to me”

Without waiting for Lin Qis reaction, she glared at the crowd and said in a stern voice, “Do you hear the roars coming from the mountain To tell you the truth, Little White is the King of All Beasts.

Its single roar can mobilize the whole mountain.

“If I am really a demon, do you know what I would have done”

The people in the village stared at Lin Yuelan with fear and doubt.

Lin Yuelan continued, “Ill kill you all and then let little white send his friends down the mountain to tear you into pieces and eat your bones.

I wont stand here quietly being slandered and insulted.

Dont you agree”



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