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As soon as Lin Yuelan said that, everyones face was filled with shock, regardless of whether they were frightened or not.

Lin Yuelan continued, “Ive said it before.

Ive been to the King of Hells Palace and was sent back by the King of Hell.

“Since Ive died once, Im not afraid of dying a second time.

In any case, the King of Hell will never take me in before I complete my destiny.

“I dont mind dying but do you”

Lin Yuelans every word was sharp! Her meaning was simple.

If the villagers still wanted to burn her to death, she didnt mind going on a massacre.

The crowd went silent.

Lin Yuelan paused for a moment, her sharp eyes scanning everyones expressions before she continued, “I have returned to the human world with the will of the King of Hell.

The King of Hell couldnt bear to see me being bullied at such a young age, so he gave me divine power, wisdom, and the ability to bond with animals.

Is it my fault that the King of Hell gave me these abilities

“All of you call me a demon.

But I ask.

Have I ever harmed, killed, or even eaten people I dont think so!

“You said Id bring tragedy to the whole village.

What a joke!

“I was the one who has been constantly bullied by you.

Every day, you scolded me, beat me up, and bully me.

Back then, I thought it was my fault because I was the Jinx.

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“However, I was enlightened by the King of Hell.

I thought that after I showed people how to make money, I could enrich the village with me.

Then Id prove Ill only jinx my husband and not anyone else.

“However, before I can do any of that, youve already decided that Im a demon.

This is funny!”

Lin Yuelans words were sharp, helpless, arrogant, crazy, and bloodthirsty.

In any case, she had no one to rely on in this world, so what was there for her to be afraid of

If the villagers really wanted to burn her to death, shed kill all of them.

If everyone in this world thought she was a demon, shed cleanse the world.

Shed rather live a lonely life than repeat a life in the apocalypse where she had to be cautious all the time.

In the apocalypse, the Awakened were everywhere.

Even with Little Green, she couldnt kill all of them.

But things were different here.

She was the only Awakened here.

She had the source of all life, Little Green.

Little Green could control nature and communicate with all animals and plants.

If she wanted, the world would be crushed with a thought.

However, she didnt want that.

She just wanted a peaceful life.

But if these people didnt want to give her that, she didnt mind creating a peaceful life for herself.

After all, her kindness and sympathy had long disappeared in the five years of fighting and the betrayal of that scumbag couple.

Lin Yuelans words reminded everyone.

How could they forget that Lin Yuelan was sent back from the King of Hells palace If she was really a demon, why would the King of Hell send her back

But why was this wretched girl so lucky

She was not only revived but also given divine power and wisdom.

Now, she could even command animals.

Could her jinx destiny be a special one Before she fulfilled her destiny, shed be given more powers to protect herself

The villagers widened their eyes and once again stared at the child in front of them in disbelief.

She was only half the height of an adult.

Her small face was serious and had a sharp expression.

She was not joking.

Everyones heart skipped a beat!

This child was too terrifying!

She wanted to tear the entire Lin family Village apart just because they wanted to burn her to death.


This was not the result they wanted.

It would be easier to explain if she was really a demon.

However, the villagers couldnt tell if this Lin Yuelan was still Lin Yuelan or not.

In any case, they now realized that no matter who this girl was, she couldnt be dealt with by a village mob asking her to be burned.

That was because she could command the ferocious animals to attack them and even tear them apart.

But Lin Yuelan wouldnt do that unprovoked.

Indeed, Lin Yuelan hadnt really done anything to harm the village.


Some of the villagers eyes brightened after they had figured it out, and their pale faces turned red.

Lin Yuelan looked at their changing expressions, and the corners of her mouth curved into a satisfied arc.

Suddenly, she laughed lightly and said, “Of course, as long as you allow me to stay in this village, I can guarantee that no wild beasts will come down the mountains to attack the villagers anymore.

What do you think”

To be fair, she wasnt asking for their opinion.

She merely wanted to make them feel they had gotten something in return.

Therefore, the villagers had to agree to it no matter what.

Therefore, the eyes of those who were afraid immediately lit up, and they nodded their heads vigorously.

After a while, the entire Lin family Village nodded in agreement, allowing Lin Yuelan to continue staying.

Of course, Lin Yuelan had done all the warnings she wanted to do.

Although her tone was light, one could still hear the sternness and strong warning in her tone.

She continued, “Of course, if someone tries to harm me and is killed by Little White, then you cant blame me.” She turned around, and her eyes swept the four thieves on the ground.

Then, she turned to look at the Lin family Villages most respected elder, whose wrinkled face was ashen.

“Dont you agree with me, Great-grandfather Qi” The small and tender voice was melodious and clear.

It was so moving.

However, to Lin Qi, this sounded like the devil.

What Lin Yuelan whispered in his ears made him tremble in fear.

There was an incident in which his first wife had gone missing many years ago.

It was deemed that she had died in the mountains.

However, he knew the truth.

Lin Qi had personally killed her.

He still had her bones buried underneath his house… which was how Little Green knew about it.


Therefore, Lin Yuelan was reminding him of the truth behind his wifes death.

If he continued to be stubborn, then his reputation would be ruined, and his integrity would be lost!

He also understood Lin Yuelans meaning.

What she wanted was nothing more than for him to personally punish these people.

However, he knew it was unsafe for the girl to have such a big weakness of his.

For now, he could only go along with this girls wishes.

Lin Qi immediately nodded in agreement, “Thats right.

The Lin family Village is a simple, honest, kind, and united village.

We will never abide by thievery.

These people have to be severely punished!”


Then, he stared sharply at the four people sitting in front of Lin Yuelans house and said in a serious and dignified manner, “Li Cuihua, Lin Daniu, Gu Sanniang, and Liu Liujiao, the four of them have come to steal.

The evidence is conclusive, and the amount of money they stole is huge.

They must be severely punished.

This matter should have been reported to the court.

“However, considering the impact it will have on the Lin family Village, I dont think its a good idea to send them there.

Instead, LanEr, Ill leave you to decide their fate.

Is that okay”


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