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Many people, including the village chief and Lin Dawei, were surprised by Lin Qis decision.

However, on second thought, the jinx had basically forced them to allow her to stay in Lin Family Village.

Plus, she had whispered something to his ears.

Lin Qi had to compromise as a highly respected elder of the village.

Therefore, when he said that he would punish these four people who had trespassed on Lin Yuelans house to steal things, it was not so shocking.

However, the shocking thing was he handed them over to Lin Yuelan to decide the punishment.

That was unlike Lin Qi.

Normally, Lin Qi would handle the punishments so that hed be able to display his dignity and reputation.

However, unexpectedly, Lin Qi allowed Lin Yuelan to decide the punishment this time.

The villagers were confused.

Although they didnt agree with her, they had nothing to say because that was what Lin Qi said.

This was the result Lin Yuelan wanted.

She had revealed more of her abilities for the villagers to confirm she was a demon even more.

But so what No matter if she was a demon or not, those people couldnt do anything to her, right

Even if they were afraid, terrified, and wanted to kill her if given a chance, what could they really do in their situation

With power, the entire world was her mobile surveillance camera.

As long as she wanted to, she could know everyones every move.

Therefore, she would never be surprised by an enemy ambush, and she would never forgive them.

She just wanted to live a carefree life of farming.

She didnt want to live a life where she had to be careful of her life every day.

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Since Lin Qi had given her the right to deal with the four, she would oblige.

She chuckled and said, “Since Great-grandfather Qi trusts me, I will definitely not let you down.

I will make these four people learn their lesson so that they will not dare to make the same mistake again!”

Lin Qi thought the girl would be polite and hand the power of the punishment back to him, but she accepted it just like that.

Although he was annoyed, he did not dare to say anything.

Before Lin Yuelan decided on the punishment, she paused for a moment as if to think.

Then she added, “Great-grandfather Qi doesnt want to bring this to the court, and I agree.

If this gets out and we have criminals in the village, well be looked down on by the other villages.

It would make Lin Family Village into a thief village.”

Many people glared at Lin Yuelan as if they were going to eat her alive.

Lin Qis turbid eyes burst out with a sharp light as if he wanted to cut Lin Yuelan into a thousand pieces.

Only a few of them twitched their lips and thought,Girl, is it really a good idea for you to disrespect Grandfather Qi like this

Plus, how could the girl speak so righteously now Who was the one who threatened the whole village earlier The jinx had changed into a different person after she was sent back from hell.

Lin Yuelan continued to speak, “Im born in the Lin Family Village, and I will continue to live in the Lin Family Village, so I will not let this place turn into a village of thieves.” Then, Lin Yuelans expression changed to become more serious and severe.

“But it doesnt mean that these few thieves will go unpunished.

Since we wont send them to the court, we can still punish them within the village.

“Since Im the victim and great-grandfather Qi has given me the right to deal with these people, I will come up with the perfect punishment to not disappoint Great-grandfather Qi.

Uncles and Aunties, dont you agree”

Lin Yuelans speech made so many peoples lips twitch.

She had painted a lot of rainbows and butterflies, but it didnt change the fact that they were doing this because they were threatened by her.

Lin Qis face darkened as he asked, “little girl, after saying so much, what kind of punishment do you plan to give them”

Lin Yuelan looked at the four people with a smile.

In the eyes of the thieves and some people, that smile was scary.

With an ambiguous smile, Lin Yuelan said, “Actually, my punishment is very simple.

If they return my belongings and compensate for the things they have damaged, they only need to stay on the mountain for one night.”

When the villagers heard her, everyones faces changed drastically.

Wasnt the punishment too harsh

This wasnt just a light punishment.

It was clearly a death sentence.

For ordinary people, staying on the mountain for one night was basically a death sentence.

Lin Yiwei frowned slightly to express his dissatisfaction when he heard the punishment.

He said sternly, “LanEr, isnt this punishment too harsh Spending one night up the mountain is no different from asking them to die there.

Not only will their family members be unhappy, but the entire village will also be unhappy.” After all, how many villagers would be willing to let a child decide the death of their neighbors so easily

Lin Qi snorted angrily, “Girl, and you said you wanted to get along with the villagers.

You dont even treat the villagers lives as something important.

Also, among these people, arent there your former grandmother and uncle too Arent you being too heartless” Lin Yuelan had Lin Qis weakness, but it didnt mean that he couldnt undermine her.


However, for Lin Yuelan, she would only respect the village chief and Lin Yiwei.

She treated the rest as farts.

Lin Yuelan shook her head at Lin Yiwei and said, “Grandpa village chief, I wasnt done yet.

What I want them to do is to stay on the mountain for one night but I will ensure their safety.

Why Because I will stay on the mountain with them!” She had more personal lessons she wanted to teach her former uncle and grandmother.

Lin Yiwei had to think about it after he heard that.

‘With the tiger at LanErs side, LanEr and these people will not be in danger.

These people also really need to be taught a lesson.

They are too embarrassing.

How could they even think about stealing from a child

Lin Yiwei nodded to show that he had no objections, but he was still a little worried, “LanEr, will it be too dangerous for you to stay on the mountain”

Lin Yuelan shook her head and said, “Grandpa Village Chief, dont worry.

Little white will protect me.

Ill be fine.”

For some of the villagers, they were certain that Lin Yuelan was a demon.

How else would she be safe in the mountain for a night

“No, Im not staying on the mountain! Village chief, Uncle Qi, I didnt steal her money.

I only took some new crockery.

I dont want to stay on the mountain!” When Gu Sanniang heard their punishment, her face immediately turned pale.

Going up the mountain even during the day meant losing their lives, much less staying overnight.

How could Lin Yuelan be so vicious to want them to die

Liu Liujiao also came to her senses and shook her head with a pale face.

“Village chief, I didnt steal any money.

I only stole those small bottles.

I really didnt steal any money.

The jinxs one hundred taels were definitely stolen by them.” She pointed at Li Cuihua and her son, shouting in anger and fear.

Lin Daniu fainted, but Li Cuihua did not.

She immediately reacted.

With a pale face, she shouted in anger and shock, “Who said Id stolen the jinxs money I couldnt even find a single copper coin.

And you wretched girl, you actually want to kill us Let me tell you.

Youre simply dreaming!”



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