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Chapter 113 - Bonus Chapter - Immortal World Team Building

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In the Grand Immortal Pavilion of the immortal world, the immortals were having a team-building event today.

All the immortals were divided into two groups. One group was on duty while the other joined the event.

They would take turns every day.

In the Immortal Peach Blossom Forest, in the midst of the auspicious clouds and misty clouds, four Green Jade Pools were connected.

The narrow stream in the middle flowed from upstream to downstream.

This was a flowing water feast.

On the curved narrow stream among the bamboo forests, lacquer bowls and jade cups floated past them.

All immortals could directly pick it up and drink it all in one gulp while talking about the world, singing and writing poems.

"Yu Dong, is it really free to drink and eat with this ticket today"

"This wave is free" 

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All the immortals were now being led astray by Su Yu, who had studied in modern times.

Yu Dong, the immortal shopkeeper of the seven-story pagoda, and his immortal companion, Zhu Ying, teleported to the immortal who had doubts when they heard this question.

One held his abacus with a smile and the other gently held her pocket chessboard.

"Yes, Immortal Lan He.

Today's food and drinks will be reimbursed by the Grand Immortal Pavilion.

You don't have to pay."

Yu Dong held up the exquisite nine-pillar jade abacus in his hand and showed it to them.

His counting beads were engraved with the words 'Today's all-you-can-eat'.

"If you have an odd number of spring tickets, that's for today.

If you have an even number, it's for tomorrow."

Immortal Lan He was overjoyed.

"Hahaha, that's really not easy.

Someone said that it's all you can eat I usually go to the seven-story tower and they are all limited."

"Yes," Immortal Tian Xiao was also very pleasantly surprised.

"If you go late on weekdays, there will be nothing."

Zhu Ying smiled.

"Don't worry, today we have a lot of everything."

After she said this, the first wave of floating wooden bowls came on the narrow stream.

Appetizing sour plum soup, happy water, milk green boba, white pear wine, cherry wine...

Zhu Ying's chess board also flew out to play with the immortals while eating.

Lu Yizhou and Qian Qingqiu were playing the qin and a celestial melody sounded in the forest.

The sour plum soup in glazed cups flowing through the water was placed in a wide-mouthed wooden mug with ice cubes.

The clear cup was also covered with a circle of crystal sugar pieces, shining under the golden light.

The agate soup in the cup was like precious jade.

When it was shaken, the sugar crystal on the cup's mouth reflected the light.

The sky rooster official, Ting Xiao, leaned over and picked up one of the cups, then he burst into poetry, raised his head and cried loudly.

He leaned backwards, holding the glass cup, and took a sip.

The icy sourness, without any astringency, lubricated his throat.

His lips were stained with sweet crystals from the side of the cup, making the bangs on his forehead tremble endlessly.


At first, he took a few mouthfuls and swallowed it slowly.

In the end, he raised his head and drank it all in one gulp, feeling even more hungry.

There were also several small stalls beside the flowing stream.

Taoist Mu was frantically letting the wind blow through the cotton candy cart, shaking out wisps of cloud-like candy.

Silky and sweet.

Light pink and tender yellow, like a delicate spring day, cute and lovely.

When he met an immortal passing by, he immediately raised a stick and let it fly into the immortal's hands along with the small windmill.

Next door, Hong Yun, the former master of talismans, was holding a small silver spoon.

He was making life-like mortal world's sugar paintings and presenting them to immortals.

"Come on and draw it like a big rooster~" Tian Xiao was really interested.

"Hey, Tian Xiao, will you not eat any snacks made from chicken later"

Immortal Lan He rubbed his hands together.

"Don't waste it.

If it flows through the water later, just give it to me."

The sky rooster, Ting Xiao: ""

"It's okay.

I heard that there are no chickens today." The sky rooster, Ting Xiao, smiled.

"I am only one thousand years old.

Not your opponent~"

Immortal Lan He snorted.

Yu Dong held his abacus, smiled, and said, "Today, the immortals are teamed up based on the preferences of your previous life.

Today, there are no chickens and no pigs.

Tomorrow's menu will change.

There will be no cattle or sheep."

"If you want to try it, Immortal Lan He can come back tomorrow.

But tomorrow, it will be at your own expense.

The price is 1,999 immortal stones.

You can eat and drink as much as you want to."

"Would you like me to place an order for you now and reserve the best seat for tomorrow"

Immortal Lan He: "..."

He knew that the seven-story pagoda's scheming was deep.

Didn't miss any opportunity to strip away the salaries of immortals.

"This team building for more than 100 immortals is already at a preferential price.

In the future, a single-person price will start from 3,999." Yu Dong smiled with his peach blossom eyes.

"...Then I'll come tomorrow." The sky rooster, Ting Xiao, raised his hand.

Lan He: "!"

"As long as I don't eat chicken.

Chicken is so cheap." Ting Xiao chuckled.

"Just eat something expensive."

Lan He immediately put down the 'cheap' bubble happy water in his hand.

Yu Dong's eyes shuddered.

The cost incurred by the seven-story tower would rise today.

The guests gradually mastered the skills of eating the buffet.

"It's okay."

Su Yu was on the upper reaches of the flowing water stream, cooking the second wave of feast dishes.

"We are doing serious business."

With the assistance of the five spirits, the smoke from the kitchen on the fairy pond continued.

For fortune, pan-fried garlic ribs.

For good luck and long life, bean sprouts fried rice noodles.

For eternal happiness, candied dates stuffed with glutinous rice.


A series of delicacies and snacks floated down along the fairy stream.

The edge of the jade bowl flashed with silver-colored seal characters. 

"These golden boards are all over the place.

Could it be that this is the one that Fairy Su has been burning for the Heavenly Monarch behind closed doors"


"Hey, don't you know Fairy Su went to the mortal world to study.

The generals said, the men over there kneel on the washboard and kneel on the keyboard..."

"What is a keyboard"

"It's even more ruthless than a washboard."


Immediately, the immortals faced the 'golden board' left behind on the flowing water and their eyes looked at each other complicatedly.

By coincidence, one immortal reached out and took one.

Fairy Su was worthy of being Fairy Su.

She also gave such a sharp weapon such a beautiful name.

The amount of delicacy in each jade bowl was not much.

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For example, this golden washboard garlic rib bone was only two fingers wide.

There was diced garlic on top, deep-fried until golden brown, covering the surface of the whole ribs.

Sure enough, it shimmered with golden light and it looked gorgeous.

Fairy Su really gave the Heavenly Monarch different treatment, full of pomp!


"Fairy Su often wins in the details.

The Heavenly Monarch...

Hey, I'm really convinced."

"Is this really something we can eat without spending money" 

The immortals looked at each other.

But soon, they started.

The joy of team building was only known today.

The sky rooster official, Ting Xiao, took a pair of jade chopsticks and picked up a shiny golden garlic rib.

Looking at the graceful arcs on both sides of the narrow bone, he swallowed.

"My lord, I'm sorry."


All the immortals bowed their heads and sighed as if they were holding some kind of ceremony.

"Eat one piece to let us keep in mind the sacrifice of the Heavenly Monarch and I will never regret it."

"Don't be stubborn.

Otherwise, it will be bad for your knees~"

Hang Wan'er, who was passing by with her Five Immortal Ropes and cleaning up the empty dishes and bowls: ""

Yu Dong, who introduced this dish and planned to open the future market: ""

'Diners have their own opinions!'

Ting Xiao started to eat.

As soon as the garlic rib approached him, he could smell the extreme fragrance tempered by the mellow firepower.

Garlic and meat had always been inseparable, especially when it was crispy and connected to a piece of bone.

In some spots, the fragrant bone was attached to a lump of thin meat.

When turned around between the teeth and torn down, even the bone was full of delicious fat fragrance and the rich taste of fried garlic.

In between the bone and meat, the sauce flavor popped up slightly from the deep layer.

The crispy, tender and mellow taste was doubled, which produced its own unique and fun taste.

After eating, he spit the bone out and a golden board fell between the jade bowls with a click.

There were several boards stacked side by side, high and low.

Putting it under the knee was especially painful.

All the immortals bowed their heads in unison.

"After today, I am afraid that the Heavenly Monarch will have washboards for a hundred years."

"Enough to lay the whole floor on the nine-story tower." 

The immortals trembled and wiped the corners of their mouths.

They didn't eat it~

"The Heavenly Monarch didn't come today Fortunately, fortunately."


Hang Wan’er's eyes were dizzy when she heard this.

She couldn't help turning her head to ask her master who was eating cotton candy secretly.

After thinking for a moment, Taoist Mu said solemnly, "Don't ask your senior brother.

What if it's true" 

Hang Wan'er: "!"

"Then, should these gold plates be recycled"



They were heard.

When the Heavenly Monarch Xiao finished dealing with the affairs of the immortal world and came to this immortal pond, he heard these ridiculous words.

The two towers of 'golden boards' were already standing tall.

He looked at Fairy Su, who had just left the stove and was resting in the bamboo forest furthest downstream.

She was trembling slightly, covering her forehead and couldn't stop laughing.

Her gauze dress was soaked with sweat from cooking.

The cabernet flowers at the front of her clothes rolled down like dewdrops, making her figure become more and more vivid.

He lowered his eyes, which couldn't help but deepen.

"Heaven and earth conscience.

I have never cooked this dish for you—" Su Yu smiled, but her words were swallowed by him the next moment.

Her peach cheeks were flushed like a blazing fire.

His fingers were scalding hot while they rubbed the five-petal lotus leaf on her forehead and wiped the sweat from her temples.

Then they went down along her slender neck.

"Is this my birthday gift this year"

His darkened eyes dropped.

He looked at Fairy Su, who was in his arms, while taking out a slender 'gold finger'.

Su Yu blinked.

"Well, grilled crab claws."

"Very good." 

He dexterously reached out and untied the straps of her robe.

The next moment, she had difficulty breathing.

Like a boat on the sea, she was jostled up and down in the wind and waves.

The wall of the boat was about to be shattered.


His hot sweat dripped onto her forehead and ran down her cheeks.

"I got it wrong - it's not this gift...


"It's too late."

Master Su regretted it too much.

Her breathing shattered.


On the second day of the team-building feast, the Heavenly Monarch Xiao solemnly attended and shared the joy of the flowing water banquet with all the immortals.

"Why does the Heavenly Monarch especially like to eat crabs today"

"Crab stuffed with oranges, drunken crab, roasted claws"

The Heavenly Monarch put down his wine cup and grinned at Fairy Su, who came to listen to the opinions of the fairies on the meal.

"Because of the smell...

it's very beautiful."

Fairy Su's cheeks were flushed.

But she quickly raised her head and puffed her chest in high spirits.

She looked into his black eyes without fear.

Next time, Master Su would take revenge!

When he went home on the same day, Heavenly Monarch Xiao of the nine-story tower was still safe and sound.

But Yu Dong saw four pieces of golden plates in his bedroom.


"Don't be impulsive.

Let's talk about it! It's already a mortal thing for me to hide private money."


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