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Chapter 87: His eyeballs were about to fall out from surprise.

It wasn’t that he didn’t believe it; he just thought the answer was a bit unexpected.

Lu Yuanfan stayed in the apartment for about three days until he finally turned on his phone.

His agent was about to blow up his phone with calls.

As soon as his agent noticed that he had turned on his phone, she called again, “Yuanfan, why haven’t you turned on your phone You didn’t answer when I knocked on the door either.

Don’t worry too much, you will definitely find your biological parents soon……”

His agent talked non-stop, and Lu Yuanfan didn’t even have a chance to speak.

When the agent finally paused, he said slowly, “I don’t want to go to the company for the time being.

Help me ask for a month’s leave.”


His agent paused for a long time and said, “Alright, pay attention to your own safety.

Don’t worry too much about things.

It would be bad if he did something stupid.

Lu Yuanfan hung up the phone.

He sat in a daze for a while again, and then logged into his Weibo.

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Elzz, kv eked’v alyzzu nswdv, cwv zsnyvkdt rlsrzl oyp sdl sq vblka xykd cwpkdlpplp.

Lu Yuanfan stared at that sentence for a long time before searching for it online and asking some of his secretive friends in the entertainment industry.

Some of his friends had really heard the name of this company.


He was relieved that it wasn’t a scam.

Lu Yuanfan contacted Tan Hai, the person in charge.

The two of them didn’t say much on the phone; they just confirmed each other and the various clues that had been known so far.

Tan Hai asked, “Mr.

Lu, is that all”

Lu Yuanfan hesitated for a while, then said, “There is another clue, churches in the north abroad.

This clue made Tan Hai a little confused, but he still wrote it down.

The next day, the two met at a discreet place.

Tan Hai naturally knew Lu Yuanfan.

In fact, anyone who had browsed Weibo for a while would know what he looked like and the current situation well.

Although Tan Hai was a hard-hearted person, he couldn’t help but sigh when he saw the news.

But since Lu Yuanfan came to the door as a customer, he would not refuse this business.

It was just a trip abroad anyway.

Tan Hai handed over the documents calmly, “Mr.

Lu, these are the two plans we have prepared.

Which one do you choose”

After receiving his consultation, he quickly organized people to make a plan.


This business was the easiest way to start his company’s reputation in the country!

At present, there were no clues about Lu Yuanfan’s biological parents on the Internet.

As long as he found them first, he could make a reputation for himself throughout the entire country, and the business would come like snowflakes.

Although they have had many businesses now, they were still considered small when compared to other companies in the country.

However, he still asked: “Mr.

Lu, are you sure this clue about a church in the north abroad is true Is the source reliable “

Why did he think it sounded a little strange

Lu Yuanfan’s eyes shifted, “I asked a master to calculate it.

It should be right.”

Hearing this, Tan Hai was immediately taken aback.

His employer didn’t feel that something was wrong, and he couldn’t just veto him.

Otherwise, it would be embarrassing for his employer.

Lu Yuanfan was probably deceived by a swindler.

He actually took this nonsense clue seriously…

After thinking about it, Tan Hai decided to take this as a secondary clue.

Lu Yuanfan had already read the document, looked up, and said, “Mr.

Tan, follow the first plan.”

Tan Hai nodded, “Okay.”


The first plan was to go to a church in Russia and let those people know about it through various publicity methods, so it will also be promoted on Russian websites.

Then it would attract the real target.

There were many churches in Russia, with the most famous being the Moscow Cathedral.

But this was based on the fact that this clue was true.

Tan Hai didn’t mention it again.

He just took back the document, “Then Mr.

Lu, we will leave the day after tomorrow.”

He had never believed in such metaphysical abilities, so he was not too worried about this clue. 

Anyway, the focus was to find something useful on the most popular Russian websites.

Lu Yuanfan nodded, “Okay.”

It wasn’t like he didn’t see that Tan Hai wanted to say something.

He just didn’t want to say it out loud.

Although he felt that Shen Yuanye was too abrupt, he still faintly believed her words.

Shen Yuanye had figured out his real name before, and also knew that he was not the biological son of his so-called parents.

These two things were enough for him to trust her.

Naturally, if Lu Yuanfan explained it to him, he probably wouldn’t believe it either.

Before leaving, Tan Hai couldn’t help but say, “Mr.

Lu, it’s better to believe in science instead of fortune-telling.”

“I know,” Lu Yuanfan said.


Seeing him like this, Tan Hai didn’t say anything else and left.

Anyway, someone had given him money, so he would do it.

Lu Yuanfan had the money for him, so he sent him whatever he thought.

Whether this clue was useful or not depended on what happened later on.


Lu Yuanfan was the employer, so Tan Hai would not go against his ideas.

Two days later, he took his team to Russia, and in addition to that, there was one person who stayed behind to check the websites.

Standing at the entrance of the cathedral, Tan Hai was wearing a down jacket and thought to himself that Lu Yuanfan had really been tricked by some fortune teller.

Whether it was Orthodox or Catholic, there were churches anyway.

There were many people coming and going, and there was an endless stream.

With so many people coming to worship, how could it be possible to find someone

But even so, Tan Hai didn’t say it.

According to the existing clues, he provided the leaders of each church with an English document.

For such a small matter, it was considered a virtue and a good deed, and the other party didn’t have a hard time with them.

There was a connection between different cathedrals.

In the morning, the church here said they could help.

Tan Hai breathed a sigh of relief.

In addition to the fact that the Russian website had the most users, if Lu Yuanfan’s biological parents were still alive, they would definitely be able to see the news on the Internet.

But, things really exceeded his expectations.

On the third day, someone provided clues.

Tan Hai’s eyes almost fell when he saw a couple standing in front of him.

He couldn’t believe it.

Did they actually come out of the church

Who was that master fortune teller He, Tan Hai, must ask the other party to tell his fortune 

when he returned to see if his company could be prosperous.

Domestic concerns about this matter had actually been extinguished.

Every piece of news was like a burst of fire, and after a while, it would go out.

After the large discussion, only a small number of netizens remembered that incident.

Shen Yuanye didn’t know about Lu Yuanfan’s actions and didn’t care about them anymore.

She was an outsider, and providing that kind of information was enough.

Not to mention, Lu Yuanfan’s Weibo couldn’t predict his parents’ location, so it would be a waste of time for her to bother.

Liu Li also told her a long time ago: “You asked me what happened to him before.

I really didn’t expect it to be like this.

But the two of you are just a cooperative relationship; you don’t need to keep in touch too often unless you want to befriend him.

Shen Yuanye immediately thought back to Lu Yuanfan’s strangeness from before, “Sister Li, you think too much.”

Liu Li was not surprised by this: “How do I think too much He is good-looking and has such a pitiful background.

I’m sure you will overflow with sympathy.

It was not that there had not been such a situation in the entertainment industry before.

In the end, the results of the two people were not very good, so she had to remind Shen Yuanye.

In fact, she hoped that her artists could find someone outside the industry to marry.

It was because many couples, when one was inside the industry and one outside, all had happy endings.

Shen Yuanye didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Sister Li, you really think too much.”

Liu Li reminded her again before hanging up.

Over the weekend, Lu Yuanfan invited her out.

Shen Yuanye pondered it for a while and decided to go.

Seeing that Lu Yuanfan had been sitting there silently, she knew that he probably hadn’t found his biological parents.

She felt regretful.

When Cheng Feiqiong told her about the church clue, she also thought it was unbelievable.

But after thinking about it carefully and following his calculations, it was really this case.

If they still couldn’t find someone, then she couldn’t help it.

“Sister Yuanye,” Lu Yuanfan said with a smile.

In the past few days, he’d also figured it out a bit.

At worst, it was to live the same life as before, and there was no change.

He raised his glass and said, “Sister Yuanye, thank you for what you told me before.”

Lu Yuanfan drank the contents all in one gulp.

In any case, it was she who reminded him; otherwise, he might not have discovered such a situation, nor would he have known the truth behind it.

As for the church’s clue, whether it would be successful or not, was another matter.

Shen Yuanye said, “You wanted to…”

Before she finished speaking, Lu Yuanfan’s cell phone rang suddenly.

Shen Yuanye nodded, “Take it.”

Lu Yuanfan saw the word Tan Hai on the screen and clicked to connect.

Tan Hai’s voice came from the phone: “Mr.


Lu Yuanfan heard the news that he was coming back to China yesterday.

He also heard that he hadn’t found anything.

He felt disappointed for a long time, but he didn’t think much about it.

Tan Hai’s speech was very fast for fear of being slow: “Mr.

Lu, where are you now I’m already in China.

If possible, I hope to meet you as soon as possible, preferably now!”

Lu Yuanfan frowned and glanced at Shen Yuanye who was sitting opposite.

He whispered, “Mr.

Tan, I have something to do now.

Can you wait until tomorrow I already know the result.

You can take a day off.”

Of course, Tan Hai didn’t want to.

He quickly said, “Where are you I’ll head over.

This matter is very important.

I have to tell you personally.”

Seeing him in such a hurry, Lu Yuanfan reported the location.

Anyway, it would take him about forty or fifty minutes to get here from the airport, and by then, 

Shen Yuanye would probably have left.

It was just that Lu Yuanfan hadn’t expected Tan Hai to arrive in less than 20 minutes.

Moreover, there were two people behind him.


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