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Pharmacy Clerk:  …


Came to the pharmacy to sell medicine, seriously


“I’m sorry, we have a special drug supplier.” The pharmacy clerk refused coldly and politely.


“I’m not selling those finished drugs.” Meng Changjin didn’t flinch because of the pharmacy clerk’s tactful refusal.

She would have said the same thing if she were in the same position.


Moreover, she held wild mountain ginseng of about one hundred years in her hand, something that could not be found.

Meng Changjin said straight to the point, “You may not be able to make the decision.

It is better to call your boss.

You can tell your boss I want to sell wild mountain ginseng.”


The pharmacy clerk was not angry after listening to Meng Changjin’s flat tone.


The clerk really couldn’t do this kind of thing.

The pharmacy occasionally accepted some herbal medicine, so the clerk nodded and ran to the cashier’s desk to call the boss on the landline.


Meng Changjin didn’t follow him, and the pharmacy clerk over there said something.

When the person returned, he politely took Meng Changjin, Da Niu, and Er Niu into the pharmacy’s meeting room.

He poured hot water for them.

After which, he explained with a smile.

“Our boss will be here soon.

Please rest here and wait for a while.”


Meng Changjin nodded, not caring about the waiting time.


After the pharmacy clerk left to work, Meng Changjin was mentally projecting the price negotiation.


The wild ginseng in her hand definitely belonged to the kind that had a price but was not available, so the price could not be sold too low later.


In addition, the main thing was if they had fate.

If she and the pharmacy owner could meet eye to eye later, she was willing to sell it at a lower price.


To say soon, it was pretty, really soon.

Meng Changjin only drank two sips of water from the disposable paper cup, and a middle-aged man hurried over.


“Sorry, sorry for making you wait for a long time.

I’m the pharmacy’s owner, and my name is Li Xiaohua.” Li Xiaohua, the pharmacy’s owner, hurriedly spoke as soon as he came over.


Meng Changjin stood and bowed at the other party.

“Hello, Boss Li.

My surname is Zheng.”


“I’m a straightforward person.

I heard that Miss Zheng wants to sell wild ginseng, right I don’t know how old it is.

How about the integrity” Li Xiaohua said with an apparent eagerness.


Meng Changjin’s eyes narrowed slightly.

If the other party was in a hurry, then the possibility of her selling the item at a high price was higher.


Therefore, Meng Changjin spoke calmly and introduced her thing.

The year should be around a hundred years, and the integrity, don’t worry, not a single something is broken.”


After all, she was also a rogue cultivator with a good talent for refining medicine.

Although she was not as good as an alchemist, it was not difficult for her to dig up ginseng, a job that required patience and care.

Not to mention that she used her divine sense to assist her.


Therefore, the ginseng was very complete, and it was really the kind that had not broken a single part.


“Hundred, hundred years” Li Xiaohua was shocked.

He expected it to be wild ginseng for more than ten years, but he didn’t expect Miss Zheng to say it was about a hundred years.


“That’s right.

It should be in the 1990s to the 1000s.

I don’t know the specifics.” Meng Changjin said.


“Well, can you let me take a look” Li Xiaohua was thinking about something but didn’t speak in a hurry.

He was ready to take a look and then talk about it.


He could confirm if it was wild ginseng, and then he would find someone to judge the year carefully.


After all, the price varied depending on the year.


He was so excited when he heard that someone came to sell ginseng in his store because Li Xiaohua had a special use for this ginseng, so he rushed over there in a hurry.


“Of course.” Meng Changjin nodded.

She took out the ginseng wrapped in an old cloth from the basket at her feet, put it on the table, and slowly lifted the fabric.


Li Xiaohua couldn’t help but twitch the corners of his mouth when Meng Changjin reached into the basket.

Although he was unsure whether it was wild or ginseng, would it be too casual to just casually wrap it in a long cloth and throw it in the basket


Not knowing his mental activity, Meng Changjin calmly lifted the old cloth, and the whole ginseng was exposed to the air.


Even the stem and leaves had not been removed yet, and it looked a bit wan as if it had just been dug out of the earth.


The stems and leaves were still there, making identification easier.


This was indeed ginseng or rare wild ginseng.


“Miss Zheng, because the price varies with the year, I would like to ask someone who can identify the year to take a look.

Is it okay” Li Xiaohua looked at Meng Changjin and asked for her opinion.


Of course, Meng Changjin had no problem.

It was normal to look at this kind of thing from someone he trusted.


“No problem, but we must take the bus home in the afternoon.

Will it be in time


When she came, she spent 40 yuan by bus, and now she only had 110 yuan on her body.

After removing the 40 yuan for the return trip, she would only have 70 yuan left.


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