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“Do you want to go to school, Da Niu”

This sentence rang again and again in Da Niu’s mind.

Da Niu’s shining eyes looked at Meng Changjin, who was looking at her quietly at that moment, waiting for her answer.

Did she want to go to school

Yes, she wanted to go to school, even in her dreams!

Da Niu was also very envious of the girls in the village carrying small school bags.

Da Niu’s current age did not know the truth that knowledge could change fate.

She just wanted to go to school.

Although she had never gone to school, she had an inexplicable desire.

Now her mother was asking her if she wanted to go to school.

If she wanted to, would her mother send her to school

Meng Changjin was not in a hurry.

In fact, the reason why she asked this was just to ask.

Whether Da Niu wanted to or not, Meng Changjin was ready to send her to school.

Reading was not the only way out for a person.

You would have more choices if you learned more and increased your knowledge.

Now that she had taken Da Niu and Er Niu, Meng Changjin could do her best to give them more options in the future instead of just working, marrying, and having children.

Meng Changjin felt that Da Niu was still young, so she might not understand what this question represented.

She did not want a definite answer, but Da Niu spoke up.

With a hint of hope in her expression, she didn’t say whether she wanted to go to school or not but first asked Meng Changjin a question.

“If Da Niu wants to, will my mother let me go to school”

Meng Changjin was slightly shocked by Da Niu’s question, but she quickly reacted.

She smiled and said, “Of course.”

Da Niu also smiled.

“I want to go to school.

I want to study.”

Meng Changjin raised her hand and rubbed Da Niu’s head slightly.

She nodded, “Da Niu wants to go to school, then go to school.

It’s too late this year, so I’ll send you to school next year.”

It had been nearly a month since the new grade started this year, and Da Niu could not catch up with the progress at this time.

On top of that, the most important thing was that she had not yet been registered.

The Hao family didn’t pay attention to the two girls, Da Niu and Er Niu.

They would not send them to school, so they were not in a hurry to apply for household registration.

This made Da Niu and Er Niu technically two unregistered residents.

“Mom, I also want to go to school, and I want to study too.” On the other side of Meng Changjin, Er Niu raised her small hand, expressing that she also wanted to go to school.

“Okay, Er Niu also will go to school.” Meng Changjin raised her hand and brushed Er Niu’s hair with a smile on her face.

“Okay, Er Niu can also go to school.” Er Niu jumped up and down happily.

“If you go to school, you must take a formal personal name.

If you follow me, then follow my surname.

What name should you choose” Meng Changjin began to activate her brain cells.

Hearing Meng Changjin’s words, Da Niu and Er Niu opened their round eyes and didn’t know what to say.

Their mother meant to give them names.

Other children in the village had names and wanted them too, but they were still too young.

They were just children and didn’t know how for such a big event as having names.

Before Meng Changjin thought of a proper name, Xiao Si laughed.


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