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While trying to figure out various ways to untie him, Meng Changjin took Da Niu and Er Niu on a leisurely stroll along the village path.


Although it was already afternoon, the sun was still a bit bright.


“Go under the tree.” Meng Changjin said, seeing Da Niu and Er Niu not caring about sunbathing in the sun.


The two little girls were hardly raised to be white and would soon be tanned back if they ignored sun protection.


Whitening was not easy, but tanning was too easy.


“Oh.” When Da Niu and Er Niu heard Meng Changjin, they didn’t run wild in the sun anymore and obediently walked to the shade of the trees.


After going around the village, Meng Changjin led Da Niu and Er Niu back.


It was impossible to live with the Hao family after the divorce, so Meng Changjin thought about buying a piece of land in the village to build a house.


But after going around, there was more than enough suitable land.

Meng Changjin considered the circumstances, so she dismissed the idea.


If she lived well in the village, it was hard to guarantee that Hao Jianye wouldn’t come to the door and play tricks on her.


People could come to get beaten, but it was too troublesome.


She did not want to waste too much time on him.


Another issue was Da Niu and Er Niu’s schooling.


According to the client’s memory, an elementary school in the neighborhood took ten minutes to walk to.


However, the teachers were not good enough in a small school.

She was now a person with more than 200,000 yuan in savings, so she could change to a school with better teachers.


Da Niu and Er Niu naturally did not know Meng Changjin’s thoughts.


When the three returned, Hao Jianye was no longer in the same corner.


But the old lady was sitting in the courtyard, her face full of tears, and there was a kitchen knife and a bit of blood on the ground.


Meng Changjin’s temples popped, quite surprised.


But when she thought about it, she understood what had happened.


When she tied the knot, it was challenging to untie.


Maybe it couldn’t be untied, so the knife cut the rope.

But the rope was too tight.

When the rope was cut, it was expected to accidentally cut a slit or something.


Looking at the old lady sitting on the ground with tears on her face, Meng Changjin felt that she was pitiful and pathetic.


This time Hao Jianye came out from inside the room.

He still looked not very sober, and his eyes were red.


When he saw Meng Changjin, he spoke viciously.

“If you want a divorce, I agree.

If you want to take Da Niu and Er Niu away, it’s up to you.

Anyway, they are all worthless goods, so you should leave now.

Do not dare to take away anything from the house.”


After Hao Jianye finished this paragraph, the golden words appeared again before Meng Changjin, showing that the long-cherished wish of the client had been completed.


Meng Changjin could leave the mission world now or stay until the client’s body died a natural death.


Meng Changjin did not hesitate to choose to stay.


This world was full of exciting things, and she naturally couldn’t let go.


Besides, if she left now, what about Da Niu and Er Niu


Since she decided to take them away with her, there was no reason to give up halfway.


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