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Guo Bing stood there, doing nothing.

Suddenly, one of them rolled her eyes at him while the other glared at him.

Then, they walked away.

What had he done wrong

When Jiang Zhennan stepped into the house, he was a little stunned.

This house was very small, but it was very clean and tidy.

Moreover, everything in the house looked brand new.

It was completely different from the dilapidated appearance outside.

Jiang Zhennan didnt think much about it.

He turned his head and saw Lin Yuelan in the small kitchen.

She was opening a rice jar with a large wooden basin beside it.

She was taking out the rice grain to cook for them.

Only then did she realize that this child was going to cook.

Jiang Zhennan placed the saber he had been holding on the table.

He walked over.

“Miss YueEr, do you need any help”

However, when he saw the rice in the basin, he frowned and said, “Miss YueEr, we cant eat so much!” This wasnt a meal for six people.

It was a meal for at least fifteen people.

After Lin Yuelan was done gathering the rice grains, she covered the rice jar.

She walked toward the sink and said, “This is not just for the five of you!” Without further explanation, she scooped up some water and started washing the rice.

After a while, she pointed to a corner and said, “There, help me prepare some vegetables!”

Prepare some vegetables Jiang Zhennan turned his head and looked at the pile of vegetables in the corner.

They were not the vegetables that they usually ate, such as cabbages.

They were more like common weeds picked on the roadside.

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Jiang Zhennan pointed at the vegetables with some doubt and said, “YueEr, arent these weeds Can they be eaten”

“What wild weeds” Lin Yuelan knew that they were actually edible wild vegetables.

“This is a wild vegetable called Bucktooth.

Its very delicious.

You people are really uncultured!”

Although buckteeth could be seen everywhere in the village, the villagers treated them as weeds and plucked them to feed pigs, cows, and chickens.

They never considered using them as human food.

Although Lin Yuelan had grown up in the city, her grandmother was from the countryside.

Every time she went to her grandmothers house, her grandmother would serve her wild vegetables and game she had not eaten before.

Bucktooth was one of the wild vegetables her grandmother made.

After her grandmother passed away, she never got the chance to taste them anymore.

She tried buying them from the market, but the taste was just not the same.

Later, after her grandmother passed away, she had never eaten these things again.

Even when she occasionally bought them in the market, they didnt taste like this.

When she transmigrated here, the host had nothing.

She could hunt in the mountains every day, but she needed a balanced diet.

The host didnt grow any crops, and there was no question of getting food from the other villagers.

Even if Lin Yuelan was willing to buy vegetables from them, they wouldnt sell them to her.

Therefore, she had to pick the wild vegetables in the mountains.

Jiang Zhennan asked in confusion, “Can … Can wild vegetables be eaten”

Lin Yuelan rolled her eyes and said, “Dont worry.

They wont kill you.

Wait.” Lin Yuelan suddenly thought, “masked uncle, do you know even know how to prepare the vegetables”

Jiang Zhennans pale face behind his mask turned red.

Then, he no longer had the fierce look of a general.

The stammering man said with some uncertainty, “Maybe … Maybe!”

He was disliked by his biological father since he was a child.

He was ridiculed and despised.

In order to survive, he had done a lot of work, such as carrying large bags on the dock, carrying heavy objects, and so on.

However, he had not done light work like picking and preparing vegetables before.

Lin Yuelan, “…” Maybe

Lin Yuelan said, “Masked uncle, are you kidding me Just say yes or no.

What is the meaning of maybe” As she said this, Lin Yuelan had already deftly placed the rice into the pot and started steaming it.

Then, she walked to the corner and picked up the whole crop of vegetables.

She placed them on a bamboo basket and handed it to Jiang Zhennan, “Masked uncle, since you know how to prepare the wild vegetables, then Ill have to trouble you!”

‘Well see where your stubbornness gets you~

Jiang Zhennan was a grown man, but at that moment, he felt like a child with his hand in the cookie jar.

He took the bamboo basket helplessly and then watched Lin Yuelan walk out.


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