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Lin Yuelan left the house.

Then, she returned with a wild rabbit and a few large eggs.

When she returned, she saw the War God squatting down and staring at the wild vegetables in a daze.

Lin Yuelan found it funny and said, “masked uncle, why havent you started preparing the vegetables yet”

Jiang Zhennan stood up immediately and said a little shyly, “YueEr, you didnt tell me how to prepare the vegetables, so I…”

Lin Yuelan burst out laughing, “haha, masked uncle, youre so cute! Haha.”

No one could imagine that the War God would be defeated by wild vegetables.

While Lin Yuelan was laughing, she noted that Jiang Zhennans head went lower and lower.

She realized that she had gone too far.

She coughed twice and handed the rabbit to Jiang Zhennan.

“Here, you can handle this rabbit, right Ill prepare the vegetables.”

“Yes, I know how to prepare a rabbit!” Jiang Zhennan quickly took the rabbit from Lin Yuelans hands.

However, he frowned again when he looked around the small hut.

Lin Yuelan said, “Go east from here for another 1000 feet, and youll find a small stream!” This was the War God, so she didnt need to worry about him running into troubles at night.

For soldiers, the time of day didnt matter that much anyway.

Jiang Zhennan took the rabbit and left.

Lin Yuelan looked at the figure and shook her head with a smile.

“Its so late at night.

I hope he wont be mistaken for a ghost.”

Lin Yuelan took her apron from the wall and tied it around her waist.

Then, she began to prepare the vegetables.

She planned to have a scrambled egg with Bucktooth and a braised rabbit.

That would be all for tonights meal.

While Lin Yuelan was busy cooking, Guo Bing was not idle either.

They were going to sleep out in the courtyard that night, so of course, they had to prepare too.

They searched high and low, but they couldnt find a single wooden board.

They only found a pile of dry grass in the bamboo warehouse.

It seemed like that was all they had for that night.

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However, there were many mosquitoes on summer nights.

“Hey, boss, where are you going Whats that youre carrying” Guo Bing, who was pulling grass in the yard, immediately called out when he saw Jiang Zhennan, “Hey, isnt that a wild rabbit Its quite fat too!”

They hadnt eaten meat for a long time because they were being hunted.

They didnt expect to have meat on the first night they were at Lin Yuelans place.

It was really awesome.

Jiang Zhennan lifted the rabbit that was still kicking.

He said coldly, “Ill go prepare this rabbit.”

Guo Bing could see the roast rabbit before his eyes.

He drooled and said, “boss, go quickly.

Oh, no, you should rest.

Let me deal with this rabbit.” He had almost forgotten that their boss injuries were more serious than theirs, and he was even poisoned.

How did his boss look completely fine now Could it be that Lin Yuelan had given the boss a miraculous pill No, even a miraculous pill wouldnt have such a fast effect, right

Guo Bing was getting more intrigued by the medicine Lin Yuelan gave them.

He wondered how much miracle stuff Lin Yuelan had.

If she were to sell them, she could easily get rich.

Her pills could bring people back to life.

They were really precious.

The recipe would be even more valuable!

However, why would Lin Yuelan be so capable Plus, if she was so capable, why was she hiding in this small mountain village If she joined the battlefield, she could easily turn the battle around with the help of fierce animals like Little White.

‘Perhaps I can convince Boss to recruit Lin Yuelan to join us on the battlefield.

The soldiers eyesight was not affected by the daylight.

They were trained to see in the dark.

Therefore, Jiang Zhennan could clearly see Guo Bings expression.

In name, he and Guo Bing were superior and subordinate, but in fact, they had been brothers and good friends who had fought side by side for many years.

He knew him very well.

He could guess what Guo Bing was thinking from his expression.

Jiang Zhennan immediately said sternly, “Guo Bing, dont even think about dragging her into our issue! Otherwise, more heads will fall to the ground!” He didnt explain to Guo Bing his promise to Lin Yuelan, but he didnt want his brother to have crazy thoughts.

Guo Bing was stunned.

But when he finally reacted, his forehead was covered in a cold sweat.

Why would he think about something like that

If Lin Yuelan wanted to be a soldier, she would have left with them two months ago.

She wouldnt have stayed in this village.

She had stated many times that saving them was huge trouble for her.

Obviously, she understood the situation in the capital and the power struggle.

However, she preferred to live in a small mountain village as a normal person.

She didnt want to be involved in the worlds affairs!

Based on what Jiang Zhennan said, Guo Bing realized that his boss had perhaps made some kind of agreement with Lin Yuelan when the rest of them was unconscious.

Guo Bing immediately restrained his expression and said very seriously, “Boss, dont worry.

Lin Yuelan is our friend and savior.

We will never bite the hand that feeds us! Yes, we cant even remember what had happened in the mountain anymore!” He gave Jiang Zhennan his promise that he wouldnt expose anything about Lin Yuelan.

In the kitchen, Lin Yuelans fierce aura had completely disappeared.

If Guo Bing really forced her to join them on the battlefield because they needed her power, she would kill him immediately! Thankfully, she didnt need to do that.

Guo Bing didnt know that he had just survived a brush with death.


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