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Guo Bing and the others were unfamiliar with this place.

Lin Yuelans hut was far from town, and it was not market day.

They had gone up the mountain yesterday to bring back some meat and wild vegetables.

They didnt need to do the same thing again.

So they were bored.

It just so happened that Lin Yuelan found a large grape forest in the back mountain not too long ago.

The sweet and sour grapes were a favorite among the villagers.

However, the grapes grew in the back mountain.

Although the back mountain was not as dangerous as Da Ao Mountain, it would take the villagers half a day to travel to the back mountain.

Plus, ripened grapes were not easy to store.

They would rot after two or three days.

Therefore, many villagers would not spend the effort to pick those grapes unless they wanted to harvest them to sell.

However, not many people would spend money to purchase wild grapes.

After all, they could go and harvest the grapes themselves.

In their eyes, it wasnt easy to earn a copper coin, so they wouldnt even think about spending money to buy these wild fruits.

As a result, the grapes in the back mountain ended up rotten on the ground.

Lin Yuelan planned to harvest them.

Apart from planting them in her space, she also wanted to make wine out of them.

“Grapes” Little three was confused.

“What are grapes, miss Lin Is it delicious”

In his eyes, as long as it was made by Lin Yuelan, it would definitely be delicious.

Lin Yuelan patted her head.

She forgot that grapes were not called grapes here.

The green ones were called green crystal fruits, and the purple ones were called purple crystal fruits.

Lin Yuelan said, “its the purple crystal fruit and the green crystal fruit.”

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“Hmm Then why would Miss Lin call them grapes” Little three asked again.

‘This one needs Grapes for Beginners.

Lin Yuelan shrugged, “How would I know I know they are called grapes.” She was not a horticulturist, so she didnt know the background of every plant and fruit.

Lin Yuelan smiled at Little Three and said, “If you really want to know, go and buy Grapes for Beginners.”

Jiang Zhennan was confused.

‘What exactly is this for Beginners series Why is it that Miss Lin would tell them to buy this series whenever they had a question.

Jiang Zhennan stepped forward and asked in confusion, “miss YueEr, what is this x for Beginners Why do you always tell us to buy them”

All of them looked at Lin Yuelan with curiosity.

‘Perfect, another one. Lin Yuelan chuckled and said, “Just contemplate it on your own.” Then she walked into the house, leaving the five to look at each other.

In the end, little twelve touched the back of his head and said, “first lieutenant, youre the smartest.

Can you tell me what is this x for beginners”

Everyones eyes were fixed on Guo Bing again.

Guo Bing also wanted to shout, “who knows” However, Guo Bing held his chin with one hand and pretended to be deep in thought.

Then, he gave an answer, “Its actually very simple.

Were all beginners, so we need to buy these for beginners series.”

The others felt like beating Guo Bing when they heard him.

They didnt need this literal explanation.

At that moment, the sharp eyes under the mask were slightly lowered as if they were in deep thought.

After a while, Lin Yuelan took out a few baskets from the woodshed and told them, “here, take them all.

Lets go pick grapes now.”

The few men who were freeloading had to carry a basket on their backs each.

Even Jiang Zhennan was no exception.

The only one who didnt need to do that was Lin Yuelan.

Lin Yuelan was quite sluggish.

Even though the back mountain was not as far as Da Ao Mount, she still called Little White over to carry her there.


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