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Seeing little white again, Guo Bing and the others had a deep respect, admiration, and sympathy.

Little white, the poor king of beasts, became a humans mount! It came at Lin Yuelans beck and call.

Looking at the big white tiger with its snowy white fur and majestic appearance, Guo Bings heart was a little itchy.


He wanted to ride it.

However, he knew that this big white tiger was an animal that was even more difficult to approach than Liefeng.

Therefore, he could only take a roundabout route to achieve his goal.

When Guo Bing saw miss Lin riding on little Whites back, he went forward.

Then, he asked curiously, “miss Lin, I would like to ask, how did you and little white meet”

As he spoke, he reached out his right hand, trying to stroke little Whites fur.

However, Little White was not willing.

It was the king of beasts, not some pet.

“Roar!” Just as Guo Bing was about to approach, little white suddenly turned its head and roared at Guo Bing, its hot breath blowing on Guo Bings face.

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Guo Bing was so frightened that he immediately put down his hand.

Then, he said in a flattering manner, “Lord Little White, dont be angry.

I was just curious and wanted to touch your fur.

Your coat is so beautiful…”

Before Guo Bing could finish, Little White roared again as if in a warning.

Seeing little white, who had been so gentle and kind to Lin Yuelan, suddenly become so fierce, Guo Bing was startled and staggered back a few steps.

He could not help but feel aggrieved as he looked up to the sky and cried internally.

‘Little White, do you have to scare me like this I just wanted to touch you, not eat you.

Why are you suddenly so fierce to me So many people are watching.

Youre making me lose face! But Guo Bing said outwardly, “Lord Little White, dont be angry.

Its just that youre too pretty.

I just want a quick touch…”

However, before Guo Bing could finish his words, little white roared at him again.

Guo Bing was confused.

Little White would roar at him whenever he said it was beautiful.

Then with everyone looking shocked, Guo Bing knelt down and looked at Little Whites underside.

Little White was a male tiger!

No wonder it didnt like to be called pretty.

‘How is Little White so smart Guo Bing was confused.

But he quickly stood up to apologize, “young master Bai, I really didnt mean to say that youre beau… Please dont be angry, okay”

This time, little white finally didnt roar at him, but it rolled its eyes at Guo Bing instead.

Guo Being felt the shame of being despised again.

“Brother Bing, did Little White just roll its eyes at you” Little Six looked at the Little White and Guo Bing.

In order to not expose their identity, they stopped calling Guo Bing first lieutenant but Brother Bing.

However, they still referred to Jiang Zhennan as their boss.

Jiang Zhennan was the oldest among them, so calling him the boss would not arouse any suspicion.

Guo Bing almost vomited blood.

However, he would never admit that he was once again looked down on by a tiger.

Hed become a laughing stock if this got out.

Guo Bing said to Little Six in a bad mood, “you must be seeing things!”

“But, brother Bing,” little twelve said very honestly, “I also saw Little White roll its eyes at you.”

Guo Bing simply wanted to take something to seal little twelves mouth.

He also said to Little twelve angrily, “youre seeing things too!”

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“Hmm But I saw it too.” Little three echoed.

“Am I also seeing things”

Guo Bing felt like losing his temper.

His brothers would only be there to drag him down.

They only knew how to undermine him.

Lin Yuelan, who was sitting on Little Whites back, found this funny.


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