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Lin Yuelan didnt expect that her secret had already been exposed the first time she met Jiang Zhennan.

Lin Yuelans expression instantly became colder and fiercer.

Her eyes shot at Jiang Zhennan as if warning him that he could disappear from the world in the next second!

Jiang Zhennan stared at Lin Yuelan with a serious and calm face.

There was no fear on his scarred face.

His sharp eyes were sincere and loyal.

It was as if he were not the person whose life was threatened.

The shadows of a man and a woman, one big and one small, one tall and one low, were surrounded by lush green leaves.

Under the quiet shade of the trees, there was a slight breeze blowing.

The scene was quite harmonious.

After an unknown amount of time, Lin Yuelans eyes were no longer as cold.

She let go of Jiang Zhennan.

However, Jiang Zhennans expression remained the same.

He was still as sincere as before.

Lin Yuelan smiled at Jiang Zhennan and said, “masked uncle, Ill let you off this time since youre so honest.

However,” Her tone changed, “If I find out you have any ill intentions, I will not hesitate to kill you.

Ill reap your life just like how I dealt with those assassins.

You should know that Im capable of doing that!”

This was a severe warning!

Was Jiang Zhennan nervous

In fact, he was very nervous.

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However, he wasnt nervous about being killed.

He was nervous because Lin Yuelan didnt believe him!

He knew that he had stumbled across Lin Yuelans big secret.

As mentioned earlier, only the dead would not reveal any secrets!

Jiang Zhennan said very seriously, “Miss YueEr, I, Jiang Zhennan, swear on my life.

If you want my life, you can take it anytime! After all, my life was saved by Miss YueEr.

Ill only be returning it to you! I have no complaints!”

They didnt know each other for more than a year, but Lin Yuelan did get to understand Jiang Zhennans character after spending some time together.

He was a cold, loyal, trustworthy man who loved his subordinates and valued relationships.

Lin Yuelan didnt think he would sell her out.

Therefore, if she killed him, it would feel like claiming the life of an innocent.

She wouldnt be able to live with that.

However, if he showed any signs of betrayal in the future, she would dispatch him quickly.

Subconsciously, Lin Yuelan also didnt want to kill Jiang Zhennan.

If this were someone else other than Jiang Zhennan who discovered her secret, they would have died already!

When Lin Yuelan saw Jiang Zhennan, she thought of the bits and pieces of their interactions in the past few days.

Jiang Zhennans protectiveness of her, Jiang Zhennans concern for her, and Jiang Zhennans gentleness towards her.

Because of all these, she could not kill him.

She decided to trust Jiang Zhennan this time!

If Jiang Zhennan really betrayed her one day for the sake of power and fame, then she would destroy everything he had.

She would make sure he falls from the highest peak to the deepest hell.

This was her special treatment for Jiang Zhennan.

Then again, it was strange that only Jiang Zhennan was able to discover Lin Yuelans secret.

The others would have been discovered instantly.

Perhaps fate had a hand to play in this!

Jiang Zhennan had no idea how much thought went through Lin Yuelans mind, but if she really did kill him, he would have no complaints.

He wouldnt have struggled.

But if Lin Yuelan chose to let him go, he would be grateful too.

After all, there was no safer way to keep a secret than to kill everyone who knew about it.

In the end, Lin Yuelan really did let him go.

Jiang Zhennan said in a serious tone, “Miss YueEr, Im very grateful for your mercy.

I, Jiang Zhennan, will never forget your great kindness.

If Miss YueEr needs anything from me, even if its my life, Ill hand it over to you!”



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