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Lin Yuelan and little twelve came to the door of Jinyun Ge and saw the sign “the shop is closed for renovation” hanging on the door.

The waiter, Xiao Li, and Li Huaisheng were directing the renovation workers.

When they saw Lin Yuelan, they immediately went up and called out, “Miss Lin!”

Lin Yuelan nodded and stepped into the shop.

She looked around and said, “Uncle Li, whats the progress now”

Manager Li replied honestly, “It has already reached 60%.”

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “Not bad!”

He knew that Lin Yuelan must have come there for a reason, so he made a hand gesture and told her, “Miss Lin, please come in.” It was inconvenient to discuss matters outside, so they entered the inner room.

In the inner room, Xiao Li went out after serving tea to Lin Yuelan, little twelve, and Manager Li.

He still needed to supervise the matters outside.

Lin Yuelan also told little twelve to leave.

After all, they were going to talk about business.

Although Lin Yuelan wasnt guarded against little twelve and the others, she didnt want Manager Lin to be uncomfortable.

Little Twelve and the others knew about Lin Yuelans business ventures, like her cooperation with Jinyun Ge and Yuelai Inn.

Lin Yuelan would expand further.

She also didnt want them to know too much.

Their identities might be a problem because of it.

After little twelve and Xiao Li left, Manager Li immediately reported respectfully, “boss, weve invited three sewing masters and three embroidery ladies.

Weve also received a new batch of high-quality cloth!”

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “Uncle Li, you did well!” Lin Yuelan took out a few pieces of white paper from her backpack.

She opened them, and they were clothing designs.

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She handed them to Manager Li.

“Uncle Li, these are the clothes Ive designed.

There are mens and womens clothes.

Get the tailors and embroiderers to make these first.”

Manager Li took the drawings from Lin Yuelan and was stunned.

He had not seen such a clothing design before.

The neckline, the pattern, and the others were all unique and pretty.

Manager Lis hands trembled as he held the designs.

He held them carefully and nervously as if he was afraid that they would disappear if he were not careful.

Manager Lis excitement was self-evident.

He asked in an intense voice, “Miss Lin, may I ask which master designed these”

Lin Yuelan looked at manager Li with a faint smile and asked, “Uncle Li, what do you think”

Manager Li understood everything.

Lin Yuelan was the designer.

Manager Li suddenly felt touched.

He could see the return to glory for Jinyun Ge because it now had a very smart, talented, and capable master.

Manager Li felt that selling Jinyun Ge to Lin Yuelan was the right choice.

Manager Li wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes and shouted excitedly, “Good, good, this is great!”

After that, he carefully put away the designs and placed them in a brocade box.

Lin Yuelan suddenly asked, “how are the characters of the three tailors and the three embroiderers”

When she recruited people, the first consideration was their character, followed by skill!

Manager Li immediately grasped Lin Yuelans meaning.

Lin Yuelan wanted to know if these people would betray Jinyun Ge.

After all, the tailors and embroiders would see the designs before the public.

If they stole the designs and sold them to someone else, it would be a big problem.

“Boss, dont worry.

These three tailors and three embroiderers didnt submit even if they were threatened by Xiangyun Ge.

Moreover, they are very tight-lipped.”

These six people were single, and without burden, so they couldnt be threatened by Xiangyun Ge.

Lin Yuelan trusted Manager Li, so she didnt plan to meet the three tailors and the three embroiderers.

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If these people did a good job, had good character, and were upright, Jinyun Ge would take good care of them.

Lin Yuelan said, “Uncle Li, tell them that as long as they work for Jinyun Ge wholeheartedly, Jinyun Ge will give them a normal salary and arrange for them to enjoy a good retirement after they turn 55 years old.



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