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But this time…

Manager Li stroked his half-long black beard and said mysteriously, “youll know in the future.

But for now, you must do your job well, understand”

“I know, shopkeeper!” The five of them said in unison.

This job was like a gift falling from the sky.

They only needed to work eight hours a day, and every five days, they would have two days of rest.

They would also be given uniforms, accommodation, and commission for the things they sell.

There were also bonuses and other various other generous benefits.

They were chosen by Manager Li from many people.

They would definitely do their jobs well.

If something went wrong and someone else took over their job, they would cry.

Manager Li was very pleased with his subordinates reactions.

He placed his hands behind his back and walked out of the door with light steps.

Although the shop hadnt opened yet, because of the good publicity, the door was already surrounded by a circle of people.

Li Huaisheng had been running the Jinyun Pavilion in Ning An town for more than 30 years, and he was a good person.

Basically, everyone knew Li Huaisheng.

Previously, because of the underhanded methods used by his opponent, and the fact that his wife was sick, his business had gotten worse.

A month ago, when the neighbors heard that Li Huaishengs shop would be renovated and reopened, they were first puzzled and then curious.

They heard that Li Huaisheng was going to sell his shop, so how did it become a reopening

Based on Lin Yuelans suggestion, Li Huaisheng had the male employees make a few wooden signs.

They walked from one end of the street to another while beating gongs and drums.

They shouted loudly, “Jinyun Pavilion will officially reopen for business on the 8th of this month.

At that time, all new and old customers are invited to come!”

Soon, in this small town, from the seventy or eighty-year-old elderly to the three-year-old little kids, everyone knew that manager Li Huaishengs Jinyun Pavilion was going to reopen for business.

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The person who was most unhappy was the rival from Xiangyun Pavilion.

They had used so many underhanded means and almost cut off all of Jinyun Pavilions business channels.

They heard that Li Huaisheng was about to sell his shop.

Jin Yun Pavilion would disappear, and Xiangyun Pavilion would be the only clothing shop in Ning An town.

At that time, he could monopolize the market and raise the price.

He would have increased profits.

He was going to count the money until his hands were cramped.

However, he had never expected that in the blink of an eye, Jinyun Pavilion would make a big turn and reopen for business.

Moreover, the commotion was so great that almost everyone knew about it.

No one had done anything like this before.

The manager of Xiangyun Pavilion wanted to go and see the new Jinyun Pavilion for him.

‘Im a customer, so he cant chase me away, Xiangyun Pavilions manager, Zhang Sheng, thought to himself.

As soon as Li Huaisheng came out, some acquaintances immediately went up to congratulate him.

“Congratulations, manager li!”

“Thank you! Please take a look when you enter the shop later!”

“Congratulations, congratulations, manager Li.”

“Thank you, thank you!”

After Li Huaisheng thanked his neighbors and friends, he turned his head again and looked at the plaque on the door that was covered by a red cloth.

He couldnt help but nod and smile.

But then he looked at the sky and estimated the time.

He looked at the crowd and didnt see Lin Yuelan.

He was a little worried.

According to the time, Lin Yuelan should have already arrived.

Could it be that she was really delayed by something

Today was the opening of Lin Yuelans first shop, so she definitely had to attend the reopening.

However, when she saw the man behind her, Lin Yuelan felt a headache coming on and gently rubbed her forehead.

Jiang Zhennan had already taken off his mask, but the white bandage on half of his head looked quite scary.

Lin Yuelan didnt want him to go to town at first, but Jiang Zhennan was like a child who was throwing a tantrum.

He seemed to be particularly stubborn and persistent about this matter, and he insisted on going with her.


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