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She stretched out her hand and looked at it.

She suddenly cried out in panic.


Her scream quickly woke up her sleeping daughter, Ying Zi.

Before Ying Zi could even put on her clothes, she ran to her mothers room and asked anxiously, “whats wrong, mother”

Gu Sanniang said anxiously, “YingEr, whats wrong with my butt Why is it so itchy And its even bleeding! Can you see”

There were no mirrors in ancient times.

Even if there were, they would be bronze mirrors, and those bronze mirrors could only be bought by rich people.

Therefore, Gu Sanniang could not see behind her.

But when Ying Zi saw her mothers butt, she was so scared that her face immediately turned white.

She staggered a few steps and accidentally hit the corner of the table behind her.

Then, she fell to the ground.

Her eyes were wide open and filled with disbelief.

Gu Sanniangs back was facing Yingzi.

Hearing the commotion behind her, she turned around and saw her daughter on the ground.

She immediately asked with concern, “YingEr, whats wrong Why did you fall” She hurried over to help her daughter.

However, Ying Zi seemed to be really frightened.

She immediately shouted at her mother, “dont come over!”

Gu Sanniang was stunned and also frightened.

“Daughter, whats wrong with you” she asked in fear.

However, Ying Zi did not answer her.

She got up from the ground and ran out of the door in a panic.

Gu Sanniang could not stop her in time.

She could only shout, “Ying Zi, whats wrong with you” Her face was also filled with unconcealable worry and anxiety.

She wanted to chase after Ying Zi, but the moment she reached the door, she felt a chill on her legs and realized that she was not wearing any pants.

She hurriedly put on her pants and ran out to look for her daughter.

When Ying Zi saw the boils on her mothers butt, which were bleeding from the scratches, she was so disgusted that she wanted to vomit.

Immediately, she became frightened and uneasy.

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‘Why are the sores growing on mothers butt Shouldnt they afflict uncle and aunt Does this mean I have the sores on my butt too

When that thought entered her mind, she instantly felt an intense itch on her butt.

She really wanted to scratch it.

However, she stopped herself when she remembered the pus on her mothers butt.

She ran away in a panic.

When Gu Sanniang came out, she saw her daughter standing by the river.

She thought that her daughter wanted to jump into the river.

She shouted, “Ying Zi, what are you doing here Please dont leave mother behind, okay”

In fact, Ying Zi wanted to go to the river to see if there were any sores on her butt.

When she felt an itch on her butt yesterday, she had secretly taken off her pants to check.

She didnt see anything abnormal, which made her heave a sigh of relief.

But the next day, when she came out of her bedroom and saw her mothers butt…

“Daughter, whats wrong with you Whats so bad that you want to jump into the river” Gu Sanniang cried as she held onto Yingzi, afraid that she would really jump into the river if she let go.

“Daughter, if something happens to you, how am I going to live”

Gu Sanniangs loud voice quickly attracted the attention of other passing villagers.

When they heard that Ying Zi was about to jump into the river, they were shocked.

They quickly came over to see what was going on and tried to persuade Ying Zi.

Ying Zi saw more and more villagers gathering.

Her face turned green.

Her expression became twisted and ferocious.

She secretly hated her mother for calling so much attention to them.

Then, she quickly changed her expression and returned to the normal, obedient Ying Zi.

She explained to her mother, “mother, what are you saying Im just looking at my reflection in the river to see if Ive gained weight recently.

Mother, youre making a big fuss over nothing.

Look, youve alarmed all the uncles and aunts.

” After saying this, she immediately turned to the villagers and said with a smile, “thank you, uncles and aunties.

Im fine.

Please go back.”

Seeing how calm Ying Zi was, everyone nodded and left.

After all, it was the busy farming season, and they didnt have the time to stay and watch the show.

After everyone had left, Ying Zis expression changed immediately.

“Lets go home!” She said.

Gu Sanniang saw her daughters face change and immediately followed behind.

As soon as they got home, Ying Zi immediately closed the door tightly, afraid that someone would break in.

Seeing her daughter so serious, Gu Sanniang knew that something was afoot.

“Ying Zi, whats wrong” Gu Sanniang asked carefully.

Ying Zi looked at her mother and bit her lip.

Then, she said in embarrassment, “mother, maybe … Maybe … Maybe we have sores on our butts!”

“What” Gu Sanniang immediately cried out.


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