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When Jiang Zhennan came back, he was holding a stone in his hand.

The stone was green in color, and it was glowing green under the sun.

Jiang Zhennan knocked on the door of Lin Yiweis house again.

Although the village chiefs family was anxious and nervous, no one said anything other than Lin Mingliangs wife at the beginning.

Soon, they heard the knocking on their courtyard door.

Lin Mingliang said, “Father, Ill go out and see who it is.”

Lin Yiwei nodded.

As soon as Lin Mingliang opened the courtyard door, he was blinded by an eye-catching green light.

After squinting slightly, he saw Jiang Zhennan standing outside.

He was a little surprised and asked, “Young master Nan, whats the matter”

Jiang Zhennan stretched out his hand and showed it to Lin Mingliang.

He said, “Miss YueEr left this at home.

I was afraid that Miss YueEr would need it, so I quickly brought it over.”

Lin Mingliang looked at the green glow from the stone.

It was similar to the green light they had seen in the room just now, and he secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

This meant that LanEr didnt use any demonic magic earlier.

It could be explained logically.

However, when he studied the thing in Jiang Zhennans hand, he was surprised that he did not recognize it.

He asked, “Young master Jiang, what is this”

Jiang Zhennan said, “this is an emerald stone, a kind of heating stone.

Miss YueEr said that the stones are very good to help with Mingqings recovery.

There were two of them, but one is missing.”

Lin Mingliang immediately understood.

He hurriedly let Jiang Zhennan in and said, “Young master Nan, please come in first!”

After Jiang Zhennan came in, he and Lin Mingliang immediately rushed to Lin Mingqings room.

Jiang Zhennan did not know what the situation was like inside, but he said very seriously to Lin Yuelan, “Miss YueEr, you left a piece of emerald at home.

Im here to bring it to you.”

Lin Yuelan had almost done treating Lin Mingqing.

When she heard Jiang Zhennan, she was stunned.

However, when she remembered the emerald and its color, she immediately reacted.

She looked at Little Green.

‘Little Green probably has made too much commotion by releasing his light. It made the people outside suspicious.

Therefore, Jiang Zhennan quickly found the emerald for her, which gave a reasonable explanation for the strange phenomenon in the room.

Lin Mingqing was conscious from the beginning to the end.

After Little Green left his body, he felt quite comfortable.

He also heard Jiang Zhennan.

He replied, “LanEr, the effect of the emerald stones is very good.

Its very warm.

But didnt you say you have brought two pieces Why is there only one in the room”

Lin Yuelan was stunned for a moment, but she quickly smiled and said, “Thank you for reminding me, Uncle Mingqing!” Lin Mingqing was helping her cover up the origin of the green light in the room too.

Lin Yuelan opened the door and took the Emerald stone from Jiang Zhennans hand.

Then, she said to Jiang Zhennan, “thank you, big brother Nan, but I need big brother Nan to come in and help me with something.” Then she turned to Lin Yiweis family, “Uncle Mingqings treatment is going well, but its not the right time for you to come in and visit.

Please wait a moment.”

Lin Yiweil nodded and said, “alright.”

After Jiang Zhennan came in, Lin Yuelan closed the door again.

However, when Jiang Zhennan entered the room and saw Little Green standing on Lin Mingqings bed, his pupils suddenly shrank, especially when he saw that Lin Mingqing was awake.

When Little Green saw Jiang Zhennan coming in, he said in a friendly and happy tone, “masked uncle, its great that youre here!”

He slithered up to Jiang Zhennans shoulder and stood there.

In a childish voice, he said, “sigh, I havent been able to talk to any friends for a long time.

You have no idea how lonely I was!”

Lin Yuelan walked over, feeling amused.

She stood on her tiptoes and patted Little Greens sprout.

“You cheeky little thing!”

When Jiang Zhennan first saw little green, he found it unbelievable, and he was even a little fearful.

After all, Little Green was not a human, but he could move, walk, and speak.

But after spending some time together, Jiang Zhennan thought Little Green was very cute.


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