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“These fields belong to Zhou Pings family in the past.

However, because his son liked to gamble, he sold all these fields.

Its a pity that his familys five mu of land are all good fields.

If I had known that the rice in this field could grow so well, I would have gathered the money to buy it no matter what.

its just that these fields were bought by the lin family villages jinx.” When he said this, he was obviously sour.

“Me too.

I would have gritted my teeth and gathered the money to buy these fields.” If the fields were good, the harvest would be good.

The money spent would definitely be returned.

These people were jealous when they saw the good quality of the rice seedlings and the dense blooming of the flowers.

When they found out about the harvest of these fields, the family who regretted not buying them was even more regretful.

Of course, no matter how much they regretted it, these fields already belonged to Lin Yuelan.

The people who were talking among themselves saw Lin Yuelan and a handsome and strong man coming over from a distance, so they immediately dispersed.

Some went back to work in their own fields, while others watched from a distance with curiosity.

When Jiang Zhennan walked closer and saw the rice seedlings that were growing well, he was so surprised that he almost jumped up in joy.

What the farmers cared about were the strength of their village and the harvest.

As the defender-general of the state at the long banquet, he only cared about the stability of the peoples lives.

However, only when the people could eat well could the country be rich and strong!

On Jiang Zhennans cold face, there was a hint of a smile of joy.

he asked in excitement and disbelief, “Miss YueEr, are these really the rice seedlings that we have grown ”

Looking at these thick stems, the flowers must be blooming well, so they would definitely bear many fruits.

While Jiang Zhennan was pleasantly surprised that his crops were growing well, he glanced at the crops of the other families.

Although they were also growing well, they could not be compared to his own crops at all.

The others had few flowers.

With such a comparison, Jiang Zhennan had even more faith in Lin Yuelans planting techniques.

Lin Yuelan walked over and looked at the water in the field.

It was only covered with soil, and the soil was directly exposed in slightly higher places.

The rice was in full bloom now, and they needed sufficient water and sunlight.

This little bit of water was obviously not enough to nurture these crops.

Lin Yuelan immediately ordered, “Masked uncle, go and bring in some water.

Although Jiang Zhennan had been away for half a month, he had been working in the fields before this.

Therefore, he knew exactly where the drain was.

After Jiang Zhennan left, Lin Yuelan stopped.

Under the cover of the rice seedlings, the spiritual water flowed from her fingertips in all directions.

Of course, Lin Yuelan didnt put much spirit water in it.

it was only a small cup.

It was enough to cover an entire mu of land, allowing every single stalk of rice seedling to absorb it fully.

After one mu had been given the spirit water, Lin Yuelan moved on to the next.

after a while, five Mu of spirit water had been put in.

After a moment, she squinted her eyes and saw the crops bow to her in unison as if they were thanking her.

However, only Lin Yuelan could see this subtle change.

As for Jiang Zhennan, he followed Lin Yuelans instructions and opened up a gap in the fields to let the water flow in.

then, he couldnt suppress his excitement and walked around every field, looking around.

Very quickly, he discovered that he actually didnt see a single dying or yellow rice seedling.

Every one of them was full of energy, and each of them had a flower that was about to bloom.

Looking at the fields of crops, only their familys crops were growing the best.

Then, he quickly walked toward Lin Yuelan and pointed at the crops with an expression of disbelief.

He stammered excitedly, “Miss YueEr, can … can these crops really produce a harvest of seven stones per mu”

From his observations and comparisons, he came to a conclusion.

Lin Yuelan looked at the seedlings that were growing better than she had expected and thought to herself, “seven stones is still too little.

It should be at least eight stones! ”

The difference between one stone was like heaven and earth.

In order to get a harvest of one stone more, these farmers also put in a lot of effort and blood.

Lin Yuelan nodded in agreement, “Looking at the growth, it should be able to reach seven stones per mu! ”

When Jiang Zhennan heard Lin Yuelans affirmative answer, he had an idea in his heart, and his expression gradually calmed down.

If the Longyan kingdom followed Lin Yuelans method of growing crops, even if the harvest increased by one stone per mu, how many stones of grain would there be in the thousands of mu of land

It was as if Jiang Zhennan could see the future citizens of the Longyan kingdom, full of food and warm clothes, no beggars begging, no starving citizens, and everyone was peaceful and happy!

It was just that Jiang Zhennans thinking was too simple.

He didnt think about the darkness and corruption of the government.

When the harvest was better, the official would take a higher tax.

However, all of this had nothing to do with Jiang Zhennan.

But, it was also related to him.

this was because it was related to Lin Yuelan.

Lin Yuelan was just an ordinary farmer, so she had to pay taxes as well.

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