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“Three years equal to 36 months.

With ten copper coins a month, that is a total of 360 copper coins.

For six to nine years old, itll be twenty copper coins a month, and that is a total of 720 copper coins.

“So in total, when I was a servant, my salary would be 360 copper coins plus 720 copper coins.

Thats a total of 1,080 copper coins.

After taking away the 572 copper coins for my nine years of raising expenses, there were still 508 copper coins left.

“In that case, your Lin family still owes me a total of 508 copper coins.

“Forget the change and give me 500 copper coins.

So Elder Lin, when are you going to give me the money”

Lin Yuelan did another round of calculations, causing these uneducated villagers to be confused.

However, they understood one thing.

The girl did not owe the Lin family money.

Instead, it was Lin Laosans family who owed her 508 copper coins.

Some people exclaimed in their hearts, what exactly is going on

However, at the same time, they were even more puzzled.

When did this jinx become so good at math Was it another gift from the King of Hell Did he provide her with knowledge

Even Lin Daniu, who thought himself to be shrewd, was ensnared by Lin Yuelans series of calculations.

Lin Laosan took another puff of smoke, and the smoke he exhaled once again engulfed his old and dark face.

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Then, he sternly berated Lin Yuelan, “Bastard! Can these be settled like this What do you take the grace of parenting for”

The corners of Lin Yuelans mouth curled into a cold smile as she said, “Then, bastard Elder Lin, how do you think we should settle this debt

“What parenting have you given me when I was with your family for nine years Your family has only treated me as a slave.

So Im only doing the calculations based on how you treated me.

“If you treated me as a member of the Lin family back, of course, I wouldnt have settled it this way.

Perhaps, I could have given you a piece of tiger meat to thank you for raising me.

“But now, you owe me money for forced indenture.

Say, when you will pay me the money”

She knew Lin Laosan was the evilest.

The silent ones were the deadliest.

Before the others could react, Lin Laosan had already understood everything.

He still wanted to put on airs and scold her, but he didnt expect that she wouldnt be afraid of her anymore.


Once Lin Yuelan finished her words, some of the villagers were amused.

Lin Yuelan just called Lin Laosan a bastard.

To think that the girl dared to scold Lin Laosan! Was she not afraid that hed get angry at her

To be honest, Lin Yuelan was really not afraid.

After all, she wasnt the real Lin Yuelan.

She had no respect for these disgusting people.

Lin Laosan was instantly choked by Lin Yuelans sharp retort, and his face turned black and green, looking exceptionally ugly.

At this moment, Lin Daniu had also reacted.

He was also angered by Lin Yuelans words.

However, he didnt know how to refute Lin Yuelans words, so he could only give his eldest wife, Wang Cuiniang, a look.

Wang Cuiniang immediately understood what her husband meant.

She walked in front of Li Cuihua and said, “Mother, this girl said that we owe her five hundred copper coins!”

Sure enough, when Li Cuihua heard this, she exploded.

She would never loosen her purse strings.

Li Cuihua shouted angrily, “You jinx, what nonsense are you talking about How can we owe you money Bah!

“Let me tell you, youre going to give us this big tiger no matter what, or were going to forcefully take it away from you!”

Lin Yuelan nodded and said coldly, “Okay, lets see you try!”

Then, she walked to a large stone beside the large tiger and stepped on it, turning it into powder instantly!



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