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These four people were just local ruffians in town.

They were unemployed, so their job was to harass villagers who came from the countryside.

They demanded protection fees from the villagers and small shopkeepers.

That day, when Lin Yuelan appeared in town with the tiger, the eyes of the four it up.

They followed Lin Yuelan.

Clearly, they were eyeing the profit that was going to be made from the sale of the tiger.

According to their estimations, the tiger was worth at least three hundred taels of silver.

They had no issue robbing an adult, much less a child.

It would make things a lot easier.

These four were dumb.

Since this kid, who looked around eight, could carry a big tiger on her shoulders without pressure, would she be an ordinary child

Lin Yuelan did not show any mercy.

These four local ruffians rolled up their sleeves and arrogantly rushed toward Lin Yuelan.

They raised their hands to give Lin Yuelan a slap.

Lin Yuelans face turned to the side, and then her small hands formed into fists.

Her actions were swift and sharp.

The punch shot at the fours stomachs.



The movement was swift as lightning.

Then, in the blink of an eye, the four adult men clutched their stomachs as they lay on the ground and cried out loudly.

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Lin Yuelan stopped and clapped her hands.

She walked towards the man who looked like the leader with a black mole on his face.

She squatted down and patted the mans face as she said with a smile, “Didnt Big brother want to teach me a lesson Why is he lying on the ground now”

The man with the black mole felt that his internal organs had been shattered by Lin Yuelans punch.

He was angry, but he was in so much pain that he couldnt catch his breath.

Then, he rolled his eyes and fainted.

Lin Yuelan was slightly stunned.

‘The man fainted just like that I didnt even hit that hard.

Thats not fun at all.

Lin Yuelan smiled as she slowly walked toward the other three.

When the three of them saw Lin Yuelan walking toward them with a smile on her face, their eyes were filled with terror and fear as though they had seen a devil.

The three of them covered their stomachs as they dragged themselves away from her.

Lin Yuelan walked towards the skinny one.

She once again squatted down and said with a smile, “Hey, Big Brother, you look like a bamboo pole, and youd fall over with a blow from the wind.

How are you so courageous that youd think about robbing me

“If I really want…” Lin Yuelan stepped on the ground, and the brick on the pavement immediately sunk deep into the ground, forming a small pit.

“Yes, with some adjustments, youll end up right inside that hole.”

The kids face immediately turned pale with fright.

Just like his big brother, he rolled his eyes and immediately fainted.

He was afraid! He was very afraid!

Lin Yuelan was speechless.

Looking at the two people who had fainted, she said, “These people are really no fun!”

Then, she immediately raised her smile.

She turned to the other two.

Her eyes glowed like she had found some new toys.

The two held their stomachs and took a few steps back.

Then, they looked at each other.

One of the slightly chubby men said with a frightened and pleading face, “Madam, please forgive us.

We dont even recognize the great Gu Feng Mountain.

Please forgive us.

We wont dare to do it again!”

Gu Feng Mountain was known by everyone in Long Yan Country.

Not recognizing Gu Feng Mountain was an idiom that meant that a person was being absolutely stupid.

Lin Yuelan raised her eyebrows and then took out the dagger again.

The dagger reflected a cold and dense silver light, which immediately frightened the two people who hadnt fainted and made their faces even paler.

Lin Yuelan said with a smile, “Will you rob again”

“Of course not…” The two shook their heads.

However, Lin Yuelans face suddenly turned serious, and she said seriously, “But I dont believe you! Give me something as a guarantee, and perhaps I can be persuaded.”

“Give you something” The two were dumbfounded.

They immediately ignored the pain on their bodies and took out some loose silver.

They said with reverence, “Madam, this is all the silver we have.

Take it!”

Lin Yuelan raised her eyebrows again.

It seemed that these two people were quite clever.

Lin Yuelan took their silver.

One of them had three taels of silver while the other had two taels of silver on him.

It seemed that they had robbed quite a number of people and collected quite a lot of protection fees.

Lin Yuelan then turned around and walked towards the two fainted people.

Then, the two local ruffians, who had not fainted, widened their eyes in shock as they watched a little girl examine the bodies of the two men.

She even touchedthat part without any shame.

‘Oh my God! Is this a girl

She had divine power, knew how to fight, and didnt have the restraint and shame of a girl!


Lin Yuelan took out five taels of silver and thirty copper coins from the man who was the second to faint.

However, Lin Yuelan only managed to find a few copper coins from the man who seemed to be the leader.

She found it suspicious.

She believed that this man must have hidden silver somewhere on his body.

There was only one part of his body that she hadnt searched.

Lin Yuelan had survived the apocalypse.

There was no sense of decency during the apocalypse.

Therefore, Lin Yuelan did not hesitate to search that part of his body.

Lin Yuelan found a big surprise.

There were several bank notes.

There was one for one hundred taels of silver, one for fifty taels, and the last was for twenty taels of silver.

This was a big fortune.


Lin Yuelan was very happy.

After all, these men had gained this wealth by robbing others, so she felt no compunction robbing them.

Lin Yuelan clapped her hands once again and took out her dagger.

She walked towards the two conscious men and said with a smile, “I think big brothers have misunderstood me.

I want something from you, but its not silver…” Lin Yuelan pointed the dagger at the mans crotch.

The devil didnt want their money but wanted to make sure that they wouldnt be able to have children anymore.

The two men were very scared.

One of them was so scared that he fainted on the spot.

Lin Yuelan looked at this unconscious man and was a little speechless.

‘Am I that terrifying I havent even done anything, and he has already fainted

Lin Yuelan turned her head to look at another person.

That person looked at Lin Yue Lans sharp eyes, clutched his crotch, and took a few steps back.

He said loudly, “Please dont.

Ill faint!” Then, his eyes rolled, and his body slumped to the ground.

Lin Yuelan, “…”

It took skill to fake fainting.

The mans eyes were still moving.

Since the four hadfainted, Lin Yuelan lost interest.

However, before she left, she used special paint to write on the fours faces.

“Im a robber!”



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