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When she saw the person who had arrived, Lin Yuelans eyes flashed, and the corners of her mouth lifted in a somewhat happy manner.

The key character had arrived.

She thought that hed be too afraid of death to come, but it was good that he came.

“Grandpa Qi!” The younger generation greeted him.

“Uncle Qi!” These were the people from the village chiefs generation.

“Great-grandpa Qi!” These were the people from Lin Yuelans generation.

All of them greeted him with respect.

Lin Qi was escorted to the center of the crowd.

“Uncle Qi!” Lin Yiwei immediately stepped forward and took him over from Lin Qingshan.

Lin Qis aged yet shrewd eyes swept across the surroundings with a sharp glint.

When he saw a huge, ferocious-looking white tiger standing in front of the hut, his eyes shrank.

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He slammed his walking stick on the ground and raised his hand.

With a look of disbelief, he pointed at The White Tiger and asked, “Xiao Wei, what … What is going on”

The villagers were supposed to be there to fight the tiger, but the tiger was just standing there quietly.

The villagers were quite reserved, with some fear on their faces.

Lin Yiwei glanced at the calm Lin Yuelan and replied in a respectful tone, “Uncle Qi, the tiger is actually quite intelligent.

It is LanErs friend.” As he spoke, he pointed at the white tiger and then at Lin Yuelan.

Lin Qi was old but he wasnt stupid.

However, he was made incredulous by Lin Yiweis words.

At his age, he had heard of animals gaining intelligence, but he had not seen that happen with a feral beast before.

But now, he was being told that the big tiger had gained some sentience and was a good friend to a human child.

He felt it was too unbelievable.

Lin Qi was internally shocked, and he didnt show it on his face.

Just like Lin Yiwei, he was first surprised, then he asked sternly, “Is this girl the one who was cast off by Xiao San three years ago” Xiao San was Lin Laosan.

Lin Qi was one generation higher than Lin Laosan.

Therefore, he called Lin Laosan Xiao San.

Lin Qi didnt quite know about the blood sever ritual, but on the way there, Lin Qingshan had filled him in.

Therefore, he was quite suspicious of Lin Yuelan.

Lin Yiwei nodded and replied, “Yes, Uncle Qi!”

Lin Qi immediately beckoned Lin Yuelan over.”Child, come here.”

Lin Yuelan immediately stepped forward with a child-like expression.

She called out obediently, “Great-grandfather Qi!”

The actual Lin Yuelan hadnt really interacted with Lin Qi before.

She had only heard that Lin Qi was a respected village elder.

She had also heard a rumor about him.

Lin Yuelan wondered if Lin Qi would be as fair as Lin Yiwei.

It was why she acted like a child.

She would decide how to proceed depending on the situation.

She needed him there to make a promise so that some people would stop having malicious thoughts and try to take her things all day long.

Lin Qi nodded and said with an affable expression, “Are you LanEr, Xiao Sans fourth granddaughter”

“Yes, great-grandfather Qi!” Lin Yuelan nodded and then shook her head.

She said, “But Im no longer Lin Laosans granddaughter.

They have cut off all ties with me.

Thats what Elder Lin and Elder Li told everyone.” She didnt want to do with Lin Laosans family ever again.

Lin Qis face darkened.

“Nonsense!” He snapped.

No one knew if he was referring to Lin Yuelan or Lin Laosans family.

He didnt elaborate.

Instead, he questioned Lin Yuelan sternly, “LanEr, even if this tiger is your friend, can you guarantee that it wont hurt any of the villagers in the Lin Family family”

“I can guarantee that!” The expression on Lin Yuelans small face was serious.

She said, “I can guarantee it with my life.

If Little White, the tiger, hurts someone, I will compensate them.

I will compensate them with my life.

Or you can kick me out of the Lin family village, and Little White will be at your disposal.

“With Uncle Dawei in the village, Little White wont be able to escape.

I was born and raised here, and I have nowhere else to go.

Therefore, if something happens, its very easy to punish Little White and me.

Great-grandfather Qi, dont you agree”

Lin Yuelans small face looked serious.

However, it didnt change the fact that she was still a child.

Lin Qi held the tip of his walking stick with both hands, his sharp eyes sizing up Lin Yuelan.

‘Who does the girl think she is to give this kind of baseless guarantee Her guarantee means nothing.

If the tiger did hurt someone, having the girls life wont resolve anything.

Had Lin Yuelan not considered that Of course, she had.

But so what Her goal was to use Little White to intimidate all the villagers who wanted to steal from her.

Therefore, before Lin Qi could react, Lin Yuelan continued and said sharply, “but on the other hand, if someone tries to harm me or steal from me and they get injured or bitten by Little White, I can only say that theyve brought it upon themselves.

I will not apologize or compensate in that case!”

Lin Qis expression froze when he heard this.

He shouted, “Little girl, how highly do you think of yourself The villagers of Lin Family Village are famed for their kind hearts.

Why would they bully a child like you”


Lin Yuelan stood there and stared at Master Lin with a sharp expression.

Then, she said in a loud and clear voice, “Great-grandfather Qi, I dont see too highly of myself.

But Im just giving myself an out.

Whether people have bullied me or not, I will answer with facts!”

With that, she pointed at Li Cuihua and the other three.

Lin Qi looked at the people slumped on the ground.

He asked in confusion, “girl, what do you mean”

At that moment, Lin Dawei walked up and said respectfully, “Grandfather Qi, Ill help you into LanErs room to take a look.

Youll understand it then.”

Lin Dawei and Lin Yiwei helped Lin Qi to walk into Lin Yuelans hut.

Then, an old and angry voice came out of the hut.



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