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Not only Guo Bing and the rest but also the men in black were momentarily stunned by Lin Yuelans monologue.

However, before they could react, the child turned around and said to the men in black, “Brothers in black, FengEr has led the wrong way.

Ive already taught him a lesson.

Well be leaving now!” As she spoke, Lin Yuelan patted Liefengs back.

Lie Feng was very sensible.

He really turned around as if he was ready to leave with Lin Yuelan.

This action simply surprised Guo Bing and the other three.

‘What is going on Did Liefeng really bring her here by mistake But Liefeng is the generals mount and a good companion.

With Liefengs intelligence, it wouldnt give a lack of response when it sees the general lying on the ground, dying by the seconds.

But if it did, how could it be so calm

‘Could Liefeng have abandoned the general and acknowledged her as the young woman as its new master

The four glared at Liefeng and the young woman with faint anger.

However, they were on the verge of death.

What could they do anyway

The men in black saw the young woman leave with the house.

Finally, they reacted.

Of course, they couldnt allow that.

No matter if the young woman had barged into this scene unintentionally or intentionally, she had to stay to accompany the general and his people.

She had to die!

The leader immediately shouted, “Stop!”

Lin Yuelan patted Liefengs shoulder, and the latter stood still.

Then, Lin Yuelan turned and said with an innocent expression, “Big Brother, I told you that I didnt mean to interrupt you on purpose.

I thought to lead FengEr out to play.

Who would have thought that itd lead me to this mountain forest

“But dont worry.

I really have not seen anything.

Nothing at all!”

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Well, she was just making this worse.

Lin Yuelan saw the expression of the leader, and she raised one hand to make a vow.

She said in a serious tone, “Big Brother, I can swear on it if you like.

If I repeat anything I see here to anyone else, the rest of my current family will die a horrible death.”


Lin Yuelan rolled her eyes internally.

After all, she was a single orphan with no family.

The oath was just empty talk.

She might have a family in the future, so she swore using hercurrent family.

The men in black were surprised by this turn of events.

They almost let her go.

The girl was too cunning!

The leader held his knife and shouted at Lin Yuelan again, “I dont care if you come here on purpose or not, and I dont care if youve seen anything.

You must leave your life here!

“Besides, you keep saying that it was this horse that brought you here.

Do you think Im blind The horse youre riding is called Liefeng.

Everyone in the capital knows that its Jiang Zhennans mount!

“So, you will have to die!”

Lin Yuelan was immediately frightened by his words.

She patted for Lie Feng to turn around.

With a frightened expression and nervous eyes, she looked at Liefeng and then at the leader.

She gasped in disbelief, “Big Brother, what did you say Does this horse belong to Jiang Zhennan, the famous War God of the Long Yan Kingdom and the defender-general of the state

“But thats impossible.

Liefeng is my horse!”

The leaders pupils shrank when he heard that Lin Yuelan was able to identify and name Jiang Zhennan.

Then, his sharp eyes shot toward the girl on the horse.

He looked at her round face, soft white skin with a tinge of red.

Although her facial features were not fully developed, her big eyes, white teeth, and pink lips showed that she would definitely be great beauty in the future.

Of course, she wouldnt have that chance anymore.


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