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However, they wouldnt mind using her for a pleasant enjoyment.

As assassins, they couldnt use prostitutes lest they leak the secrets of their masters.

Most of the time, they would kidnap a young woman on the road.

After they were satisfied, they would kill them or lock them up as sex slaves.

However, they usually had a lot of tasks and didnt have time for sexual release.

To kill Jiang Zhennan, the assassins hadnt had a chance even to stop to catch a breath, much less have sex with a woman.

Now, a woman had landed before them.

So, it would be a waste not to use her even though she looked only nine.

However, the leader heard that young girls were more feisty, and it was fun to ruin their innocence.

At the thought of this, the leaders blood suddenly started to boil.

A warm feeling suddenly rose in his chest.

The desire in his eyes burned like fire.

He looked at Lin Yuelan with an undisguised lecherous look.

His big tongue under the black mask licked the corner of his lips.

Then, with an excited look, he said with a sinister smile, “Miss, it doesnt matter whether the horse youre riding on is Liefeng or not.

Since youve barged in here, youll have to leave your life behind!”

Then, the sharp eyes under the mask deliberately scanned Lin Yuelan.

The leader said salaciously, “However, if you stay and have some fun with my brothers, I might consider letting you live.

How about it”

What was more important than life Many people would surrender their dignity to live.

These assassins were used to people doing anything to beg them for mercies, and they got their high from that.

However, they didnt expect…

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“Youve really angered me this time!” The voice was like ice, chilling to the bone.

Hearing Lin Yuelan, the men in black, led by the leader, immediately laughed.

“Little Miss, so what if weve angered you” He said disdainfully.

He said to his brothers.

“Actually, now that the girls face is all tensed up, she looks very cute.

You know what.

Im sure her cries will be very melodious when we are poking into her!”

A lot more obscenities were said.

Lin Yuelans face was cold, and her eyes were sharp.

She looked at these people and listened to them.

She sat on the horses back and didnt move.

In her eyes, these people were already dead.

The leader also laughed loudly, “little sister, big brother advises you to be more obedient, or else …”

However, before he could finish his sentence, a wild gust of wind gathered in the forest.

The branches moved.

The branches grew and twisted madly like they had gained a life of their own.

In an instant, the space was enclosed within a branch cage.

As suddenly as the cage was formed, the branches slithered back into place, and everything was normal again.

This strange and unbelievable scene made everyones eyes widen, showing an expression of shock and even horror.

‘Have the trees come alive That was the only explanation they had.

This was something they had never encountered before.

Thus, they were afraid of it.

The lusty thoughts left their mind.

All they wanted to do was to leave this creepy forest as soon as possible.

But before that…

The leader angrily said to Lin Yuelan, “Little girl, prepare to die.

Theres no reason for me to spare you!” The knife left his hand and flew at Lin Yuelan at lightning speed.

Guo Bing and Little Six, who had not fainted yet, opened their bloody mouths and looked at the scene in horror.

They had to close their eyes because they didnt have the heart to watch this.

The young woman was going to die because of them!

When Guo Bing closed his eyes, he shouted with all his might, “Liefeng, take the young lady and run!”

At that moment, Jiang Zhennan suddenly gained a surge of energy.

Perhaps he was worried about Liefeng… or the person sitting on Liefeng.

His right hand picked up the big knife.

He lunged toward Lin Yuelans direction by instinct.


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