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The two blades clashed violently.

Yellow and red sparks bloomed like fireworks.

There was even the smell of smoke.

Soon, a saber was halved, and they fell to the ground.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye.

When the leader finally reacted, he saw his weapon lying on the ground in two pieces.

The leader turned his head in anger and shouted at Jiang Zhennan, “Jiang Zhennan!”

When the leaders saber was about to reach Lin Yuelan, Jiang Zhennan intercepted it with lightning speed.

The leader failed to kill Lin Yuelan.

On top of that, his weapon, Jin Chan Dao, was destroyed by Jiang Zhennans blade.

Jin Chan Dao was ranked eighth on Jiang Hu.

However, Jiang Zhennan only wielded a normal broadsword.

According to legends, Jiang Zhenhan had used that 108-catties sword ever since the first day he stepped onto the battlefield.

The leaders Jin Chan Dao was destroyed by an ordinary blade.

If the word got out, he would be laughed at, and he would lose face as the leader of Broken Soul.

This leader was not only an assassin of a certain Prince in the imperial city, but he was also the leader of an assassin organization.

What service did he provide his master Simple.

It was to assassinate the princes dissenters in Jiang Hu!

Of course, neither the Imperial court nor Jiang Hu was aware of this relationship.

The leader, who was embarrassed and angry, immediately grabbed a big knife from one of his subordinates and quickly walked to Jiang Zhennan.

Then, he swung it at Jiang Zhennans neck.

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Guo Bing and the others could only look on helplessly.



Jiang Zhennan looked up at the cloudless blue sky with a sorrowful, angry, and helpless expression.

What had he done wrong Why were the heavens so unfair Was it because he was the ultimate jinx Even in death, he couldnt have an intact corpse!

“Did you get my permission to kill him”

A clear, loud, sharp, and cold girls voice suddenly rang in everyones ears.

Suddenly, a small light green figure whooshed through the air.

A burst of green light appeared before Jiang Zhennan.

Then, the green figure flitted back onto the horse.

This shocking twist stunned everyone.

When the leader came back to his senses, his hands were already empty.

He looked at his hands and asked in shock, “Wheres the saber” He looked around and was blinded by silver light.

He looked up and was shocked.

The young woman was toying with the saber he was just holding.

The young woman turned the knife around as if she was very curious about it.

However, after a while, she lost interest in the knife and said in a calm voice, “And I thought this is some special knife.

But its just a normal butchers knife.”

The owner of the saber became furious and vomited a large amount of blood.

He was so angry.

Lin Yuelan was confused.

All she said was that the knife was unremarkable.

Did the man have to react so violently Were these assassins that weak


The leader was terrified.

He couldnt explain how the saber was taken from his grasp and appeared in Lin Yuelans hands.

Then, the cold voice continued, “Regardless, today I shall make this butchers knife to make you pay for the things that youve just said earlier!”


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